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Best Paid Antivirus Internet Security Suites 2018

best paid antivirus internet security suites 2018

Best Paid Antivirus Internet Security Suites 2018

Having the best paid antivirus internet security software suites is one of the things you must  consider when purchasing a computer and connecting to the internet. Having a computer connected to the internet without any protection like antivirus and internet security suites is a very big risk. Viruses and malware are just a few things that you need to be aware of and prevented to have a safe computer access.  These viruses could be a threat to your hardware, software, external hard drives like flash drives and CDs, especially on the computer itself. It could corrupt the data in your computer or hard drives or erase them, leak sensitive information like passwords and account data from online transactions.

These protections can prevent spyware and malware entering your computer and damaging your files. They can also be used in protecting flash drives by having viruses and corrupting or erasing your data.  They could also detect threat immediately; lower the usage and utilization of the CPU. They could also lighten memory requirements. They may also protect privacy and from Phishing. Aside from detecting from virus, they could also clean them up as well.

If you have recently purchased a computer set and internet connection, then you might also consider buying protection as well. It is not only for the benefit of your newly purchased computer but to your personal life as well. If you are now thinking of buying, we have listed the best paid antivirus internet security suites that will lead the incoming year 2018.

Check out the list below

1. Panda Internet Security 2018

Panda Internet Security was once called Panda Free Antivirus and though it will be limited with regards to its security features, you can get the free version. The new Panda Internet Protection has upgraded its new features.

The latest version, 2018, has special algorithms that can filter web browsing and URLs. It also integrated USB protection for your USB devices. The newest changes are the expansion for all the version of Windows so that it can cover all potential users. For maximum protection, opt for the premium version instead of the one that you can get for free.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

The latest version of Kaspersky internet security can protect your family and their devices from attackers, hackers and ransomware so they can safely surf, shop, stream and socialize. This security can guard passwords, photos, files and privacy.

Get the Kaspersky Internet Security starting price $12.00 from for Internet security needs of your family. You can visit this page for other Kaspersky products available.

3. Avira 2018

Avira Antivirus has launched its best version yet with Avira 2018. The newest version is secure, spends less computer resources and intuitive. You can now also simply track ongoing security operations without too much hassle. User can also expect more optimized scan customization

4. Bitdefender Internet Security 2018

Bitdefender is good at detecting and eliminating internet threats while using only few computer resources. It also includes several protection features like personal firewall and parental controls.  Aside from that, it could also protect against unknown and known malware without making you computer lag too much when it runs.

See this link to learn more about Bitdefender Internet Security 2018

5. Norton Security

This suite can protect a maximum of five devices with only one license which you can manage from an online account. It has a good protection features and usability. It also uses minimum computer resources which is a plus when it comes to computer security. Its extra security features includes parental controls and online backup which permits Norton Security to give you more protect than other internet security suites.

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