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8 Future Trends in Mobile App Development for 2021

Mobile apps and web apps today are more typical because buying software online is the new standard. It directly results from mobile app development transitioning to on-demand digital platforms like SaaS services (Software as a Service).

Softvire is home to some of the most trusted names in software. This cheap software Australia supplier offers not just physical copies but also digital copies and licenses. Softvire has the trust of many B2B and B2C companies and individual consumers as well.

For instance, one of its best-sellers is Adobe CS6 for Mac Catalina. In the past, you can buy software like this through brick-and-mortar stores only. You avail of the software through physical disks that contain the software and license. Technology is making things more convenient for us, so we have more meaningful experiences online.

Adobe CS6’s products, Adobe Photoshop Elements’ 2020 best price so far, are its ESD (Electronic Software Download) version. Adobe Photoshop is a high-level web design tool previously available only through its physical copies. But the more you make software conveniently accessible, the more the demand for it grows.

Other factors that drive mobile app development trends include innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). You can also include cloud-based solutions and cloud-native apps to this mix of digital breakthroughs.


8 Future Mobile App Trends to Catch in 2021

     1. Instant Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, PWA Apps, SoftvirePWAs bring together the best of applications and websites. It takes less time to build PWAs than for traditional applications. PWAs have improved mobile apps’ utility so you can store pages on your smartphone’s home screen.

Progressive Web Apps prevents the loss of 20 percent of potential app users. The loss typically happens in the phase between the user’s first experience with the app and using the app.

With PWAs, users can start using apps right from when they see them without downloading the software.


     2. Edge Computing Outperforms Cloud Computing

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, Edge Computing, SoftvireCloud technology has changed digital technology, but edge computing brings it further. Edge computing eliminates the need to download the application to use it. It is a significant trend in application development. Edge computing is similar to fog computing, where all data are stored in fog nodes. A fog node serves as an IoT gateway in fog computing within the LAN.

Edge computing, on the other hand, processes data on the sensor or device without any transfer. Instead of transmitting data to the cloud-based storage for IoT application retrieval, developers send it to a local device. It makes data transmission faster.

A smartphone is an example of a local device. It is an edge computing device that can hold complex apps like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

You can also use your smartphone to operate smart devices, home security systems, wearable devices, or driverless, intelligent cars.


     3. Beacon Technology Takes Off with Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, iBeacon, Softvire AustraliaThe beacon technology industry is foreseen to exceed $25 billion by 2024. This technology is instrumental and will contribute to the marketing landscape in the next few years.

Beacon technology will change the way customers interact with products. Moreover, it would also make devices more versatile and alter the way retailers quantify the offline impact of online ads.

It includes Bluetooth from your mobile device to transmit signals between servers and devices. A range of industries commonly uses this technology to offer personalized, location-based messages and services.

More than a million beacons will be mounted in retail stores throughout the U.S. this year. Beacon technology will gain momentum in 2021. As of now, advertisers primarily use this technology to push updates on your devices.

Beacon technology includes software that uses Bluetooth from your mobile device to relay signals between your computer and a company server.


     4. 5G Technology

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, 5G Connection, Softvire Australia

The 5G mobile access continues to shift mobile technology to more efficient ways of connection. 5G technology is spearheading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What is remarkable about 5G is, it has extremely low latency, high capacity, and networking capabilities. It runs alongside technologies such as AR/VR, IoT devices and systems, mobile health mHealth, among many others.

Next-generation applications will benefit significantly from the power and pace of doing something we have never thought of before. 5G would also allow for more accurate geolocation, reduced use of batteries, and more.


     5. Mobile Apps with Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) Integration

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021_AR VR Technology, Softvire Australia

Developments in mobile applications allowed smartphones to have built-in apps. As a result, mobile apps continue to drive mobile app growth. Thousands and thousands of free apps are now accessible through numerous mobile platforms.

All the innovations enable mobile app developers to build and improve on futuristic mobile phone apps. Some apps even come with interactive features, like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Demand for AR and VR mobile solutions in multiple industries is growing. It involves rising health care, shopping, tourism, and education. Mobile apps that incorporate these innovations create an improved customer experience that can help companies improve their revenues.


     6. Online Payments and Mobile Wallets

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, Mobile Wallet, Softvire Australia

The number of mobile wallet users will increase more in 2021, especially as we gear towards touchless solutions. More and more nations are going for online payment methods to preserve human touch and adhere to social distancing recommendations.

A mobile wallet is an application that integrates multiple payment solutions. Payment options can come in the form of debit cards, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Unique payment solutions, like discount codes or store credit, are payment options as well.

Different establishments are now using the mobile payment platform to improve consumer and market satisfaction. Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and AliPay are some of the popular mobile wallets today.

As mobile wallets and online payments become more rampant, so will the threats on the systems and devices used. The abundance of unsecured users using mobile wallet payments is like a picnic for hackers.

Mobile transactions are only advantageous when you are safe. A device with no safety features puts you at risk of theft or fraud, among others. You can check out security software online to buy for your mobile devices at Softvire as well.


     7. Wearable Technology

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, Wearable Technology, Softvire AustraliaThe wearable technology market is rising tremendously as demand for wearable devices explodes. More than 1.1 billion wearables will be linked by 2022.

The integration of mobile app development and wearable devices will be one of the staple features of mobile apps. This trend will only improve consumer experiences. Above all, it also increases the revenues of mobile apps.


     8. Mobile Gaming Libraries to Outshine Standalone Games

Mobile App Development Trends to Catch in 2021, Mobile Games, Softvire

Mobile app development will not only make mobile phones more potent because of productivity tools. Moreover, it can also heighten the entertainment and gaming capacities of mobile phones. Indeed, mobile app gaming development is a lucrative business that will continue to expand.

Mobile gamers are transitioning from stand-alone mobile games. A majority of gamers are now choosing online gaming libraries with tons of games in one place. Mobile app developments are improving the hosting ability of mobile applications. Hence, PWAs are benefiting both gamers and game developers.

Mobile game engines and production platforms have experienced giant leaps in profit this year amid pandemic and economic crises. The more that the mobile game apps industry improves, the more app user engagements will increase. Mobile app gaming production is a lucrative industry that will continue to grow.


Conclusion: Mobile App Development is on the Rise


While mobile devices will continue to dominate the digital space, they will not make desktops and laptops obsolete. Over 67% of the global market uses mobile phones. Mobile phone traffic far exceeds all other devices.

Mobile-based user experience (UX) will be a growing priority in digital technology. Therefore, mobile app developers need to maintain their edge when it comes to mobile applications. Mobile apps should be at the forefront of opportunities arising from this expanding market.

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