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10 Best Cybersecurity Tools Safeguarding Potential Cyber Threats

10 Best Cybersecurity Tools Safeguarding Potential Cyber Threats

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The software technologically burgeoned taking on the entire world. Storing all kinds of pieces of information that were earlier filed in papers were now stored in software programs. This convenience leads to problems of sorts.

Cybercrime got more purposeful, and breach of privacy crossed the 4.8 billion mark in the year 2017-18 alone. The vulnerability grew in just about every attempt of saving the Data from exposure and threat. And the trend continues to rise in 2020.

Potential threats are now seen in software programming, like a remote access attack, attack from smartphones, increased vulnerability with the use of Wi-Fi automation at-home setups, use of advanced phishing kits. And the latest now is the increasing use of artificial intelligence that has doubled the possibilities of software programming being extremely sensitive to the cyber threat.

The cyberworld stands sensitised to such an extent that only 68% of the cyber world URLs are considered trustworthy. This has jeopardised the consumer and the organisation’s online presence manifold. Leaving only one option — go for potential tools that safeguard cybersecurity.

Some of the Top of the Line Cybersecurity Tools For Safeguarding Software Programs

To see that there is no breach of cybersecurity, there is a constant vigilance that needs to be maintained for software system audit from top to bottom. The need for the hour in every organisation is to maintain cyber resilience through updated software audits, social engineering audit,s and maintaining and conducting very essential security compliance. These processes allow communication within the organisation to continue unhindered.

There are more than a dozen software security tools available of which some are available free and can be downloaded while others have to be paid to avail services for them. Here, we list a few:

Solarwinds Security Event Manager

Solar Winds Security Event Manager is a cloud-based solution to cybersecurity that uses a set of integrated tools for monitoring and reporting security threats and continuously updating security measures in the software by responding and updating. It saves the loss of expensive Data breach as the tool is all comprehensively available for the SIEM. The Solarwinds Security Event Manager’s acceptability is so much, users feel that in one frame, they can see all the possible glitches that may have entered the system.


Intruder works best for small businesses, the program cannot be downloaded free. However, a 30-day package is available to see how it works. Later it can be downloaded with payment. The Intruder, as the word connotes, scans, and intrudes on the weak cybersecurity areas. Some of the critical features of Intruder are to detect security harm it is likely to incur while conducting security measures with unlimited user account all at once. It also controls any web application flaws like the SQL injection and Cross-site scripting. It provides a Network view and is best for small and large business uses available.


Mimecast is a cloud-based cybersecurity software tool available for small and large businesses, reasonably priced. At a minimum charge of $3.50 per month, it can be used up to 50 times for checking and protecting email security and threat protection from phishing and other targetted attacks. It provides web security also by blocking and application of automatic content control and prevention of data loss. It also provides email security with threat protection from ransomware and different types of impersonation and target attacks.


CIS stands for Centre for Internet Security and is downloaded free for everyone to use because of its penetration. Some of the characteristic features for the CIS security area follow providing free RAM, CIS Controls, and more. The security is available round the clock on specific platforms of the organisation. It is again a cloud-managed service.


The software tool is best for small business organisations which is available free and can be downloaded. It’s an open-sourced platform that delivers and performs the function of Packet logging and also its analysis.


Since the tool is available free, its users are mostly institutions and government organisations. Having power display filters, it can perform several functions in one go. It supports several protocols for decryption. The program Wireshark deeply inspects hundreds of platforms and helps in decompressing files and gzipping them.


This is a free anti-virus used maximum in personal computers supporting the Mac OS. It has an internal Data storage capacity of 25 GB. It can provide security from real-time threats to smartphones and PCs. The system works on a cloud-based technology that is intelligence-based and slows down other programs a little but continues to protect the program.

Bitdefender Total Security

This security has a 30-day trial free pack and can be downloaded in one instance for a year in five devices. Like the other software, this is also used for various protective measures, but they can be used for social network protection and finding out how vulnerable the software is and data protection and security measures. It can check functions like any, and if a web attack has interrupted work in progress, it can rescue mode and prevent any web attack. The use of the product has been done best on Mac Computers, Android, and Cybersecurity solutions.

Norton Security

By far the oldest and the most widely used in all setup and organisations, Norton security software comes free in the first thirty days, followed by a yearly package. The software provides cybersecurity solutions, Virus removal, and it also manages the passwords saved and secures it with a VPN. The function is also supported by a cloud back up to support the functions.


The list of software available for securing cyberspace crime is a long, endless list that is continuously on an evolving model. However, the importance of each of the software programs developed and discussed has its top-selling point. More or less the bottom line for each of the mentioned programs is to protect the vulnerability of computer programming and save the world from difficult cybercrime situations and to curb them.

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