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10 Micro SaaS Ideas for the New Normal

10 Micro SaaS Ideas You Can Try in the New Normal

[vc_row][vc_column 0=””][vc_column_text]The future wave of eCommerce is Micro Saas. Coined by Tyler Tringas, it is a business following the same business model as Software as a Service (SaaS), but bootstrapped. Bootstrap businesses are owned and run by one person or a small team and aim for a niche market. It focuses more on income and sustainability than growth.

Therefore, Micro SaaS is essentially a niche market SaaS business. It is run by one person or a small team, with small costs, a limited focus, a limited but committed user base, and no external funding.

The main difference for a programmer between SaaS and other applications is that the code is hosted in the cloud on a server rather than installed on your computer. But in fact, the biggest difference lies in the business model. Clients pay for ongoing access monthly or annually, as opposed to a one-off purchase. Instead of something they purchase once, the software is a utility.

Micro SaaS companies are location-independent, high-margin, low-risk with continuous sales. The lifestyle business of the future is MicroSaas.

10 Ideas That Can Get Your Micro SaaS Business Started

Get inspired by these Micro SaaS ideas that can jumpstart your business in this “New Normal” economy. If you already have a successful Micro SaaS company, leave a comment below if you want to share your own insights to help our budding Micro SaaS business owners. 

1. Services for Remote Work

The new work-from-home paradigm is not new for those of us who are already working remotely. But for in-office workers, adapting to remote work is a big challenge.

This may be a promising possibility for the right entrepreneur with the right marketing.

If you’re someone who has been working remotely for many years, then you can use your skills to help businesses make the transition. Most businesses will need to learn how to adapt their systems and processes to this new world. Your company can be the one that helps them do so.

Working remotely isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, it will expand only over time. This is your chance to shine if you’re an expert on the subject.

If you are someone with a SaaS background, maybe consider launching a “micro SaaS company” remote work, which is a low risk that you can run from home. Think of a service that caters to remote conditions of work.

Dozens of businesses are catering to this need: Zoom, Slack, Hubstaff, and more. If you can build service in the same vein as these suppliers, then you might be great at anything.

Anything that focuses on communication, organization, security, collaboration, or time management can make your micro SaaS business bloom in such a time of calamity. Take advantage of the shift of work and businesses home to work and target a micro SaaS niche that fits your skill set.

2. Fitness Programs

Staying at home and staying safe became crucial because of the pandemic. Yes, it brought immediate families closer to each other, but it also cut us off from most of the activities that have kept us active. Even walking to the office or running errands daily had physical benefits to our health.

The inactivity, while staying at home, became a problem eventually. Training at home is not a concern for those who have their personal training equipment. But for those who do not, fitness apps are becoming a necessity to stay active or keep training despite not being able to go to a gym.

If you do not have a budget for your own app yet, you can concentrate on contacting your previous clients and begin creating personalized content for them through videos and content sent through email.

In Micro SaaS, you do not have to cater to everyone. Do not worry about getting cold clients right away.  Start right where you are and build from there. When you have enough funds for a website, get your own domain right away. If you have funds to pay an app developer or get app development services, then do so.

Remember that mobile apps are better than web apps because you allow your subscribers to enjoy your services even when they are offline. If your content is informative, well-planned, and of great quality, you will easily gain subscribers to your service.

Just keep aiming for the next big target you want for your Micro SaaS company. Who knows if your Micro SaaS company turns into a SaaS company in the future? So keep improving your company, even if you started it bootstrapped.

3. Wellness Programs

If you are someone who likes helping others stay fit and well, then opening a micro SaaS business helping others do so can be the right fit for you. Working or studying from home can also be stressful and isolating. Families need to distress, relax, keep their mental well-being balanced.

Wellness programs focus on decompressing and helping people become more mindful and productive. These programs include such activities as yoga, meditation, stretching, training, and healthy habits. If you were already a virtual wellness consultant before the pandemic, you could easily encourage previous clients to avail of your services online.

Creating digital products is another option, as your own fitness and wellness program. If you create a digital product like a course, you can create it and then sell it on WordPress’s free website.

Again, it would be more beneficial for you in the long run if you get your own domain now, as this website can potentially be your main source or channel of income in the years to come.

You can promote your website by creating content, not just on your site. Create content for others like a guest post in exchange for a backlink from another site to yours. In this way, you get the chance to entice their digital audience to your new site.

You can also start an email marketing campaign, starting with previous clients, and so on. Optimize social media platforms and share content, images, stories, and videos to get more leads.

Adding videos to your content makes it more engaging. Your micro SaaS company can even focus on creating fitness and wellness videos for your consumer. The videos can be available through your site or your own mobile app.

4. CRM 

The freelance market is growing rapidly, with Forbes reporting 50% of the US workforce are freelancing this 2020. This number will still increase in 2021. The freelance and remote work market is growing steadily fast.

Create a Micro SaaS company and build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system intended for remote workers and freelancers. It could be anything from productivity tools, organization tools, and collaboration tools. You can even focus on a specific niche, like parents (freelancing or not, they need help this time of pandemic).

Do not compete with major CRM SaaS companies out there, but do get some insights. What part of your intended market is not availing of CRM products? It could be for any reason, like pricing, customer availability, or even level of personalization.

This is where Micro SaaS companies can excel in–personalization. Since you are catering only to a specific few, you can really deepen your customer service and provide meaningful customer experiences.

Most CRM products already famous in the market are also over-complicated. Build a CRM product that is straightforward and easily understandable. CRM must include the following:

  • a filterable contact list
  • a pipeline
  • tasks
  • email marketing platform (optional but beneficial)

CRM must be available on mobile phones first. Lastly, find a way to make your CRM available for free. The search intent “freelance CRM” appears 390 times per month on Google. Partner with products and services that can advertise on your ad so you can provide your CRM service for free.

Choosing to offer your CRM product ad-free is possible, or charge a small subscription fee. Consumers are willing to pay for a product that truly meets their needs, as long as the price is reasonable.

5. Education

Distant learning and homeschooling have been around for a while. It is only recently, though, that they have come into the forefront of the education market.

Be a Micro SaaS company that focuses on helping parents supervise or handle the learning of their children. Addressing the needs of students to continue learning using digital modalities can also be viable.

Lastly, you can start a company catering to teachers and easily communicate and conduct lessons online.

For example, why not open a Micro SaaS company that creates apps that make online classes widely available? In rural areas, internet connections are poor. Focus on getting contracts with local governments or schools in these types of areas.

Another option is to start a micro SaaS web design company. Transform printed content into engaging ebooks and online reference materials.

You can start investing with web tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 for automated pdf file conversions of books and lessons, or use web design tools to make engaging eBook versions or mobile app versions of the lesson materials.

6. Gardening

The pandemic and strict stay-at-home regulations have triggered a significant boom in the gardening industry. As people started their own gardens, sales of Amazon gardening items have sky-rocketed.

To support amateur gardeners or link the gardening community with trustworthy suppliers, you can provide Micro SaaS solutions. You can create a subscription service offering in-depth lessons on sub-niches like organic gardening, urban gardening, or sustainable food solutions.

You can make these videos available on a subscription basis. Just guarantee they get more than a lesson. Provide in-depth help, even one-on-one consultations within your community, and the like.

There is no need to serve a million people with Micro SaaS. You should concentrate on a small group of people who can use you for support, advice, consulting, or affiliate marketing.

7. Invoicing for Freelancers or Micro Businesses

Subscription businesses are dependent on recurring revenue Freelancers and micro-businesses need to view their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) quickly. Why not start a Micro SaaS company that that provides comprehensive subscription billing software catered to these niches?

You can create software that can give a financial report calendar for incoming invoices. It must include a forecast feature so they can project their ROI too.

You need to have at least the following details on your invoicing or billing software:

  • Name
  • Description of goods or services provided
  • Duration of work done
  • Amount for Invoice
  • When and how the invoice should be paid

A software service like this helps freelancers and businesses increase customer retention by just 5% and revenues by 25-95%.

8. Event Management Software 

Since events are being postponed or canceled left and right, you can focus on helping affected speakers, artists, or entertainers. You can create a Micro SaaS company for virtual event bookings. Freelancers can create their own virtual events or mini-events through your online service, like book launches or even seminars. 

Struggling artists who have lost their jobs or gigs can be your focus too. You can create software that connects musicians, painters, dancers with students in need of extra-curricular lessons. You can connect them with basically anyone wanting to pick up a new hobby as well. 

Like artists and speakers, a lot of entertainers have lost projects too. Help them go online and create a social media presence. This helps them get booked by advertisers online and on social media.

You can become a Micro SaaS agency that focuses on personality brand-building. Help celebrities and influencers increasing social engagements, and even provide analytics for better content creation.

9. Software Solutions

You can focus on a specific niche that needs specific software for their nature of product or service. You can focus on real estate companies, for instance. They may need to automate their database, make property viewings virtual, and intensify their digital marketing strategies. Real estate companies need to encourage buyers to invest in real estate again.

How about travel agencies that need help boosting their company again? You can create platforms for virtual tours to revitalize their leads and even get new reservations in 2021.

Find out what businesses need to help them focus on new things they never had to focus on before.

Brick-and-mortar stores going online for the first time can be your target as well. You can create can software-based solutions for them as they bring their business online. 

10. Membership Platforms

This is a solution-based strategy that allows you to help different niches. Individuals presently are craving for community and connection. That would be a big help if you can bring people together.

Just by serving that need, you can create passive revenue. You can even concentrate on a small niche so that you can intensify the quality of your community. You can even provide one-on-one guidance and better content for the members.



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