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10 Word of Mouth Referral Marketing Tactics to Grow your Business

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your company. It helps your target market get to know who you are, and it helps build credibility for you and other people promoting your brand for you. In this article, you will learn ten tactics that will help you get more word-of-mouth marketing for your business. 

Provide an Amazing Customer Experience

If you want other people to talk about you, you need to provide a fantastic customer experience. Conversations can stem from an excellent product, an outstanding customer service, or an exceptional after-sales process. 

Unique and valuable products easily capture customer’s attention and get them to talk about you. They are usually willing to share your creations with others because it is worth the share. This is the reason why brands like Foreo were able to gain massive exposure on social media. It is all because their products are unique and compelling. 

Another thing that may capture your audience’s attention is your customer service system. Brands like Omnistar are known for their excellent customer service system. Their customers know that their concerns will be addressed, and they make sure that others know about this. So they share the product with other people. 

You can also provide a fantastic experience with an exceptional after-sales process. You need to ensure that you are onboarding your customers properly and exceeding their expectations. If you do this, you’ll find them raving about your products and services on their blogs and social media profiles.

Adobe, for instance, has a strong community of satisfied customers. These customers range from professionals to amateur creators. It’s a formidable name in the industry that it is no longer a question to purchase Adobe products if you are a digital content creator. Adobe also continues to find solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

They recently released Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 2020. These are user-friendlier versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere software we have loved for years. The addition of the Elements version to Adobe’s line of products further gives Adobe a competitive edge in the market. If you are buying software online, you are in the right place. Softvire has all of these products and more.

You can also read more about Adobe CS6 for Mac Catalina, and how it allows you to avail of the entire suite of Adobe products via subscription.

Have a Referral program

You can also facilitate word-of-mouth marketing in your site by encouraging it. You can promote shares by having a referral program. This is where you provide a reward for people willing to share your products with other people.

One brand that managed to do this well is Wix. Through the Wix referral program, the brand built its user base to how it is today. Wix is an easy share because of the uniqueness of its product. It was one of the first drag-and-drop builders when it was first released, so sharing it with others is an obvious choice. 

Referral programs are also useful for new websites. Drum Set Lab was also able to encourage word-of-mouth marketing through its referral program.

Have an Affiliate Program

You can also start an affiliate program for your business. It is different from a referral program because it grants a commission or a percentage of the sales instead of other types of rewards. It is useful because it encourages marketers to start promoting your site and an excellent way to jump-start your promotions. A website called Hunting Bow Lab did this and was successful in getting more people to talk about its brand.

Encourage Influencers to Promote You

You can also get more people to talk about you if you leverage influencers. These people are called as such because they are like online celebrities. More than inspiring their followers, they also invite them to do certain things like visit pages or buy certain products. If you can get some influencers to your side, it can positively impact the word-of-mouth conversations about your brand. 

Create a Loyalty Program

You can also encourage conversation when you have a loyalty program. It is where you give away limited-time rewards to your most loyal customers. Businesses like Starbucks do this so that they can encourage more people to buy their products. At the end of the year, Starbucks always launches the sticker cards, and they give away their Starbucks planners to those who have collected enough stickers to qualify. It works, and it is a great way to get people talking about their brand as well. 

For eCommerce, loyalty programs are great for lowering cart abandonment. It will encourage potential customers to proceed with their purchases. 

Be Unique

Uniqueness is your best ally if you want to get the attention of your customers. You need to stand out from the crowded advertising space by being unique. You don’t necessarily need to have a unique product or service. What you only need is a way on how you can stand out and uniquely serve your customers. 

Trigger Emotions

A strategy that you will see from most advertisements is the way they trigger emotions to foster conversation. Brands like Dove create commercials that tackle issues such as fat-shaming and others. This helps the audience to take a position and share their opinions on the matter. When you do this, you can’t prevent your audience from talking about you.

Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content pertains to your customers’ reviews on social media about your products and services. While some of your customers may freely do this, you would find that most of them will not. So you have to encourage them. You can do this by setting up a contest with a reward for the most shares. It will inspire user-generated content and increase conversations around your brand.

Showcase Your Testimonials

In the same way, you can collect all the testimonials that your customers have given you and show that on your page. Even better, you can contact these people and ask them to record videos. While you may be the creator of the content, you’ll have other people talking about you. It is a great way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Surprise Your Customers

If you want your customers to talk about you, then you have to exceed their expectations. It doesn’t have to be a complex matter. You can send them a little gift as a ‘Thank you’ for buying from you, or you can send them a short note to express your thanks. These small gestures can go a long way and may even encourage your customers to share their experiences with other people.

Word-of-mouth marketing is not that hard if you have a product or service that is worth sharing. You need to know how to do your business worth the share. Hopefully, you have learned some strategies on how you can do that with this article.

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