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6+ Best Flyer Design and Maker Software to Use on Mac and PC


6+ Best Flyer Design and Maker Software to Use on Mac and PC

Want to design your own flyers but you don’t know where to start? First, you need a good software you can use effectively. We also think it needs to be flexible to work on any graphic design you have in mind. To eliminate the guessing game on your part, we picked out the flyer design and maker software to design your perfect flyers with ease and understanding.

Flyers for Your Business/Events

flyer design sampleOne of the major goals of every business is, of course, to grow and maintain a strong and loyal client base. A key factor in achieving this is to promote the products and services of the business through advertising. This can be done through newer digital marketing strategies that utilize social media, among others, as well as through established and more traditional marketing methods.

Despite the rise of viral marketing and online advertising tools, nothing can beat an awesomely made flyer most especially when they complement your digital marketing strategies. They are cheap to mass-produce and can be distributed directly into the hands of potential customers, making them the perfect choice for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

So to help you out in creating your very own flyer, we listed some flyer design software you can easily learn how to use. As you probably already know, hiring a graphic artist to work on just a single flyer design will cost you hundreds of dollars, so why not make it on your own?

6 Best Flyer Maker Software For Mac and Windows PC

  1. Adobe Illustrator – AU $579.83 (SALE)

Adobe might be more popularly known for its Photoshop products but when it comes to making flyers, Illustrator is a preferred product.

Adobe Illustrator can change images, although not with such nuance as Photoshop can. However, its forte is creating a single page design, arranging all texts, shapes, and images in just one layout. This makes this software one of the best tool available for making flyers.

Its vector-based art is easily scalable to any size flyer, and the graphic art possible in Illustrator is of professional quality. The program is also able to integrate photos and even allows users to make vector art with special effects from their photos. There are a few fundamental things to know about Illustrator when creating a flyer.

  1. GIMP – FREE

gimp flyer maker software

If your budget is restricting you to avail Adobe Illustrator, then you can opt for a simpler and free alternative. It also goes without saying; if it’s your first time to make a flyer then a free software is the best way to go.

GIMP is free to download. There, you’ll have tools you can use to edit and retouch photos; add shapes, elements, and texts; ply with filters; and so much more that are very useful in making a flyer.

It isn’t actually a software dedicated for making business flyers, but its simplicity and ability to add layers of texts and shapes make it good for the job.

  1. Adobe Indesign – AU $560 (SALE)

A lot of the Adobe products are capable of creating flyers, and InDesign is another software you have to check out. Adobe InDesign makes designing your own posters simple and intuitive. The latest version comes with an array of Creative Cloud apps to help you craft professional posters.

Get the look and feel you want when you design your poster in InDesign using the Smart Text Reflow tool and integration with Adobe Fonts. You can also custom design graphics in this software or integrate your work with your files from Photoshop or Illustrator to craft a more enticing design that’s perfect for online and print.

Adobe InDesign was really developed for publishing industries like newspapers, magazines, books, posters and flyers. It falls behind Adobe Illustrator in this list because InDesign is best when you have a full load of text to include in a flyer. But if aesthetics is your priority, Illustrator is the winner.

  1. Adobe Photoshop – AU $ 130.68 (SALE)

If there’s one thing Photoshop is good at, that is recreating faulty photos! Photographers and graphic artists use Adobe Photoshop to retouch any type of raster image. But Adobe Photoshop has grown to be very flexible to allow users to do more than just photo editing.

Apart from the photo editing tools it originally has, it’s now able to add shapes, graphic elements, and texts. So overall, Photoshop has two roles when it comes to making flyers. First is to make flyers using the software itself, and the second one is to create images you can later use on Illustrator or InDesign for flyer making.

  1. Canva – FREE; US $12.95/month for Work; Custom for Enterprise

canva flyer design template

Canva makes image design simple for everyone. It is used by millions of people because of its simple interface and tools. The free version lets you do all the basic photo editing and there are tons of free templates you can use for making flyers.

If you don’t like the background image, you can just search for free graphics or photos online, upload it on Canva and start creating your flyer. Watermark isn’t a problem too because our designs won’t come with watermarks unless you choose premium elements.

Availing the paid versions will unlock thousands of templates, images, elements, fonts, backgrounds, and other editing tools. But if you aren’t going to regularly make a flyer, paying $12.95 might not be worth it.

  1. Print Creations – FREE

print creationsPrint Creations by Arcsoft was designed with tools perfect for designing business signage and posters.

As you launch the program, it won’t just pop out, instead, a window with the words “Print Creations Experience” will slowly fade in and that truly looks amazing.

Print Creations allows the most customization with regards to printer options. In fact, it might be the most printer-friendly of all flyer solutions in this blog. It has a downside, though, of being expensive.  You only get very few free templates in the flyer category while the rest must be unlocked at a staggering price of $19.99 for every two templates.

BONUS: Microsoft Word

microsoft word flyer design

Didn’t expect this to pop up in this blog? Microsoft Word is actually being used to create flyers, thanks to its Clipart, Shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, and Picture tools.

Those who aren’t well-versed in photo editing run to Microsoft Word to create flyers. Why not when it’s very easy to do so?

Microsoft Word may not be the proper flyer maker software but using it gives some sort of convenience. There’s no need for learning curve and definitely no guessing game. Plus, Word already comes for free in your Microsoft Office purchase. Windows PCs surely have it too.

So if you don’t have any of the software mentioned above or no budget for purchasing Adobe software, then making use of what’s available should be a wise move.

There are other flyer design Software out there to try, but these are our 6+ preferred programs based on their functionality, tools, creativity, and availability.

Do you have a flyer maker software you can recommend? Let us know at the comment section!

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