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11 WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing in 2021

Your WordPress site’s functionalities can be extended with the right plugins to suit your business needs. There are email marketing platforms that work well with WordPress. These WordPress plugins allow you to do email marketing campaigns efficiently, get leads, and increase conversions.

Moreover, one of the benefits of having a dedicated email marketing plugin is creating and automating emails right off your dashboard. It also simplifies subscription management and the monitoring of leads and conversions.

So, check out 11 of the most popular email marketing platforms for 2021.


11 Email Marketing Plugins to Use with WordPress 

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a complete email marketing platform that provides premium marketing solutions for your website. Convert visitors to buyers more efficiently and nurture connections. Drive contributes to transformations that improve your profits.

Additionally, you get free tools such as email marketing, CRM, live chat, chatbots, forms, and many more. The platform also allows you to send 2,000 emails per month for free. Its paid features include reporting and marketing automation. HubSpot is suitable for growing organizations, businesses, and the like.

2. Get Response

Get Response lives up to its name because it gets over 1 million leads generated monthly, delivers over 800 million emails weekly, and thousands of transactions processed daily. It is a powerful and simplified tool for sending emails, creating pages, marketing automation, and conversion funnels.

Further, this email marketing plugin helps you find new subscribers and customers and build strong email lists with the best lead generation tools. Easily turn anonymous readers into your brand’s most loyal fans.

Engaging existing and potential clients much better with targeted online communication increases your marketing’s conversion rate.

So, as you build your brand’s following, you can even use your content and expertise to a profitable business by offering or hosting webinars daily. This further improves online sales and helps you provide meaningful consumer experiences.

It also has efficient personalization tools that allow you to market your online business successfully. Get results with GetResponse.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster promises a 70% rate of conversion. It specializes in providing growth results even after one day.  It is an all-in-one marketing plug-in and pop-up developer that boosts your subscription lists and sales for better ROI.

You can also easily create fine forms with OptinMonster, such as pop-up forms, email forms, a hello bar, or a sticky advertising bar.

Furthermore, it includes intelligent targeting and personalization features to allow you to give your intended user the right pop-up message as soon as possible.

4.   MailChimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing tool that can help broadens your email subscription list by enabling you to write better newsletters. It’s also great for building opt-in forms to reach more leads.

With MailChimp, you can create attractive and highly usable designs that can be easily tweaked so you can create based on consumer data.

Moreover, Mailchimp easily integrates with other WordPress plug-ins like Default WordPress Comment Form, Registration Form, WPForms, WooCommerce, and the like.

5.   Sumo List Builder

Sumo List Builder is perfect for growing your business’s user email listing and converting visitors to subscribers much easier.

There are plenty of creative and beautiful templates for newsletters and pop-ups that can appear on clicks and timers, especially in the moment of site abandonment.

This email marketing platform also has an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder and an email capture tool. It’s the sole mobile-optimized pop-up plug-in that easily integrates with Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact.

6.   Mailster

Mailster helps build mobile-friendly campaigns through its drag and drop builder. This WordPress Email Marketing is known for its distinctly friendly and adept customer support for an enjoyable customer experience.

It is an email marketing plug-in that can stand alone and manage everything from the WordPress dashboard. It also integrates with WordPress plug-ins fuss-free. You have access to analytics to keep track of your email campaigns and their performance, as well as its Auto Responder feature, translation, and unlimited subscription forms.

7.   MailPoet Newsletter

MailPoet is best when you want to send unlimited emails (up to 2000 email subscribers) within WordPress. If you have more than 2000 people on your mailing lists, it is also easy to upgrade to mailPoet’s premium version.

There are many designers and mobile-responsive designs to choose from. A lot of bloggers and developers love using MailPoet for its reliability and friendly customer support.

You can also send emails via MailPoet’s sending service and automatically send your welcome messages to boost your UI/UX.

What is more, it is a popular free email marketing plug-in. It lets you manage your subscribers. You can import lists and create forms with ease, plus you can also edit through its drag-and-drop feature.

Upgrades let you send emails beyond 2000 subscribers and unlock features like knowing which subscribers have opened an email and track the links people are getting click-throughs in your email campaign.

8.   Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a great WordPress email marketing plug-in that comes for free with many useful features.

Lead generation tasks become effortless with its automation features. You can also create new blog posts and newsletters with just a click. Easily schedule emails, control user access, and integrate with other WordPress plug-ins with this amazing plug-in.

To add to that, it is perfect for all content creators, like bloggers, website owners, marketers, and web developers. The plug-in also has accommodating customer support.

Email subscribers and newsletters also provide dual opt-in features to ensure you reach the right audience. You can also add captchas to your subscription box to keep bots from getting you your mailing lists. Best of all, it comes with a list of clean-up and spam testing services to keep your plug-in safe.

9.   WP Subscriber Pro

WP Subscriber Pro helps you do email marketing with ease for your WordPress websites. It focuses on improving conversion and website traffic.

Known for its speed, you get an optimized user experience while growing your email subscriber lists. You can successfully manage your list as you can submit thousands in minutes.

With WP Subscriber Pro, you can incorporate various marketing plug-ins and services, including Mailchimp, Feedburner, Aweber, Benchmark, and so on. Other features include integrated widget support, pop-up animations, completely customizable plug-ins, and live customer 24/7 support.

10.   Newsletter

The Newsletter goes out of the box to give the best customer experience in promoting your blog and adding subscribers. Bloggers can build unlimited emails and campaigns for multiple mailing lists.

Built specifically for WordPress, mobile responsive, and mobile-friendly, it can be integrated with the WordPress registration and comes with helpful and friendly customer support.

This WordPress, email marketing plug-in is user-friendly, easy to install, and easy to integrate with the plugins. This plug-in is perfect for new bloggers because it has everything they need to start their email marketing campaigns.

Newsletter also has built-in reporting, automation features and works well with other WordPress tools for email marketing. However, it may not be suitable for larger blogs or websites. You may need to use an Amazon SES add-on to use it on a bigger-scale email campaign. But the plug-in is free to use and easily upgradable to its premium version to unlock all features.

11.     SendInBlue

SendinBlue is a cloud-based tool for digital marketing that currently serves over 50,000 growing companies globally.

By designing beautiful, user-friendly forms with the SendinBlue WordPress plugin, you can maintain your subscription list confidently and email marketing campaigns that convert. You can quickly monitor progress in the analytics report included with every campaign.

Furthermore, the plug-in also has a transactional email that can be sent using SendinBlue’s SMTP, useful for sending confirmations of orders and enforcing customer updates.

With the SendinBlue WordPress plug-in, send thousands of emails and newsletters directly from your WordPress site.  You can focus on creating and expanding your target audience because when you use a worry-free, user-friendly email marketing platform like SendinBlue.

This plug-in is best for businesses and advanced users. It can be utilized for all types of blogs and websites as well. Send up to 9,000 free monthly emails, ideal for small and medium-sized companies and blogs.

Create Well-Designed Emails

Make sure as well that you create view-worthy and high-quality content. Invest in web design software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It is an all-in-one suite of professional graphic tools for photo editing, vector illustration, layout, typography, and more.

It has the latest versions of CorelDRAW, Corel PaintShop Pro, Corel CONNECT, Corel CAPTURE, Corel Font Manager, Corel AfterShot 3 HDR, and the new

Another design app you can use is QuarkXPress. It is outstanding design software for professionals at a fraction of the cost. It also helps beginners to design like a pro with its easy-to-use design tools.

And finally, try a user-friendlier version of one of Adobe’s flagship software, the Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Photoshop Elements 2021 takes on Adobe’s most popular tool’s most critical features and makes it available to pro and amateur content creators. Backed by Adobe Sensei AI technology, users can experience automation and smart editing fuss-free. 

Conclusion: Choose the Right WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

WordPress marketing plug-ins extend the functionality of WordPress. It makes digital marketing easier on the part of bloggers and web developers. Different marketing tools needed for a campaign can all be in one place, fully integrated, and working well with other tools for success that WordPress has to offer.

Choose the best email marketing plug-in that fits well with your marketing goals for your site or blog. Your choice needs to consider the number of subscribers you have. You also have to consider how often you want to send email campaigns and the type of content you want to send out each time.

Whatever you need, no matter how you envision your email campaigns to be, WordPress can surely find the right plug-in that will meet your email marketing needs.

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