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22 Blogging Statistics to Help Create an Amazing Content

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To date, content is a paramount and game-changing factor in marketing.

Blogging, on the other hand, is the very source of it. It acts as a prominent priority for every B2B marketer. Some blogging statistics can always come in handy to ensure that you design only the most effective content strategy.

Today, business blogging has reached peak popularity and is consistently encountering augmented growth. To stand out as a company, making use of a well-versed strategy is but an indispensable element.

Here is a curated list of blogging statistics for improving your content strategy.

Blogging Statistics You’ll Need to Know

1. Over 53% of marketers suggest that blogging is a top content-advertising strategy.

Blogging is said to help several companies create a robust online presence, brand awareness, convert leads, and boost SEO.

[Source: Content Marketing Institute]

2. List-based headlines attract over 36% of people. 

While listicles were quite popular earlier, today, only 36% prefer them.

[Source: SEMRush State of Content Marketing Report]

3. Several bloggers are starting to enhance the use of promotional tactics that promote traffic on their sites.

Even paid ads have had a considerable rise by up to 93%. Paid promotions are unquestionably helping in magnifying the efficiency of blogs.

4. Blogs are recognized as the 5th most reliable and authentic source for reading precise and factual information.

While inbound marketing was quite known in the earlier days, blogs have immensely taken over today.

5. Google receives an average of 100 billion searches every month. Furthermore, over half of these searches are done via mobile devices. 

With the augmented growth of technology, mobile users are increasing at an exceeding rate.

[Source: InternetLive Stats]

6. Over 20 billion pages of WordPress are read every month.

According to experts, over 409 million people read WordPress every month.

7. Every average blog post is over 1,236 words lengthy.

While there has been a significant increase in the average word count of every blog, it has now reached 1,236 words, according to an Orbit Media Study.

blogging statistics


8. According to ExpressWriters,  an average reader spends about 37 seconds on every blog post.

If your content is not easily readable or doesn’t comprise catchy, intriguing, and quirky headlines, chances are, readers may not browse through your blog for a long time.

9. Google Analytics is recognized as the most popularly utilized SEO tool.

Over 30% of marketers are making use of Google Analytics for SEO purposes, including designing SEO strategies, evaluating results, creating content, and much more.

[Source: Hubspot State of Marketing]

blogging statistics

Credit: HubSpot Research Global Survey

10. Over 40-45% of business bloggers utilize up to 5 hours to work on blogs every week. 

A source from ConvertKit suggests that average business bloggers (40-45%) not spend more than 5 hours every week working on their blogs.

blogging statistics


11. Over 53% of bloggers do not make money via blogs.  

However, this isn’t necessarily something to be sad about. While this statistic might be crucial, most of these non-earning bloggers aren’t looking forward to earning money.

(According to Growth Badger)

blogging statistic


12. Over 50% of bloggers know how difficult luring traffic from Facebook is.

According to Growth Badger Study, about 53% of bloggers encountered that Facebook did not help direct more traffic towards their blogs.

13. Over 97% of bloggers are using social media platforms for promoting traffic to their posts.

Social media is recognized as one of the most noteworthy aspects of promoting your blogs.

[Source: Orbit Media Study]

blogging statistics


14. Most websites are finding it challenging to get backlinks for their websites.

Over 94% of bloggers had no external website links or backlinks on their websites.

[Source: Backlinko]

blogging statistics


15. Enhancing the mobile efficiency of your site can drastically benefit from improving your websites’ performance and site ranking.

Since the number of mobile users is increasing at a rapid speed, enhancing the efficiency of your mobile site can help you boost your site’s performance and credibility.

16. Email, Google, and Facebook are known as the three vital marketing platforms for earning hefty amounts of money.

Out of numerous social media platforms, these are the top three platforms that can generate money.

[Source: Growth Badger]

17. Over 96% of boomers don’t trust influencers or bloggers.

While this statistic might demotivate you, you must pay attention to it so that you can have a chance at creating engaging content.

[Source: Statista]

18. Over 90% of all blogs get no traffic at all from Google.

Over 90.63% of blogs get zero organic traffic through the search engine.

[Source: Ahrefs]

blogging statistics


19. Fraudulent individuals or cybercrime exists because hackers attack blogging websites every 39 seconds globally.

Although this number might leave you daunted, taking precautionary safety measures can help you avoid this factor.

[Source: Security Magazine]

20. Over 19% of bloggers spend about 6 hours creating every post.

If you’re infuriated and worried about taking a significant time for creating your post, don’t worry as it’s normal.

[Source: Orbit Media]

21. Companies with consistent blogging get 55% more visitors than companies that don’t.

According to the Hubspot report, companies that invest more time on consistent blogging attracts almost 55% more visitors than those that don’t.

22. 59% of consumers perform online research before buying any product.

Think with Google has recently stated on its website, “59% of consumers do some online research by reading blogs, reviews, testimonials, and many more to ensure they are making the best possible choice.”

To summarize, while maintaining traffic on your blog is unquestionably a crucial element, the blogging statistics, mentioned above, should help you improve your blog’s performance.

Make sure to consider each one of these stats to enhance your chance of successful blogging.

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