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Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender’s Internet Security product’s key features comprise of the 3Ps, as elaborated below;

  1. Protection:

Bitdefender Internet Security’s intelligent design delivers a complete protection of one’s data. It does that by using a technique called Behavioral Detection – that allows close monitoring of active apps so the moment it detects any suspicious activity, it instantly take advance threat defense action to prevent infections. It also prevents webcam leaks and thus protects privacy. It’s a great tool for detecting and blocking any anti-phishing and anti-fraud websites with their advanced filtering system thus providing a secure environment for internet browsing. It also comes with a rescue mode that prevents some lethal virus from infecting the system by rebooting the computer for clean-up and restoration process. It gives sophisticated multi-layer protection of one’s sensitive documents from ransomware attacks.

  1. Performance:

This innovative product is exclusively designed by keeping in mind the speed and performance enhancement needs of a system. Therefore, its global protective network allows heavy scanning of data in the cloud that having a zero impact on the system’s speed and performance. Another useful feature is the battery mode of Bitdefender Internet Security that saves battery life by temporarily modifying system’s settings.

  1. Privacy:

Among the many features that provide privacy, the most notable are SafePay, Parental Advisor, Privacy Firewall, Password Manager, Social Network Protection, and Quick Risk Checker. All these are excellent privacy tool – allowing safe online transactions, filter out inappropriate content and notify parents of their children’s activities. It also keeps one safe from malicious content by quickly scanning for vulnerabilities and will notify the user.