Adobe Illustrator vs Adobe Photoshop Which is Better

Adobe Illustrator vs. Adobe Photoshop: Which is Better?

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are some of Adobe’s best-known graphics softwares, and both are very widely known. It might be hard to figure out which of the two programs will work best for you in the early stages because they look pretty similar.

Illustrator vs. Photoshop choices can be pretty complicated. Especially if you are new to the field as a designer, you may have difficulty finding differences between the two and when and why to use each program because they’re also so same on the surface.

We’ve produced a list of the key differences between Illustrator and Photoshop to get you started.

What Is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector-based image editing software. Vectors are flexible images that can resize to whatever size you want while maintaining the same level of quality and sharpness.

Vector graphics can create in Illustrator using mathematical techniques. If you have a line drawn in this manner, the app redraws the line from scratch each time it shows it, using the formula stored in memory.

Pros of Adobe Illustrator Software:

  • The vector graphic will never lose its quality when resized.
  • Illustrator also produces higher-quality print output since it is not resolution-dependent.

Cons of Adobe Illustrator Software:

  • It cannot effectively adjust previously created photographs due to the restricted number of filters and image editing tools provided.

What Is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent software for editing pre-created pictures or graphics—such as photographs—and is Adobe’s most popular application. Photoshop makes picture editing a breeze since it comes equipped with several distinct filters, special effects, and tools.

Pros of Adobe Photoshop software:

  • Photoshop is also a popular option for online graphics, picture processing, and design projects that need a constant size.
  • Another significant advantage of Photoshop is that it allows you to maintain total control over your projects since you can change your graphics pixel-by-pixel.

Cons of Adobe Photoshop software:

  • Raster or bitmap graphics are created in Photoshop, and these graphics can sometimes look a little jagged since raster images are made up of individual colored squares, known as pixels. Everything in Photoshop is just a series of pixels, so if you’re scaling something up or down, it can lose its quality very quickly.

Illustrator vs. Photoshop: What are their features?

Illustrator Features:

Create designs and Innovative with Text

Here, the text is not just a text; add any style or creativity that comes to mind to the text content. Who knows, perhaps combining them will result in some stunning textual designs as well.

Work on any scale

Illustrator enables you to resize your work at any point throughout your project. It enables you to work more precisely on your assignment. Your exquisitely produced designs may be an invaluable resource for various IT sectors. 

Collaborate with other tools of Adobe

There is no limit to creating inside the scope of this software. Combining the features of other Adobe graphic design applications such as InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro enables you to get more efficient results.

Dynamic ways to create

When you use this software, you can import art and make it look better with the colors you want, draw to add your style, and many more.


Photoshop Features:

Free-handed creativity

Create clean and clear images using instruments such as a paintbrush, markers, and pencils. Though the illustration capabilities are smaller than Illustrator’s since this program is for a different purpose, a few illustration touches can completely transform your artwork.

Ease of use

Since this software is well-known, you should already know about it. There are a lot of people who use it. Since it is so easy to use, that’s why. Photoshop is very easy for a new user to learn. The rest is up to them to think up new ideas. So, anyone can use it to make anything they want.

Covering a greater range of devices

With Photoshop’s growing popularity, Adobe is expected to expand its capabilities and deliver more tools and features for various devices. You may become a maker on the move using portable devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

Free-handed creativity

Use tools such as paint brushes, markers, pencils, and more, to create smooth and clear illustrations. Though the illustration capability is less than Illustrator since this software is for different purposes, a little illustration touch can define your artwork.


When to use Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop is the standard industry photo editing software, and it is the application of choice for anything from minor retouching to mind-bending picture art. Editors use Photoshop to crop images, improve photo composition, fix lighting, and make every subject appear its best. It’s also a place where skilled artists can make collages and photo composites, layer photos together, and create unique images from different photo files.

Photoshop images are made of raster images. Unlike vector images, they are based on pixels. The colors and shading in raster graphics are better than in vector graphics. They also tend to handle more detailed textures and precise edits than vector graphics can.


When to use Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator is software for making graphics. Graphic designers use Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics. Vector images and graphics are made up of points, lines, shapes, and curves of mathematical formulas instead of a set number of pixels. It means that they can scale up or down without losing quality. So, vector art can create in different sizes, bigger or smaller, without losing any detail.

Vector graphics can be on various surfaces, ranging from massive banners to wallet-sized business cards and everything in between. It makes Illustrator an excellent software for creating graphics for use on signs or banners.


How Photoshop and Illustrator Work Together

You’ll know that some people prefer to use one software more than another, but sometimes it’s better to use Photoshop and Illustrator together to make a photo look better. For instance, there are times when you’ll need to add text to an image that you need to change.

Perhaps you need to place a watermark on a picture for your blog or over a photo. Although adding text to a photo in Photoshop sometimes damages it, exporting the edited photo to Illustrator and afterward adding the text will provide the best results.

One software is not stronger than the other; they are just different. Knowing the differences between Photoshop and Illustrator can help you decide which application is ideal for your future projects.


Illustrator vs. Photoshop: What are the key differences?

Illustrator and Photoshop are both popular choices in the market. Here are key differences between Illustrator and Photoshop:

  • If we take a line in an illustration, it consists of two dots of algorithm rather than pixels. Similarly, if we had a regular line of pixels, it would be difficult to use on a vector system.
  • Adobe Illustrator performs as a mathematical grid, which means that when we enhance the photos, it calculates in the background to acquire the right quality when pixels do not need. In Illustrator, there is also a DPI (dots per inch) measurement for vector pictures. In Photoshop, if a picture has 200 PPI and we zoom in by 2x, the PPI is half, resulting in worse quality; opposite. If we decrease the size, the PPI increases.
  • Every text in Microsoft Word is made using Illustrator’s vector graphics. Making a numerical or alphabetic object in Photoshop is challenging.
  • Illustrator doesn’t need to change the graphics that have already been made. Photoshop lets you change the image a lot at the same time. Users can change the pixel count and improve its quality.
  • Raster images are made in Photoshop, and vector graphics are made in Adobe Illustrator, unlike Raster images.
  • Using Illustrator is an art, and using Photoshop is a skill because when it comes to accuracy, it’s an art, and when it comes to clarity and high-quality photos, it’s a skill.
  • Illustrator does not provide automated page numbering; this is a limitation of the product. Photoshop’s drawback is that it cannot generate text or numbers in the same manner as Illustrator.
  • Since Photoshop is a digital-analog for painting, it enables users to create natural-looking images true to life. Similarly, it is less natural in Illustrator but allows for more accuracy, which is beneficial for creating a logo or any vector component. Illustrator, on the other hand, does not need style.

Final Thoughts

Whether web designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators, or any other form of digital creative, most designers should have a solid understanding between Photoshop and Illustrator. Understanding these applications will help you choose the right software for the work at hand and provide the best results possible for your projects. Make your choice and start practicing!! Designing is a kind of creativity that is also entertaining.

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