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5 Compelling Reasons Why you Should Consider Software Developer as a Career

5 Compelling Reasons Why you Should Consider Software Developer as a Career

When you’ve always been good at computers from a young age, chances are high for you to become a great software engineer. But if you are not, then there must be a compelling reason why you are willing to endure days on the keyboard just trying to make a machine do what you want it to do. You may have chosen this career more likely for its economic benefits rather than the enjoyment some people get from it. If that is the case, unfortunately, you will struggle with software engineering since you have to spend countless hours on the computer to perfect your skills and keep up with an ever-changing industry. Software development is a vast field that allows you to be creative with your work, and although it is demanding, the rewards are quite generous. Having a software developer job upgrades your career significantly as you learn the technical aspects of the work itself, and the ins and outs of this highly-profitable industry.

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Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider choosing this profession:

  1. Creativity:

This field is one of the few in the corporate world, which allows you to experiment consistently. However, if you ask people to name creative jobs, they will probably mention fields such as writing, music, painting, and other arts, but not software development. Few people realize that software development also requires one to be very creative. When you are developing new codes, for instance, creativity comes into play since you will have to create new software based on unique demands.

  1. Collaborative:

One myth that people believe is that programmers sit alone on their computer desks all day, isolated from the rest of the world, as they develop codes. Contrary to popular opinion, software development is mostly a team effort since you will be discussing your progress with colleagues and teammates to come up with solutions and new product ideas. Collaborating with others helps you improve your programs since you will have plenty of support from people in the team going through the same issues you are facing. Working with others allows you to develop quality products as you learn from the collective success and mistakes of the group.

  1. In Demand:

You can rest assured that if you become a successful developer, your job will likely be secured since digital technology is expanding every day as more and more people shift to using software with each passing day. Despite the creation of new programs every day, the demand is still far higher than the supply even as more and more programmers are joining the industry. However, the level of expertise remains low due to the usual complaint of software companies about the lack of expert programmers, proving further that you have to update your skills constantly. Expert programmers are regularly pirated by other companies who lure them to leave their current jobs with competitive salaries and better benefits. Since the demand for software development expertise is high, expert programmers have the luxury of choice when it comes to who they want to work for and the compensation and benefits they enjoy.

  1. High Pay:

Software development is a high paying job that increases your value in the marketplace. Unlike other products and services, initial costs for product development are usually all that’s required, since you will not need additional expenses for producing copies of your software. Now considering the high demand for software developers ensures that you can get a high salary for your specialized skills and the level of your expertise. Expertise and specialization are such a top commodities in this profession, and quality companies know the value of highly-skilled developers and will be willing to pay generously and offer competitive benefits and added perks, all in exchange for the high profits these developers can help bring to the company in ensuring top-of-the-line products, services, and support for their market.

  1. Has a future:

You can rest assured that whatever skills you acquire along the way will never go to waste. Redundancy for your skillset is low because of the increasing demands and high turnover rates. The lack of experience and upgraded skillset is the usual cause of the high turn-over in this lucrative industry. However, since the role of digital technology will only continue to increase in the future, if you keep updating your knowledge and enhancing your skills consistently and regularly, the probability of you securing an excellent job remains high. Based on current trends, new programs will still need to be developed and maintained. The future for hard-working and highly-skilled software developers looks bright.


Software development has an incredible future everywhere around the globe, and it pays well to become an expert. So if you have a passion for this job, you should go for it. However, monetary compensation should not be your primary motivation in choosing this career path. Your resumé can only open doors for you, but what keeps those doors open and opportunities steadily knocking is your passion for what you do. If you do not have dedication for this line of work, you will not care as much to put in the long hours needed to improve code or develop new software. Without passion, you will always see what you do as just a means of making money, instead of a privilege to improve people’s lives with the products and services you help to provide. If you do not enjoy your job, you will not likely invest in yourself and enhance your skills to keep up with current trends. Since companies demand experts, you will inevitably struggle to convince them to hire you. Just as a medical surgeon cannot fake their way to a successful operation, you cannot just fake your way in software development. Companies will immediately see if you really have the skills to back you up, and customers at the end of any product pipeline are often unforgiving with mediocre products and services. Although there are several benefits to becoming a software developer, having a passion for it is a prerequisite if you genuinely want to succeed

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