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AVG Internet Security 2018 Review ( Pros and Cons )

AVG Internet Security 2018 Review

AVG Internet Security 2018 Review ( Pros and Cons )

AVG is a known producer of antivirus software and the company has been at it since 1991. The brand is founded in the Czech Republic. One of the company’s best offers in the industry is their free antivirus software so plenty of people took advantage of this perk and tested the offerings. Why do I need antivirus software though? The antivirus has lots of advantages that you should be aware of and this will be discussed in this AVG Internet Security review.

The pack concentrates on protecting computers solely, not for tune-ups or privacy protection. However, if you do want protection on those aspects, AVG is more than happy to provide the exact security and tune-up program you need.

One advantage of this product is that it lets users make custom installations. You get to check and install only the modules that you feel you need and want to use frequently. For example, if you do not have plans to use the SafePrice extension since it does nil to security, you can ignore it and look for modules that are right up your alley.

However if you want to install each and every module, the installation wizard will download an extra data of 215 MB from the servers of the company. As soon as the installation is finished, the software will load its interface. The interface of the program is user-friendly and devoid of clutter like its predecessors. You do not need to reboot the computer to get the protective properties of the suite going; the program loads its procedures once it is set up.

Download and installation of the suit are simple and undemanding. However you do have to keep up with the required specs of the suite so you won’t have any installation problems. Compared to other antivirus suites, the company allows the security modules you prefer to put in and it will not force you to give any personal data over the course of installation, privacy being a very crucial factor to consider.

However if you use the Windows OS, bear in mind that the suite will disable the Windows Firewall and Defender over the course of the installation. You have to understand that this procedure is needed to prevent any performance problems that could take place from employing one too many security suites simultaneously.

Good thing the pack integrates itself very well with the networking features of the Windows operating system. You can make a homegroup so you can share files and folders through the local network and get to work with Windows platform applications as well. Because of this benefit, the Internet Security suite is great for offices.

Protection-wise, the suite was able to display its great security procedures. In the Computer Protection panel you will see the antivirus settings and Data Safe, which allows encryption of confidential files. The Web protection meanwhile puts together scanning options for downloads and links while Identity Protection is concerned with the company’s behavior-depended malware scanner.

Email protection on the other hand allows users to arrange spam protection and local email scans while the improved firewall of the suit automatically blocks suspicious programs depending on its behavior or signatures.

Why do I need antivirus software again? You and your computer deserve the protection you need while surfing the web and using its features. Thankfully AVG’s Internet Security is perfectly capable of shielding your computer from threats that linger online.


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