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Best Computer Software for B2B and B2C Businesses in 2022



Finding the correct B2B software to fit your company’s unique requirements might be challenging in a sea of available B2B software. Even if you locate software that appears to be beneficial, you may be unsatisfied with it due to its difficulty of use (we’ve all been there). You’ll require software capable of adapting to evolving marketing and business best practices. We’ve produced a list of the top 11 business-to-business software products to assist you in 2022.

Before we go into our list of the top business-to-business and business-to-consumer software, let’s define business-to-business and business-to-consumer businesses:


Defining B2B Business

Business-to-business (B2B), sometimes abbreviated as B2B, refers to business transactions between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business transactions are those between businesses and those between businesses and individual clients. Contrary to business-to-business transactions, consumer-to-consumer (B2C) and government-to-government (B2G) transactions are distinct.

Businesses purchase components and goods such as raw materials for manufacturing activities, resulting in business-to-business transactions. After that, consumers can purchase finished goods through business-to-consumer interactions.

Business-to-business refers to bringing together individuals from various organizations for communication, such as through social media. The sharing of information between employees of two or more businesses is called B2B communication.


Defining B2C Businesses

Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing is selling products and services directly to the end-users of a business. B2C firms account for most businesses that sell directly to customers. During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, use the phrase “business-to-consumer” (B2C) to refer to online businesses that sold goods and services to clients via the Internet. Contrary to business-to-business (B2B) transactions, which include two or more businesses, business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions are separate from business-to-business (B2B) transactions.


Best Computer Software for B2B and B2C Businesses in 2022

Image Source HubSpot

It is a messaging automation platform that manages email, SMS, Slack, and push alerts. has you covered whether you need to re-engage, onboard, welcome, or nurture leads. Additionally, A/B testing programs are available to assist you in determining which strategies work best for your organization. They provide straightforward stats for each campaign, enabling you to ascertain your clients’ primary interests. Not to mention their exceptional technical support.



ProofHub is an all-in-one company management software solution that enables organizations to organize their work and keep it all in one location. It is a centralized platform that enables teams to cut through the noise and visually visualize their daily work in real-time.

The program is built around the idea of centralizing all of your project needs for ease of access. By replacing several apps with a single one, ProofHub reduces the need for various apps to share updates, collaborate, and handle assignments.

You can assign tasks to team members, monitor their progress as they complete them, and ping them as needed for updates. Using this application, you can rapidly plan the remainder of the week and take notes during meetings. It enables you to communicate with the entire company and send greetings to all employees. Additionally, team members can communicate in real-time via personal or group chat.

Managers and their subordinates can change the status of operations from “doing” to “done” after authorizing final adjustments to deliverables. Additionally, ProofHub enables you to manage and exchange files. Additionally, you may send a progress report to the customer to guarantee that all of your work is completed on time and in one area.


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I’m sure you’re familiar with HubSpot and its award-winning services by now. HubSpot offers several services to assist you in getting started with inbound marketing, including marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM). They offer a variety of choices to suit everyone’s needs, from tiny local enterprises to multinational corporations. For each of their services, you can choose from various pricing options (many of which include a free trial!). Suppose you have questions about any of their services. In that case, they have excellent support videos and blog pieces and free marketing training through the HubSpot Academy.



Hootsuite’s mission is to simplify client experiences through social media management. They enable you to create posts directly on their platform, provide input on enhancing the post, and then schedule the posts to appear at the most optimum times. Hootsuite is an excellent tool to employ if your business is time-constrained (and what business isn’t?). Hootsuite was voted second best marketing software for the spring of 2021 by G2 Crowd. Additionally, they offer outstanding training and workshops to guarantee that your employees get the most out of Hootsuite.



Piktochart is an infographic, presentation, and report creation tool. They are pretty simple to use, which is critical when selecting a creative platform. You can design from fresh or customize one of their numerous templates to meet your specific requirements. They provide a range of services, and Disney and Kraft have benefited from their software. They provide free and paid choices, so you should have no trouble finding anything that matches your needs. I saved a lot of time by using Piktochart instead of Photoshop!



Do you wish to communicate with a broader audience than your current followers? If you answered affirmatively, BuzzSumo might be the right tool for you. BuzzSumo is a brand discovery platform that leverages influencer marketing and high-quality content to help brands be discovered. While influencer marketing might be scary, BuzzSumo is one of the simplest ways to locate the most relevant individuals in your area quickly. Influencers can introduce your brand to thousands of people who would have never heard of it otherwise. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly significant component of B2B marketing, and BuzzSumo is an excellent place to start.



Flodesk is a rapidly developing email marketing tool for small businesses. Their emphasis is on design, enabling small business owners to send aesthetically appealing emails promoting their brand. Using an easy-to-use visual builder, Flodesk delivers workflows that enable clients to automate lead magnet delivery, welcome sequences, and other operations.


Visitor Queue

Finally, we’ve kept the best B2B software for last! Visitor Queue identifies clients who visit your website. Visitor Queue is the industry’s most user-friendly and cost-effective lead generation software (which means more sales for less money, hooray!). Find out who the anonymous firms are and who their top executives are. Use the email address, phone number, or LinkedIn connection supplied in your account to contact the workers.

At this time, all other lead generation software becomes dysfunctional. On the other side, Visitor Queue enables website customization, allowing corporations to visit your site with a personalized view of the page they land on. Customize your website by industry, size, geography, demographics, or company name. Please provide them with the information they’re looking for, such as use cases, case studies, testimonials, and pricing. Increase purchases, establish relationships and decrease bounce rates.

Additionally, we offer an unlimited amount of users, websites, filters, and customization options to aid you in creating the finest quality leads possible. Visitor Queue is also compatible with many of the other technologies described on this website. Begin your 14-day free trial today to discover how to help your organization grow its revenue.



Timecamp is a one-size-fits-all business management solution that contains a time tracking tool, productivity tracking, attendance tracking, and integrations. The software automatically maintains time for you, so you don’t have to waste time finding out how to do it manually. TimeCamp’s intuitive UI will quickly acclimate your employees.



Bitrix24 may be a good choice if you’re searching for a software solution that contains a comprehensive array of management, collaboration, and communication capabilities. It is a comprehensive business management system that manages tasks and projects, document management, and real-time communication capabilities such as video conferencing and group chat.



It is a web-based project management solution configured to accommodate various demands and work styles. Trello enables teams to customize its features to match their unique project management needs, from sales and marketing to human resources and software development. Trello’s over 100 connectors enable teams to quickly implement their ideas (including Google Drive, Slack, Jira, and more).



Favro is a collaboration and project management application that tries to keep teams on track. This software solution’s features and functionality are adaptable to any business or team. Favro is appropriate for any group, whether developers, marketers, or executives. Putting teams together in one location enhances flexibility and visibility across projects.



Connecteam is a well-known enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for large organizations and distributed teams. Managing your business operations has never been easier, thanks to access to advanced features at any time and from any location. Everything from time tracking to job scheduling, automated checklists and forms, one-on-one or group chat, surveys, digital training and onboarding, and efficient task management is available through a simple and intuitive interface.



StudioCloud has built a reputation for being a dependable business administration platform and company management solution. That means you can run your business from anywhere, at any time. So please have a look at this business tool designed to help you organize and streamline your life.


Atlassian JIRA

JIRA is a project management and workflow mapping solution ideal for software development teams of any size and industry. So Kanban boards, burnout charts, and project reporting tools are just a few of the critical aspects of this solution that assist teams throughout the development lifecycle. Additionally, it connects with a broad range of developer tools and is available for on-premises or cloud deployment.


To Conclude

The imperative of the hour is to streamline your daily obligations by using business management tools. A good business management software program can help you improve your skills while balancing your business processes. Modern project tools are a manager’s best friend when coping with project volatility. Everyone wants to grow their business and have happy staff, which can only be accomplished through effective management.

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