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Can Kaspersky Security Software Still Keep You Safe in 2021?

Can Kaspersky security software keep up with the current security demands and threats this 2021?

Kaspersky Anti-Virus has faced stiff competition in the cybersecurity industry over the past two decades. Despite numerous hiccups, it remains one of the best malware removal tools on the market. Kaspersky is not only light and user-friendly, but it also provides excellent protection against a wide range of online dangers.

When attempting to make your whole online experience safer, you need antivirus software that is both dependable and effective. Steer clear from those that overload your computer with fresh updates every day.

Fortunately, several alternatives are available for antivirus software. It ranges from entirely free ones to those that are quite costly and highly configurable. Likewise, Kaspersky would land somewhere in the center on all of these lists.

In addition, Kaspersky is presently one of the most widely used anti-viruses on the planet. We will give you a brief analysis of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, including its advantages and disadvantages, security features, plans, price, and more.

All right, let’s get this started.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Then, suddenly, everything about your operating system is messed up since you downloaded an unknown piece of software onto your computer and installed it. That’s right, congratulations. Malware and a virus message or warning have opened up on your computer’s screen.

The next step will be to locate a high-quality antivirus program that will eliminate all of the nonsense from your computer. As a result, you begin your search for the finest antivirus software available. And Kaspersky is one of the main ones on the list you will be reading. So let’s have a look at what Kaspersky has to offer in more detail.

Advantages of Kaspersky Security Software

Antivirus software, as we all know, is continuously being updated by the manufacturer. Because new dangers and viruses are constantly emerging, keeping up with the latest developments is necessary. And your anti-virus software must keep up with the latest information, detect it as a danger, and safeguard your machine from all of it.

Kaspersky performs admirably in this regard, updating virtually daily and regularly adding new threats to its threat database. One of the reasons why Kaspersky is an excellent choice as a security provider this 2021. What’s even great is that it accomplishes all of this while not influencing your system’s overall performance.

And if that isn’t enough for you, it also includes options for system optimisation built in to make things even better. Even though it is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, it is also packed with a highly strong TDSSKiller.

TDSSKillers are utterly another animal. You may even purchase them individually, and while not every antivirus program includes one, Kaspersky does so by default.

If you’re not acquainted with what a TDSSKiller is, it’s a piece of software that searches for and removes bootkits and rootkits from your system, which are pieces of software that a hacker may use to conceal malware or viruses from detection.

Before I go into the negatives, I’d want to point out that Kaspersky provides 24/7 customer assistance, which is not something you typically see with anti-virus businesses.



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Disadvantages of Kaspersky Security Software

One of my major issues with Kaspersky Total Security is prohibitively on the higher end than most other antivirus software, with annual subscriptions beginning at $15.20 (including GST).

They also offer a plan for 3 devices as part of their Total Security package, starting at $26.02 (including GST) per year. But we do admit that it is worth the investment. Another thing to note is that features are not available if you have an Apple computer because it is only accessible for Windows computers.

Finally, but certainly not least, there are the infamous 2017 allegations. According to a story published in “The Wall Street Journal” in early October of that year, the National Security Agency (NSA) utilised Kaspersky Lab software to obtain sensitive material from an NSA employee’s home computer.

Because Kaspersky Lab has been at the forefront of the battle against cyberespionage and cybercrime for more than two decades, the firm took the claims against it extremely seriously.

Kaspersky Lab launched an internal inquiry to gather information and resolve any issues, but the investigation yielded no conclusions. Because there is no evidence, there are individuals on both sides of the debate in this situation. However, all of this tarnished Kaspersky’s reputation and created questions about whether or not Kaspersky is a safe choice.


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Kaspersky Total Security


It’s Time to Get Into the Specifics

Now, the same set of features available to you will be significantly influenced by the pricing plan you choose. This strategy implies that it might include anything from basic virus and malware protection to a comprehensive suite with various extra features.

When we go through all of the plans below, we’ll equip you to understand the benefits you’ll get with each one. However, the following functionalities are present in all projects—basic security, which protects against viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software. System optimisation allows it to function at its peak performance without consuming excessive amounts of PC resources.

Privacy protections, such as those that prevent camera hijacking and phishing attempts, are essential. Financial encryption ensures that all of your online transactions are completed through a secure browser. There is no way for any personal information to be exposed because of the following features: content filter, GPS tracker, password security, and file backup.

Let’s Get Down to Business With the Plans

On this aspect is where Kaspersky becomes a little more challenging. The number of devices for each plan is not their only advantage in terms of price or feature. The Kaspersky Internet Security plan begins at $20.00 per year. The Total Security program starts at $15.20 and goes up from there. The Small Office Security plan, on the other hand, starts at $148.50 per year (for 10 devices) and goes up from there.

Increasing the number of PCs or gadgets you want to be protected will result in a higher cost. Although you may have only one device, you may require specific capabilities not included in a given plan, regardless of how many you have. Select the best choice for you.

Simple to Use and Set-Up

After all, Kaspersky Antivirus is quite simple to install, so that we won’t waste much time on it. Once you’ve chosen and paid for your plan, you’ll get an email with a download link that will allow you to access the installer file. There are a total of four screens to navigate through.

In addition to having the choice to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network, you also have the option to install the suggested configurations. And that’s all there is to it. Afterward, you may use the system optimization features. It ensures that your antivirus program runs in perfect sync with your computer.

If you don’t want to pay per device for Kaspersky Antivirus software, you can get the free version of the software through the mobile application. Whichever option you choose, you will receive standard antivirus software. However, let’s say you decide to pay the extra amount. Several other capabilities will be available to you in that scenario, as well. It includes phishing protection, which protects you against fraudulent websites and SMS links. Another capability you get is confidentiality, which allows you to safeguard your most critical applications with a secret code. In addition, it protects your calls, messages, and logs from prying eyes.



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Conclusion: Kaspersky is Still a Dependable Security Software

To summarise, Kaspersky is still a dependable security software. It can still enhance the efficiency of your computer this 2021 without overburdening it with needless updates.

Protect your surfing, shopping, conversations, and data across your PC, Mac, and Android devices, and benefit from award-winning antivirus as well as a suite of features designed to keep your private information and identity safe.

The package plan has several features, outstanding customer service, and a great mobile application; nevertheless, it is pretty expensive. So, is it worthwhile to invest in Kaspersky? For its dependability and reliability as a security provider for your devices, we strongly recommend Kaspersky Total Security. It has a wide range of services that it offers to ensure your protection. But ultimately, that is a decision that you must make.

Overall, it’s an excellent option for people who want simplicity, the convenience of use, and a few extra features to make their online experience safer than before. Please keep in mind that the pricing of this item is on the upper end of the spectrum of prices.

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