5 Amazing Facts of Modern Technology and Social Media in our Daily Lives

modern technology and social media

Technology has significantly made an impact on our lives by changing the very manner in which we operate in this modern world that sees no halt to technological advancement. It has changed the way we think, live, manage our affairs, and perform tasks more accurately and in lesser time.

The most remarkable change is in how we communicate with each other. One of technology’s greatest boon, social media, has overtaken traditional methods of communication. A plethora of platforms where people can connect with great convenience is available. It makes the world within reach at the tip of one’s finger.

This revolutionizes our world by opening wide avenues even for ordinary people to get information quickly, and also share there personal content on a global scale.

Today almost all people have social media presence on multiple digital networks and platforms. According to reports, more than 2.65 billion people used social media globally in 2018. Experts predict this number will reach 3.1 billion by 2021.

Technology Introduces a New Concept for Social Networking 

Technology has introduced new and beneficial things for almost all sectors. It also has benefited social media platforms by enhancing the way people interact inside these platforms. The choices are multiplying when it comes to apps and platforms trending in the market these days to meet different communication needs and preferences of people from all backgrounds.

It brought the concept of “community” to a whole new level by expanding its borders on a worldwide scale. Technology and social media has brought the world to us and has brought us to the world.

The world doesn’t seem that big when we have more and more options to connect, and our world enlarges in the sense that we can be involved in world issues and global communities without leaving the comforts of our home.

As per the Pew Research Center, most of the social media users are adults, of which more than 90% of users belong to the age group of 18 to 29, who may use one or more mobile social media platforms on their smart devices.  Users who use social media most of the time are highly educated and wealthy, who earn around $75,000 per year.

More and more people are relying on technology to stay in touch with loved ones. The rest of the world and are quick to adopt new concepts for social media interaction as they pursue more meaningful ways of communicating.

Technology Lends Social Media in Various Ways: Explore All to Know More

Modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are proven to be a big boon for social media platforms. To become successful in the business market, most entrepreneurs have stepped ahead to opt for new technologies like AI and the like for leveraging competitive advantages for business.

Social media platforms are also following the same path to provide a better experience to their users. Technology continues to transform social media in various ways. It continually introduces several tools and techniques which help businesses target the right audience on social media to increase their brand’s presence and profitability.

The ultimate goal of this constant upgrade in technology is to improve the journey of platform users. It is done by developing products that can give the best user experience.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbot Technology

Chatbot and virtual assistance are benefiting business entrepreneurs on social media platforms in several ways. This latest technology paves the way for business automation through software even more in business processes. It decreases assumptions to a great extent and allowing for faster and more effective communication and customer service.

Chatbot technology has significantly innovated consumer engagement with costumers and other potential clients of diverse types of industries and businesses.

The technology helps them to analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and purchase decisions. Businesses can then make actionable insights based on the interaction between bots and clients.

Additionally, chatbots can also analyze and compare consumer content on social media platforms. It helps businesses innovate their strategies to attract new customers.

According to Opus Research, more than 4.5 billion dollars will be spent by the businesses on chatbots by 2021. Tailor-fitting a brand’s community, products, and services for its target market increases credibility and profitability.

It is not a mystery why enterprises are investing in this technology.

As a matter of fact, since most of the organizations have begun to understand the ability of chatbots for their business websites. They are now turning to mobile app development companies to integrate the technology in their business process, which, in turn, enhances their marketing strategies and provide better versions of solutions and services they are currently offering.

Technology is the Best Way to Enhance Your Social Media Content 

When it comes to gaining stronger brand awareness and sales, content plays a primary role. Businesses can take the help of virtual assistants and chatbots to create content for their social media sites. This content includes headlines, special offers, newly launched product information, interviews, and much more.

Systems currently developed using the latest technology are helping businesses optimize their content to high accuracy. It is effectively increasing digital traffic to their sites for further engagement with their customers. It also converts visiting prospects into avid clients. Current solutions not only help businesses understand the interests of their audience but also the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. It keeps businesses updated with present trends on social media.

Outgrowth Prediction

Sponsors use machine-learning software and algorithms to manage and solve various queries related to their brand. When any of the users place their questions on these brands’ social media platforms or by emails, cloud-based technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) automatically reply with accurate answers regarding their user’s concerns.

For instance, Acronis is known for the ever-reliable Acronis Cloud Storage and its backup servers like Acronis Back-up Advanced Server that are greatly helping B2B and B2C companies in managing and storing real-time data to better serve their customers.

Due to various technological advancements, multiple algorithms are now available to serve this purpose. This helps in sorting suggestions and requests made by the users. Systems developed using the latest technology evaluates and classifies all the requests as queries, suggestions, or complaints.

Due to automated techniques, businesses can easily handle all circumstances on social platforms smartly and more accurately than ever before.



Technology will keep changing in the coming years. Newer, more innovative, more accurate, and intelligent solutions will continue to pop up to serve the consumer better. For instance, something as simple as hashtag generator tools are helping digital marketers make their content more marketable and gain a stronger online presence.

Numerous other tools and techniques are already available in the market these days. For sure, many more will come up as demands constantly sky-rocket.

Tech-savvy people are always on the look-out for what’s new and what’s better in the market. Hence it becomes crucial for businesses to stay tuned with the latest technology. Businesses need to quickly consolidate them into their platforms. This maximizes the full potential of the revolutionary partnership between technology and social media.Acronis True Image

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