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Digital Technology and Society - 7 Effects on Information Communication and Mass Media

Digitech & Society: 7 Effects on Information, Communication, Mass Media

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Digitech, or digital technology, continues to produce massive innovations for society’s greater convenience, rightfully so, because society gives meaning to technology.

Technology is and should always be at a man’s disposal. Society gives purpose to technology. The very definition of technology is scientific knowledge applied practically. If no one is using technology, or applying it, then it defeats its purpose.

Even digital technology is to make people’s tasks easier and more precise. Non-digital technologies produce machinery and equipment for industry, commercial, and home use.

In the same way, digital technologies produce software and other digital products for the same target markets.

The future still carries inexhaustible opportunities for development, including the area of DigiTech.

In fact, the global digital transformation market revenue will continue to increase. By 2023, investments in Digitech shall reach around 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars.

Since the first computer in 1946, ENIAC, the digital revolution in our society continues to strengthen. The world is now more connected through the Internet, and information is easily within reach through the web.

Mass media is also forever changed by digital platforms that pave the way for real-time news gathering and dissemination and other innovations. 

As we dive further into the 21st century, Digitech will improve more to benefit the society it serves. Let us look at some of its most significant impacts on information, communication, and mass media. 

7 Effects of Digitech on Information, Communication, and Mass Media: 

1. Internet

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In 1989, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web to enable the exchange of knowledge via a hypertext system. By 1995, the first supercomputer is developed, capable of doing as much work in a second as a single-person calculator can do in 30 years. 

The Internet has brought people new ways to interact, learn, and enjoy the world in new, meaningful ways. It also opens possibilities for computer networks to connect better, giving people access to a greater wealth of information.

By 2010, almost half the world’s population had Internet access. It was a major leap from the 6% number recorded in 2000.  We now enjoy emails, social networks, newsgroups, and video transmission systems of varying capacities because of the Internet.  

However, the Internet is also constantly under attack by hackers and other cybercriminals because of its vulnerabilities. Privacy breaches and all forms of malware continue to plague so many, even big-named IT companies. 

Today, cybersecurity is everybody’s business, even ordinary internet users. We all need to be aware of cybersecurity threats and trends to remain secured as we surf through the Internet.

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2. Big Data

The 20th century saw the US government’s first efforts in developing big data. Under President Roosevelt, the US hired IBM to record Social Security contributions by 26 million people and three million employees. 

In 1943, Colossus was decoding the secret communications of Nazis during the Second World War. After the Cold War, the National Security Agency ( NSA) hired thousands of surveillance cryptologists.

The US government built its first data center in 1965 to store a single site, more than 742 million tax returns, and 175 million fingerprints. This program jolted the electronic data storage revolution to life.

Today, industries and businesses use massive and robust data centers. These data centers are used because of data pooling, AI monitoring, machine learning, archiving, and the like. 

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3. Communication

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Portable cellular communications came to be after the invention of microchips. It increased man’s capacity to communicate via technology in unprecedented ways.

For one, we can now communicate with anyone from any other country in the world in real-time through our mobile phones.

But never having to unplug from the digital world both come as a blessing and a curse. If we are not disciplined to manage our time well, our work-life balance is put in jeopardy.

We must learn how to use technology to our advantage and not be a slave to it.

But then again, the benefits of digital connectivity outweighs its dangers. Remote working, for instance, is now possible because we have the technology that makes it possible.

As with any technology, we need to watch how we use technology to make our lives easier, and not the opposite.

Avoid digital stress by allotting time for all things that matter to you, and having moments during the day to unplug, rest, and regain your strength.

4. Email (Electronic Mail)

Today, e-mail or e-mail is the most popular Internet service. E-mail is the preferred communication method for digitally sending, receiving, and storing messages.

The Internet manages about 247 billion emails every day. Even in digital marketing, considering the prevalence of social media advertising and other marketing tools, email remains the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy.

5. Digital Media

The Internet has redefined mainstream media and has reinvented it. Networks are now making use of all platforms and tools for broadcasting, and the Internet enables mass media to be digital format and further enhances information dissemination.

As a result, content is now available on-demand from a vast array of interconnected channels and platforms. Digitech makes content creation easier and more accessible, even to regular media consumers.

Streaming channels like  Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime now outperform cable providers in subscribers as of today, and other streaming services are in a close second.

6. Social Networks

Social media is taking the world by storm and continues to revolutionize the way we communicate, package information for the public, and even the way we promote brands.

This digital technology-produced platform makes it easy to connect with family, friends, and anyone anywhere in the world. We use it to stay connected to communities or build our own.

Now, you can find a group or community for every interest or hobby under the sun. 

Social media is also the new town square where people can voice their concerns; authorities can echo important information and “gather” to call for changes.

Social networks have made it easier for people to create content. Anybody can create content now become “viral” all across the internet. User-generated content is more popular than ever.

The downside is that everybody can be identified and reached. With the growing number of minors on social media apps, those with malicious intent can locate their prey more quickly.

Cyberbullying is also rampant, and fake news is “selling” like hot cakes on social media.  People are carelessly sharing information without verifying them, thus worsening the spread of misinformation. 

All of us must follow stricter measures to ensure healthy and safe social media networks.

7. Digitech Creates a Global Culture

The Internet can move people, persuade them to think differently, and either help or destroy society’s cohesiveness. Rapid sharing of trends is now possible, and it is easy to exchange critical information with millions of users worldwide instantly.

Moreover, unknown content creators can market their work independently and at lesser costs. It includes local artists, musicians, authors, and more. Some have even gained worldwide success just through social media. Such power into our hands! We need to be careful then. Before we click, we need to be cautious about our safety and security and be tactful with what we do online.

In this global culture, there is an inflow of user-created content. Nevertheless, like every other group, rules and filters for the quality and protection of the material come out, they need to be set up.

Any society built without rules and boundaries would end up becoming unstable and self-destructing eventually. However, as countries in the developed world still do not have access to the Internet, not everybody will enter this global community. There is political influence over the Internet in some countries. The government censors the Internet and limits access, stopping individuals and companies from leveraging its global potential.

Conclusion: Digitech Excludes No One

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Digital innovations have evolved quicker and more profoundly, transforming societies than any other technology in our history. No system is flawless, and when it comes to new technologies, we have had some hits and misses along the way.

Malicious organizations may also exploit technology if it is intended to serve the greatest good. At the end of the day, it is us – the target of these innovations.

Finally, the international community must now cooperate to make the digital world safer and stronger. Any development is not without the human aspect of real relationships and interaction, empathy, and trust in humanity, wherever all this digital development takes us.

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