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AVG antivirus and security softwares 2018

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AVG Internet security

AVG Internet Security

AVG Ultimate Security

AVG Ultimate Security

AVG Antivirus

AVG PC tuneup

AVG PC tuneup

AVG Mobile antivirus security

Mobile Internet Security

AVG Security

AVG Technologies create internet security software and provide online service solutions for consumers and businesses all over the world. It specializes in products concerning internet security, online backup, mobile management and control, identity protection and PC performance optimization. The brand also provides application and online services like cloud-based desktop organization, online privacy, and mobile security.

We at Softvire believe the power of AVG to change your electronics and digital use forever. This is why we are offering all eight products to the Australian market. Get these delivered straight to your door from the leading expert in software and IT distribution company.

Here are some of the brand’s renowned internet security software and what you need to know about them.


  1. AVG Internet Security

This is a downloadable, Windows-ready application which gives full protection to your system, preventing threats like malware and ransomware attacks. It helps in keeping spam and phishing emails from your inbox and allows users to encrypt and conceal sensitive documents and files.

It can also protect your home network by giving an improved firewall and stronger DNS features. To keep your system secured all the time, the software updates important, known applications and does scans for unnecessary browser add-ons too. The ransomware protection it gives can secure personal files on your computer too from photos down to documents.

It has webcam protection to prevent hackers from accessing webcams and keeps malware away by means of its desktop computer-based AI. Users can also conceal and encrypt confidential photos and documents plus make use of Enhanced Firewall to prevent hackers from accessing your system.

AVG Internet Security is one of the most trusted security packs in the industry right now, and a lot of individuals can attest to this, agreeing that it has formidable features which actually help in securing desktop computers and other sorts of devices.


2. AVG Antivirus 

The AVG Antivirus  is capable of detecting viruses, malware, and ransomware to protect your computer. It blocks those threats before it can ruin the system. The application also allows the opening of dubious files in a protected and quarantined setting before you permit them to operate the computer.

By means of secure DNS settings, your computer will be kept safe from the prying eyes of hackers who want to get inside your router and send you to fake websites. If you are wary of certain files, you can diagnose and repair those threats immediately by means of this software.

The Wi-Fi network of your home or office will be scanned by the application to search and repair vulnerabilities plus it will also take away unnecessary toolbars, browser extensions and add-ons that were installed minus your permission.

Having an antivirus like this product from AVG pays well because of the security it brings. Your data will be kept safe from the eyes of unwanted elements at all times, and you won’t have to worry about additional damage to your devices to boot.


3. AVG Ultimate

The AVG Ultimate is recommended for family or personal use so if you want online security at home, you can do so with this application. AVG has certain software that can accommodate business or commercial-level protection, but the Ultimate is not one of them.

The application comes with enhanced firewalls and real-time threat recognition so your system will be kept clean and free from threats online. It will help keep your online dealings and activity safer. The software also combines Internet Security and TuneUp so you will not only get safer internet browsing, your system will be kept organized and fast as well. The application also includes AVG Cleaner Pro for an always-functional mobile phone.

This is a versatile software which will help you speed up your OS, get rid of rubbish data to save space, enhance the lifespan of your battery and repair small problems before they turn into bigger ones. Users can choose from an array of protection from antivirus protection, email protection, data safety, payment protection and even automatic maintenance.

This program is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android systems


4. AVG TuneUp

Have you noticed that your computer is not up to snuff lately? Maybe it is high time that you check if it has a fragmented hard drive, too much rubbish files, a disorganized Windows Registry or is having all of those issues at once. An excellent solution for such problems is the AVG TuneUp.

This software is capable of enhancing and repairing the overall performance of your desktop computer or laptop by going within the system to perform lots of tasks from taking away junk files, ridding the system of unnecessary programs and defragging the hard drive. Users can also install the application on lots of computers as they wish.

The TuneUp also comes with the AVG Cleaner for Android which allows smartphone users to clean and rid their phones of junk files and recognizes useless apps that might have a negative influence on its performance. The AVG Cleaner for Mac devices takes away duplicated and concealed junk files. Furthermore, the AVG Zen Android application allows users to begin a PC tune-up from their phone whenever both units are linked to a similar Wi-Fi network.

It also includes the Automatic Software Update which downloads patches and puts in renewed abilities for the application. It can download updates automatically for lots of known programs from Firefox, VLC Media, and Winzip. If you want to check on program updates, you can just click on the Open icon on the Driver Updater, and it will do the job for you.


5. AVG Mobile Internet Security

The AVG Mobile Internet Security is an application from the brand’s Internet Security pack. This pack provides real-time protection to keep desktop PCs and other devices free from threats that can be found online. Threats like viruses, malware, spyware and other related dangers are blocked immediately before they can do real damage to your devices.

The software can also block high-risk links, email attachments, and downloads. It allows users to scan removable USB and DVD drives in a fast and easy manner. The application also provides an enhanced firewall to further safeguard your computer from suspicious individuals who want to sneak and gain access to your system and take confidential files, documents, photos and passwords kept in it.

With this pack on hand, users will get to encrypt and conceal their personal photos and documents and also shred or remove files that they would like to see deleted by means of Private Data Protection features. Even if your PC gets accessed by people other than you, you can stop family members, friends and hackers from successfully gaining entry on your private data. If you often do online purchases and banking, Payment Protection is something that will help you since the software will actively block scam and spam from infiltrating your system. It will also help prevent you from going to fake sites and giving away credit card numbers of passwords to criminals.

You can ensure the safety of your family regardless of the amount of devices you all have on hand. Even better, you can do all of these tasks by means of just one dashboard. The Internet Security pack will also safeguard Windows users against web threats, Mac users from both old and new viruses and spyware and Android users from malware and privacy issues.

The Mobile Internet Security gives boundless antivirus protection for Android units. It will be able to lock private applications, images, assist you in searching for the device in case of loss, and it will also deter data thieves from stealing information from your smartphone.