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6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021 - Twitter

6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Content Writing in 2021Content Writing in 2021

Content marketing will continue to remain one of the strong pillars of success in the way businesses do lead generation and customer interaction.

If you have been a constant in the digital marketing scenario for the last few years, you would agree that boosting your content marketing efforts is key to your brand’s success.

It is crucial in the digital marketing world to keep learning and implementing the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition. It is also one of the only ways to stay relevant to your customers and target audience.

Currently, one of the major factors changing the content marketing game is the COVID-19 global crisis. More so, content strategies are crucial to make it relevant and engage your target audience during tough times.

Now, we did all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We asked several industry experts about the content marketing trends they think are the most promising. Based on the answers, we have compiled a list of content marketing trends for 2021.


Content Marketing Trends to Catch in 2021

1. Video Content is the MVP

Just as the title suggests, video content is one of the most impactful trends in the last five years. According to Cisco’s annual report, video content is stated to amount to an impressive 82% of total internet traffic. It is no less than a gold mine for digital marketers.

Additionally, if you consider a survey by Hubspot, more than 54% of users would like to see more content from their brands. We are not implying that you should neglect all other forms of content, but this does mean that videos must be the key to your strategy.

It is essential to use a range of video formats that suit your brand, industry and optimize them for every step in the user’s journey.

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Video-Marketing-HubspotSource: HubSpot


For instance, web users looking for self-learning will take advantage of explainer videos. Whereas users ready to buy should see product video comparison with link to concerning product pages.

In the end, your videos must be branded appropriately. You need to ensure that the videos display your brand and its tone of voice and morals. It will help create stunning video content in the overcrowded digital world.


2. Content Personalization

The idea of personalization has been there for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant anymore in the world of digital marketing. If you are looking to build profitable sales emails, educate the audience, and drive repeat customers, it is highly recommended to personalize your content.

However, in 2021, personalization goes way beyond calling the customer by their name in emails or live chat. In recent years, artificial intelligence has enabled better data analysis to provide personalized content to customers.

Artificial intelligence can help you choose the right email template for the individual and prepare a personalized content strategy. Additionally, you can use hyper-personalization to make each user see a customized version of your website based on their browsing history and recent activity. It will make a positive impact and boost customer experience.


3. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

While we are at it, it is essential to point out that Artificial Intelligence will also have a crucial role in content creation and delivery. Chatbots and AI are set to revamp content creation and delivery, especially communication with global target audiences. In essence, they will become intrinsic parts of the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence will also regularly evolve and assist marketers in building focused and quality content. If nothing else, AI-powered solutions can boost the content creation process by providing data and authority to everything written by marketers.

It is an interesting point to note that chatbots are becoming increasingly intelligent by the day. They are used to deliver relevant content and support marketing communications more effectively.

 And whenever you are using AI-powered tools and apps, make sure you have cloud storage solutions that can store all the big data you collect and need to access securely.

Acronis Cloud Storage is perfect for B2B and B2C companies and Micro-SaaS companies in the new normal economy with a high demand for advanced tools and solutions as most operations are either online or remote.


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4. Augmented Reality & Marketing

Augmented reality has transformed from a marketing tactic in the initial days to an evolved inbound marketing tool for leading brands. As mobile apps are increasingly popular, it is best to combine them to create an enriching experience for end-users.

It is easy to blend content marketing and augmented reality to drive people to your retail outlet, create an interactive experience on your website, and boost your eCommerce sales.

You can combine augmented reality and content marketing together to direct users to your store, create a more engaging experience on your website and enhance your eCommerce success now that augmented reality allows users to try on products digitally.


5. Concise Content Strategy

6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021 - Twitter Quote

The average number of words per blog post has increased significantly, whereas the world’s attention span is decreasing. We agree that longer content performs well as far as SEO is concerned, however even if the page ranks on the first page of Google, will the users have enough patience to read it?

This content may be essential to get your message across, but you cannot expect large content to be the right fit for each user, especially the audience connecting with you on social media.

A clear, concise content strategy works well for millennials, the generation with the most active buyers. It is a known fact that millennials prefer videos and infographics over reading a 2000 word blog post. These formats are exciting, creative and tell a compelling story that encourages action.

The best possible way to leverage this trend is to include more informational videos and infographics on social media targeting the younger generation. You can also repurpose some of your favorably viewed blogs, e-books, and the like, as an inspiration for future content.


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6. Diversification of Content for a Diverse Audience

Users will get bored and steer away from your brand if you only post one type of content. That is not how things work these days. Instead, your site’s general expectation is to use various media types, whether infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.

It means that you need to broaden your skillset, but there are some advantages to that too. If you diversify the way to present your content, you will spend less time creating new content.

More often than not, you can reuse one content that is successful on one platform on other platforms by making some changes to the format.

The reason this works exceptionally well is that most digital users have their desirable way to consume content. They might like videos, audio, or plain text offered as a blog. It means that they will organically select themselves into these particular groups. Also, they won’t notice that they have seen this content before.

Even users who notice won’t mind much. It simply shows them that you have got novel ideas and presented the content in a new way.


Wrapping Up: Great Content Boosts Your SEO

Content marketing is continuously evolving, and new trends are emerging all the time. Now, content marketing includes much more than just great articles and creative infographics. Content also needs to boost your SEO ranking and convert readers to customers.

For this reason, getting trusted tools for CMS or Content Management System is also important and optimizes different marketing strategies to maximize impressions and conversions from every content you create.

Take your brand forward in 2021. Try the trends in this article to build a robust content marketing strategy and increase your marketing ROI.

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