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AVG Antivirus Pro 2018 Review

AVG Antivirus Pro 2018 Review

It is always crucial that frequent computer users need to install an active antivirus program on their computers. Why antivirus software is required, a lot of people often wonder. Antivirus suites can help save the life of your PC or Mac, and it will shield sensitive, valuable data found in your files. Hence investing in an antivirus program that works is a requisite.

We at Softvire have seen firsthand what unprotected digital products fall under threat from. We have also heard accounts of how malware and ransomware victimized our clients. As the leading IT distribution company in Australia, we will not stand idly by and let our consumer suffer the same consequences. This is why we are putting forward the AVG Antivirus Pro 2018 to serve as the able and qualified guardian of your digital electronics.

Let us discuss how this software works.

AVG’s Free Antivirus Programs

AVG is popular among tech heads because of their free antivirus programs. These free programs though can be upgraded with a fee so people can avail of extra helpful features like an improved firewall on their PCs and the Online Shield. The paid program has lots of options on hand that it can be overwhelming choosing which among them should be installed on your computer. However, I can help discuss some of its most useful features.

What does the paid version do?

The suite installs straightforwardly even on PCs already infected with viruses. It incites users whenever the program perceives another antivirus suite is integrated into the computer to prevent further conflicts and operation issues.

However, in those strange times when a tenacious malware disrupts the installation, the program can be installed in Safe Mode. As soon as the program was set up, it senses threats ASAP and asks for a reboot to end the clear-out procedures.

Another advantage of this program is that only needs a small chunk of space and memory (512 RAM and 1350 MB for the installation). The program gives lots of protective layers, and the first would have to be its standard antivirus protection that corresponds recognized threats to a databank.

The Anti-Spyware unit shields against known spyware and adware while the Resident Shield examines files as they are being opened, copied or saved by the user to prevent them from releasing malicious files.

The Link Scanner is also a useful component of the program since it is capable of blocking suspicious sites while the Surf Shield mode emphasizes risky links that can turn up in results while using search engines.


AVG’s Risk Prioritization Feature

When it comes to scanning and security updates, the program was proved rather versatile. Advanced users can take advantage of the program’s scan options that can be arranged using the sophisticated settings of the suite.

For beginners, it can be simpler for them to just make use of the three standard options in the top scan menu. With only one click, the scan will manage what needs to be tackled. This is excellent news for consumers who want less involvement during a scanning procedure.

AVG provides support every day directly using their site. Users can call a toll-free number over the phone or talk to a representative through chat. Customer support is accessible on the AVG site, and the advice and guides were helpful and provided great insight into the workings of their products.

The AVG Antivirus Pro is indeed a topnotch security suite that comes with formidable, multifaceted shields that are user-friendly and can accommodate the needs of the casual Internet surfer, the gamer, and the advanced user. Its features and effectivity are reasons enough to answer yes to the “Why do I need antivirus software” question.

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