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How IoT Can have an Impact on Your Small Business - Softvire Australia

How IoT Can Have an Impact on Your Small Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more useful for businesses, especially now more than ever. Our need for connectedness continues to push digital technology in ways that are only limited by our imagination. In addition, merging IoT and business is providing better operations and customer services. It’s a good thing to discover how you can integrate this technology into your small business. IoT is also transforming enterprises by being used widely to improve goods, services, operations, and consumer [...]

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Building Great Web Content Strategy For Your Business - Softvire Australia

Building Great Web Content Strategy For Your Business

Web content strategy is a relatively new specialty field in the digital environment, having emerged in the last several years. It overlaps with web development, user experience, interface design, SEO, content marketing,  public relations, and traditional “offline” marketing. When you say web content strategy, it refers to the strategy aimed at increasing your business’s online exposure and reputation by generating helpful content for your target audience. Initially, it may seem counterintuitive to companies accustomed to advertising, investing money on content [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Need to Move Your Business Online - Softvire AU

10 Reasons Why You Need to Move Your Business Online

The bandwagon of standard businesses turned online businesses is still raging. There is still a steady rise of eCommerce websites, mostly small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs). In fact, 99.8 per cent of businesses in Australia are SMEs, and most of these small businesses have an online presence. According to a study by Statista, eCommerce has grown up to 300 per cent within the last few years and is expected to make 17.5 per cent of global retail sales by the [...]

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A Review of Acronis Backup Standard Office 365 - Twitter - Softvire Global

A Review of Acronis Backup Standard Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is an efficient productivity tool for any business. But for your business security need to protect documents essential for your company’s growth, Acronis Backup Standard Office 365 offers a backup solution and so much more.  Office 365 is already a cloud service. Acronis Backup Standard can provide an added layer of data security. It is designed to be managed efficiently and would not need an infrastructure change or modification for it to run.    What Can Acronis [...]

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