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Best Places to Buy Cheap But Legit Windows 10 Home

best places to buy windows 10 home os

Best Places to Buy Cheap But Legit Windows 10 Home

Buying Windows OS can get very expensive.  As people look into moving up from Windows 7 or 8 to the latest version Windows 10, some would rather stick to their old OS and go unsupported because of the price. But there’s good news for everyone. There are ways to buy cheap but legit Windows 10 OS online!

Of the Windows 10 options, Windows 10 Home can most affordable. But it isn’t short on features.

Windows 10 Home Features

This is the windows 10 ui/desktop themeWindows 10 Home is the basic variant of the latest Windows OS but you can enjoy advanced features – compared to the older OS – like the revamped Start Menu. More amazingly, you will be acquainted with the OS AI called Cortana.

Other features you can utilize when you buy Windows 10 Home are Battery Saver, TPM support, and company’s new biometrics security feature called Windows Hello.

If you need more security because you’ll be using the OS on business computers, then PRO edition is your best option.

How Much Does Windows Normally Cost?

Windows 10 Home on Microsoft costs $139 (206.56AUD). At Softvire, this goes down to over 60 AUD.

The big discount doesn’t mean it’s not genuine, though. These prices are retailer prices, which I will discuss more later. All in all, there’s no need to worry that you are getting fake installers and keys. Softvire is a trusted dealer in Australia and for years, it has been the preferred place of Windows OS shoppers.

So how do you score cheap but legit Windows 10 Home OS?

there are actually several ways to buy legit but affordable windows 10 home osHere are some options you should check out this 2019:

  1. Discount From Microsoft Website

Microsoft, itself, offers discounts for student, parent of a student, or faculty member. Unfortunately, this offer is only available for those in the US. Microsoft gives them 10% discount on Windows 10. However, they have to prove that they are eligible for the discount by checking if their school is listed in Microsoft’s database.

  1. Free On Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine Premium is a subscription service. It is basically intended for schools so they can provide Windows 10 OS to students and faculty for free.

People can sign up on the Microsoft website to get instant access to a variety of Microsoft products. You can check if Windows 10 Home is available on your school’s WebStore.

  1. Find Deep Discounts

Like I mentioned earlier, Microsoft sells its Windows 10 Home edition for over 200AUD. However, you can buy Windows 10 Home OS from other places where you can get discounts.

All Windows versions are sold for less at retailers and are considered the best place to buy windows 10 Home. Here with us at Softvire, Windows OS are sold with 10-20 percent discount. You will always find the best deals with us. The fact that we are certified Microsoft product dealers too should make you feel at ease that what you’re getting – although it’s cheaper than Microsoft’s price – is legit.

Other places you can buy more affordable Windows 10 Home are ecommerce sites like Amazon. Although they are not as cheap as the retailer prices, some vendors put their software on sale with a price tag lower than Microsoft’s.

when buying windows 10 os you have to be careful so you won't get scammed. choose the right sellerYou have to be careful when buying from ecommerce sites, though most especially when they do dropshipping. Be sure to read reviews before buying so you won’t get scammed.

  1. Use Volume Licensing

Microsoft sells volume licensing to large organizations which involves bulk distribution of the Enterprise Edition keys. The set price for this is usually much lower than a normal installation. You can try to negotiate from these orgs so you can buy copies under a volume deal as small as 5 computers. However, you have to call Microsoft’s volume licensing center to get the deal.

This won’t work for everyone but Microsoft set a low minimum organization size, meaning, most small businesses can qualify. You can reach out to them if you know an owner so you can get a copy. If you are employed, you can check if your IT offers discounted Microsoft programs to employees.

  1. Download Windows Enterprise Evaluation

If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft offers free evaluation copies of Windows Enterprise. This is for businesses who are seeking to switch to Windows or upgrade to newer OS versions. Currently, Enterprise evaluation is available for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. These versions can be obtained with just a Microsoft account.

However, each license is valid only for 90 days. When the evaluation period expires, your computer will begin to shut down automatically every hour. Hence, this isn’t really a good option.

  1. Buy Used Windows 10 Keys or Second Hand Computers

Remember how I discussed in one of my blogs about how you can create a media installer? If not, you can check my Windows 10 Installation Guide blog.

Some people make copies of Windows 10 installers on USBs so they can use it again later when they do a clean install on other PC. You can find deals online to see who’s selling their copies. But remember to proceed with caution. Read reviews and check to see if the seller is legit or can be trusted. If you are buying from ecommerce sites, you will see seller reviews.

Later, you can activate your OS with a genuine key. Now, keys are something you can’t make a copy of. I already discussed in a recent blog about why free Windows 10 keys won’t work. They will only work for 30 days and you will go back to being unlicensed.

Hence, it is always better to buy genuine keys from legit sellers like us at Softvire. Besides, great deals are always offered so you can score a legit key for less.

Alternatively, you can transfer your OS from your old PC to your new one. Giving this suggestion, you can also buy a used PC that’s running on Windows 10 Home. This isn’t really an affordable option but if you are to buy a second machine, then why not consider this option.

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 will remain expensive, most especially that it’s the last version of OS that Microsoft’s going to launch. Updates will be available but the tech giant said they’ll no longer release Windows 11 and so on. This means, if you won’t upgrade today, you will still be forced to do so in the future, most especially when you’re going to use your PC on some homework, thesis, or home-based job.

Remember, don’t always settle for what’s the cheapest , instead look for what’s legit. This will save you from spending more money for having to buy another Windows OS because you were scammed. Discounts are everywhere, you just have to find out the best place to buy cheap but legit Windows 10 Home.

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