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A Quick Digital Marketing Guide for Amazon Sellers

A Quick Digital Marketing Guide for Amazon Sellers

Congratulations! You’ve come across this page. That means you either have an Amazon store or you’re planning to start one. With more and more success stories of Amazon sellers, there’s no denying that joining this giant is a lucrative choice. You get to achieve financial independence, as many others have.

But here is the catch. You’re also competing with millions of other sellers. With innovations and technological advancements, the competition grows higher and tighter. So, where do you stand to achieve conversions and sales, especially if you’re new to e-commerce?

Thankfully, there are strategies or best practices you can implement to market your products on Amazon.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some of the powerful tips to boost your Amazon visibility. Whether you’re a newbie or an advanced seller, we’ve got you covered on these easy to digest nuggets of wisdom.

Here we go.


1. Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Did you know that more than 80% of companies tap email marketing to gain traction among the target market, increase brand awareness, and boost conversions? That is because, according to studies, it generates an astounding return on investment (ROI), standing at $44 for every $1 spent.

But how does it relate to selling on Amazon?

Well, researches show that consumers render 10-60 minutes a week browsing their emails. That does not only apply to your regular inbox but also promotional emails. You can make use of promotional emails for launching new products, promoting exclusive coupons, and introducing sale highlights.

Now, how do you market your Amazon products via email?

Here are the specific steps to take:

  •  Create a list of subscribers. Without subscribers, you can’t expect email marketing to work out for your business. If you don’t have yet and wish to add more, consider adding sign-up forms to your website, social media accounts, blog, and other channels. Market free offers, such as the chance to get exclusive content.


  • Choose a platform. When building an email list, it’s always best to utilize platforms such as MailChimp. These can help you with regards to understanding your subscribers and their behavior as they can provide essential data, click-through-rates, and open rates.


  • Create a content strategy. You can have thousands of email subscribers. But if you deliver to them crappy content, they won’t convert. That is why it’s imperative to formulate a plan on how to create compelling content and the details you need to make. One effective strategy is to provide customers a range of content that helps address their needs.


  • Set a schedule. Crucial to an email marketing strategy is a strategic plan for delivering content. Although it’s essential to have a routine schedule, make sure you’re not making your subscribers feel like they are being spammed. Make it natural.\


2. Join your Product Listings’ Q and As on Amazon

One pressing opportunity which a lot of sellers miss is not leveraging on the question and answers section as a means to market on Amazon. That should not be. Do you know that many customers use that section to determine details about a product?

So how do you market your products on Amazon’s question and answers section? Here are practical steps to take.

  • Adopt a branding voice. Don’t just respond to the very question raised however you want. There have to be standards or guidelines to follow consistently. These guidelines are crucial in building your brand. Make sure these guidelines reflect the values and aspirations of the company.


  • Check in on a routine schedule. Among the major players, Amazon rakes in more than 40 percent of online purchases. That is why it is crucial to review your Q and As daily. Make sure you get informed of the latest customer preferences and trends via the said section.


  • Ensure skimming answers. Although you can always offer a personalized experience for customers, make sure you’re aligned with their habits. That also takes into account skimming content. In other words, provide your customers with concise answers. But make sure, their queries are satisfied.


  • Highlight USPs. When browsing the product Q&A section, you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn about the customer’s insights. These can guide you when crafting your product’s unique selling points (USPs).


  • Don’t tolerate inaccurate answers. It’s a given that even non-subscribers can respond to the Q&As. That is why you and your team should ensure that every information posted is accurate. That can go a long way in helping you connect with existing and potential customers. That is because the information you provide serves as a guide for current users and a reference for future subscribers.


3. Schedule limited-time promotions

If you’re a startup, it’s of paramount importance to apply a limited-time promotion for your products. In doing so, you don’t have to include a discounted price. Take note, this strategy also involves advanced sellers, specifically, when there is decreasing engagement and sales.

Here is the thing. More than 90% of Amazon customers consider price as the most crucial to their purchasing decision. It’s no wonder most sellers are also offering coupons or deals to appeal to these customers. Promotions do boost not only sales but also market your products and clear stocks.

A recent study also showed that more than 60% of first-time customers would buy when there is a coupon to the item.

So how do you properly market productions at Amazon using promotions? Here are the concrete tips.

  • Provide a compelling offer. If you want to attract raving fans to your store and convince them to buy your products, provide an offer that they cannot ignore. Part of doing that is knowing what your market wants via social listening.


  • Utilize various marketing channels. As much as possible, spread awareness about your brand and store it to multiple marketing channels. The more people get to hear about it, the higher sales and conversions. For one, you can publish regular posts on Facebook or send emails that hook people up. You can make use of the Amazon seller tools guide to know more about this.


  • Leverage Amazon ads. One of the best strategies to increase sales from your promotion and to appeal to a broader base is the use of advertising on Amazon. If you wish the best results, leverage on Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads.


  • Set a deadline to move shoppers. Setting a hard deadline is one of the proven ways to move customers to purchase. You can stress in your promotion that a product is only available while supplies last. That will compel them to buy.


  • Set up simple promotion codes. When you’re promoting via coupon codes, make sure that customers can find and remember the code easily. That will make it easier to finish their purchase.


  • Leverage seasonal shopping. Amazon’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday are opportune times for maximizing promotion. It is during these times that traffic increases dramatically, and thus, your brand gets higher exposure. That gives you greater chances for greater sales.


4. Implement a review management strategy

Reviews are crucial for Amazon, as these are the basis when determining the performance of a store. But not just that. Customers also make use of these when deciding whether to purchase a product or not. This is where the role of a review management strategy comes to play.

So how do you make that happen the right way? Here are techniques to note.

  • Check-in daily. Review management should be done on a daily basis. If finance suffices, you can hire a review management specialist to do that for you.


  • Respond to all reviews. Whether it’s a good or bad review, take time to read it and respond. If that’s a negative comment, try if you can drive the customer’s dissatisfaction to satisfaction. That will play a role in convincing other customers.


  • Establish a brand voice. When dealing with customer reviews, make sure you are following standards and guidelines. These should align with your company’s branding.


  • Encourage customers to leave reviews. Aside from existing reviews, don’t miss out on attracting new reviews. Aside from utilizing the Early Reviewer Program or Amazon Vine, you can use brochures and other helpful materials to encourage customers’ reviews.


  • Promote reviews across channels. With more customers putting in positive reviews, you can make use of social media to showcase these. When users see these, they might be compelled to subscribe.


5. Revamp product packaging

One way for you to impact your newest customers is via a revamped product packaging. That can sustain their interest leading to repeat purchases and practical recommendations.

Here are tips to know when doing that.

  • Make your packaging simple. Studies show that most customers prefer products with packaging that they can easily open. That means you don’t have to go fancy with this.


  • Offer something of value. To increase and sustain your customers’ interest, offer a packaging that delivers value. For instance, if you’re selling perfumes, your packaging could contain information on how to use them best.


  • Include a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is paramount in packaging design. Let’s say you’re concentrating on marketing your Amazon items. In doing that, you can encourage customers to input their experiences via a review.


So there you have it. Apply these top tips on your Amazon store and see amazing results.



Are you looking to improve your conversions and sales as an Amazon seller despite the ever-growing competition? Here is a comprehensive guide with practical solutions to help you out.

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