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8 Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Optimize Your Instagram for Business

8 Effective Lead Generation Strategies for 2021 With Instagram for Business

Instagram for business continues to grow to be one of the most prominent social media platforms on the planet. As of now, it has more than a billion monthly users from all around the world. This social media platform has become ingrained in many people’s daily routines, making it ideal for businesses to target their audience. Instagram marketing became one of the most important income streams for marketing campaigns in terms of sales.  Instagram, which debuted in 2010, was created [...]

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Strategies for Mobile App Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

Technology is always evolving, and so are Mobile App Marketing strategies. Practically everything has gone mobile in recent years. People are constantly on the move, and the convenience provided by mobile devices has led to an increase in their use. The rise of mobile phones has altered how technology affects people’s daily lives and their lifestyles. One sector that has grown in recent years as the mobile trend has shown no signs of slowing down is mobile app development. Knowing how [...]

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5 Amazing Facts of Modern Technology and Social Media in our Daily Lives

Technology has significantly made an impact on our lives by changing the very manner in which we operate in this modern world that sees no halt to technological advancement. It has changed the way we think, live, manage our affairs, and perform tasks more accurately and in lesser time. The most remarkable change is in how we communicate with each other. One of technology’s greatest boon, social media, has overtaken traditional methods of communication. A plethora of platforms where people [...]