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10 Reasons Why You Need to Move Your Business Online - Softvire AU

10 Reasons Why You Need to Move Your Business Online

The bandwagon of standard businesses turned online businesses is still raging. There is still a steady rise of eCommerce websites, mostly small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

In fact, 99.8 per cent of businesses in Australia are SMEs, and most of these small businesses have an online presence. According to a study by Statista, eCommerce has grown up to 300 per cent within the last few years and is expected to make 17.5 per cent of global retail sales by the end of 2021.

Small businesses near you - Softvire Australia
Small businesses near you are thriving because they make your life easier thru accessibility and convenience. – Softvire Australia


It is why brick-and-mortar stores that have yet to establish an online presence have to do so now. It is not just a trend that you wait will pass. What you have is a wonderful opportunity waiting for you and your business to thrive well into the new normal economy.

There are limitless opportunities when doing business online. Regardless of the global crisis, you can keep operating, get leads, and stay connected with consumers.  


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Let us see the top benefits of moving a standard business into an online environment: 

1. An Online Business Has a Larger Customer Network

Moving your business online has the potential to increase your customer base substantially. An eCommerce website boosts brand awareness. Buyers may now research your goods on-demand. Buying products gets easier.

Making the sale process easier attracts new consumers. Your consumers are no longer confined to locals. You can now reach new consumers further away. You may even sell internationally, either directly from your website or through affiliate programs.

Not having a website or social media profile directs people to your rivals. Keep an internet presence to compete in the market.

2. Moving Online Makes Your Business User-Friendly, Accessible, and Cost-Efficient

People shop online now because there is less health and safety risk. People worldwide also have to follow health protocols that limit foot traffic onto physical stores. An eCommerce website minimizes the costs of a physical presence. Operating expenses include high lease fees, on-site employee salaries, and expensive security systems. Setting up an eCommerce website does incur fees. They are far less than a traditional retail store.

3. Online Businesses Mean Lower Admin Fees

Bringing a business online reduces individual expenses. One benefit is lower storage expenses. No need to retain supplies. Instead, you can arrange for items to be delivered straight from your source. If you don’t want your suppliers to contact your clients directly, you can use third-party logistics services. It means less paperwork and faster delivery.

Online companies also have a minimal startup and operating costs. You don’t need a physical office and little assets to get started. You also don’t require much staff. If you started as a brick-and-mortar business, you might easily shift to internet operations by selling the same items. Then you may start growing your product line to a larger, even global, audience.

You may utilize the internet to send proposals, POs, and order confirmations rapidly. Touchless logistics systems allow your clients to track their shipments in real-time and receive email updates on delivery status.

In the past, it was time-consuming, especially when all orders came from a physical business. Businesses increasingly utilise cloud-based storage solutions to share data more securely and quickly across team members, suppliers, and clients.

Other needs, including employees, storage, and logistics, may be outsourced. Marketing is time-consuming and pricey in conventional firms. You may use low-cost digital tools like email marketing, lead generating, and social media marketing to further grow your business.

4. An Online Business Improves Customer Service

Having a physical location makes it difficult to stay in touch with customers. Online business will also enhance and raise the worth of any company or brand. Online customer assistance is one aspect that contributes to this.


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5. Improves Your Branding and Reputation

Creating a new avenue of income through a website should be enough motivation to start your e-commerce site. It’s vital because potential clients may question your business commitment without a website, blog, or online presence. Moreover, businessess of all sizes and sectors are now successfully online.

So, if you don’t have a professional web presence, your prospects won’t take you seriously, and you’ll lose business to competitors who do. Quite simply, your prospects and consumers expect you to have an internet presence.

5. Online Presence Boosts Your Business’ SEO

Organic SEO ranking is desired since it generates free website traffic and conversions. It is long-term brand recognition and loyalty strategy. The more organic visitors you get, the greater ROI. So, get high SEO rankings despite the pandemic by strengthening your online presence.

6. Online Businesses Allow Remote Work

Moving your business online allows you to live and work anywhere you choose. All you need is a strong internet connection.

Additionally, it saves businesses today since the epidemic is still alive. Physical shop operations at full capacity pose a security and health risk. Most nations only allow businesses offering essential products and services to function partially. How do you stay afloat and even thriving when your business is NOT under such a category? Going eCommerce is the key. 

7. The Most Skilled Remote Workers Go for Online Businesses

Now you can run a business from one continent and hire personnel everywhere. These distributed teams are more productive and output-driven. Hiring remote workers has inherent dangers, but they may be handled and avoided with proper team management techniques.



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8. 365 Day Availability

Say goodbye to “closed for business” hours. An eCommerce website allows customers to research items and place orders at any time of day or night, on weekdays or holidays. It boosts your revenue as you get to be “open for business” about 3-4 times longer.

Even if you run a typical offline service business, you may create leads and enquiries overnight and follow up with them the next day. Many consumers will wish to investigate after business hours, but your website can run and your 2/47 salesman or run a messaging bot to create leads or sales.

9. Improve the Responsiveness of Your Business

You can send your proposal, purchase order, and order confirmation to your clients quickly—in many cases, instantly—thanks to the internet. Orders will be processed and confirmed to the customer by online shops. Traditionally, purchase orders were called in, sent, or dropped off.

Moreover, depending on the sales staff’s workload, the order might have taken hours or even days to process. With a professional online shop application, you can effortlessly track inventory, sales statistics, outstanding orders, and anything else. Clients will be pleased, and you will have less administrative work to do.

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10. Concentrate on the Global Market

With a physical location, you are restricted to the number of people who can visit you at any given moment, much alone locate you. With a decent website, you may have hundreds, tens of thousands, or even millions of people accessing your online business simultaneously.

In addition, consider the possibilities for your business if you could expose your products and services to a potentially infinite number of interested individuals.

It’s one thing to have thousands of visitors and quite another actually to have them. The success of an internet business is dependent on the same factor as the success of any offline business: marketing.

So, learn how to get more traffic to your blog. Content marketing is an excellent technique to drive visitors to your website or online business. Social networking may be an effective and low-cost (or even free) approach to bring qualified leads to your website. I’d be remiss not to add that mastering the art of copywriting is one of the most useful talents you can learn to improve sales.

Conclusion: Keep Your Business Open by Going Online

Start on online business now is a great way to thrive in the new normal economy. - Softvire Australia
Start an online business now is a great way to thrive in the new normal economy. – Softvire Australia


These are some of the most compelling reasons to move your physical business online. With all of the advantages of owning an online business, many people are selling their traditional companies and establishing online enterprises to get the time, location, and financial flexibility it provides.

Whether you are a service provider who must be in a specific location or have the ability to convert your brick and mortar business into an online e-commerce website, the internet is a powerful tool for reaching more prospects and converting them into qualified leads and customers; many of the processes are completely automated.

Furthermore, you can endure one of the world’s most severe crises, which has devastated economies throughout the world. Going online is a temporary solution for some. It might be a long-term solution to keep your business functioning in the face of growing physical risks throughout the world. So, by moving online, you may keep your “store” open and accessible despite physical and social closures.

So, in this new normal economy, you need the best online solutions to meet your work, business, and family daily needs. Finding an online software store in Australia that offers the best affordable, legit, and comes with after-sales support is easy with Softvire Australia. Check the other online software on sale to make your purchase more worthwhile. Follow us on @SoftvireGlobal for the latest updates on our best deals and promos.

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