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How Mobile Search will Redefine the Future of Mobile Apps

How Mobile Search will Redefine the Future of Mobile Apps

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Mobile apps usage may seem to be at its high level, but it is expected to even grow more in the future. A report by Cisco predicted that there would be around 1.5 mobile devices for every person in the world until 2020. This mobile trend is popularly known as the mobile revolution trend.

But did you know how mobile search, SEO, along with keyword research, content creation, device training, and much more plays a vital role? It has a significant impact, and if you aim to stay ahead of the game, then make sure to look into current mobile trends and pay attention to mobile searches.

mobile apps

Source: Cisco Annual Internet Report, 2018-2023

The total number of internet users is increasing steadily in recent years. It has grown from 3.9 billion during 2018 and predicted to increase up to 5.3 billion in 2023, while the CAGR is estimated to be around 6%. In terms of the global population, it represents around 51% in 2018 and 66% by 2023. Rising use of the internet has boosted mobile searches to a great extent. Explore to know how mobile search is redefining the future of mobile apps and how.

Explore Various Changes and Trends Redefining the Future of Mobile Apps

With more than 1 billion smartphones globally, it is estimated that around 179 billion mobile apps are downloaded per year. The mobile app development sector is one of the growing sectors.

Google apps, social media apps, gaming, and many other apps arguably dominate the mobile app market. Most of the business giants are making use of a mobile app for branding purposes, while others are making use of it to increase their business sales, improve customer engagement, direct marketing, etc.

All sizes of businesses are following the mobile trend to stay competitive in today’s course. They are crafting an effective mobile strategy to improve their business presence, but they need to understand that it’s just not enough in today’s competitive business market. They must learn to know how changing needs and mobile searches are redefining the future of mobile apps.

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Every one of us might be aware of one of the well-known terms “mobile-first.” It refers to designing and developing a mobile app first. It is vital that the mobile version should look and feel the same on almost all platforms, including mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc.

Thus, while crafting the mobile app, any of the individuals must ask developers to put extra focus on creating an excellent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that does not alienate mobile users. Most of the users love to make use of the mobile-friendly website and app these days and avoid such apps which do not perform well on their devices.

Increasing Craze of Localized Mobile Searches

According to Google, around one-third of mobile searches is a local query. It shows that the craze of mobile searches is increasing with each passing day. Now people search for local businesses, thus it becomes vital for businesses to focus on enhancing location-specific searches by planning an effective strategy. Pay attention in a few ways like:

  • Listing your brand in local directories.
  • Improve local customer reviews.
  • Stay updated with business name, address, contact number across all the websites and listings.
  • Use hyperlocal keywords helping you to rank locally.
  • Consider inbound links from local blogs, websites, and publications.

Increasing Use of Voice Search

mobile apps


Due to the advent and use of smart speakers, voice search is increasing rapidly. It has become a common and highly relevant medium of mobile searches for exploring different types of content and queries.

Voice search is leveraging its highest ever traction principally as it saves huge time for any of the individuals. In a report, it was found that more than half of the content will be searched using a voice search by 2020. As more and more people prefer mobile searches, it becomes vital for businesses to pay attention to the trend. They must focus on keywords and search strategies that can help increase their business reach and expansion.

Visual Searches

Another type of mobile search that has gained popularity among users is visual search. It’s quickly emerging as a way of conducting searches. Now, most of the people prefer to make queries using visual search. Its function is powered by advanced image recognition technology such as Google Lens, which can help in grabbing an image from the environment and search for the same on the web. When searching for products, visual search is the best option, as it is the most useful, efficient, and time-saving way to help individuals find the content quickly.

Natural Language Queries

Google has stepped ahead to interpret natural language queries. Since the introduction of natural language and Knowledge Graph in 2012, Google has handled everything from single-word queries to longer and more intuitive queries placed by the searchers on the web.

Google has recently upped its game, announcing an enhancement ability to deal with complex natural language queries. It means anyone can ask more complicated questions, relying on Google’s algorithm to more accurately interpret the meaning behind the queries.

  • Explore the following example to understand it efficiently.
  • Time-Based Queries: “What is the population of Singapore in 2001?”
  • Questions for Superlatives: “Who is a talented Cricket player?”
  • Complex Question-Combinations: “Which are movies of Seth Gabel’s father-in-law?”

Thus, it is quite clear that mobile search has become far sophisticated. These changes that occurred can benefit both businesses, as well as users who are searching for a particular thing on the web. Businesses have to pay attention to relevant keywords which most of the users are using when searching online.

Mobile Apps Overtaking Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile apps have gained huge popularity in recent years, thus most businesses are considering to craft an excellent solution like Spotify clone script or any other advanced solution suiting their business. In addition, it provides digital access to users’ over content and functionalities. It has surpassed web browsers in terms of user engagement, business conversion, accessibility, and much more.

mobile apps


Report by Flurry shows that a whopping 90% of digital time is spent on mobile apps while only 10% of their time is spent on the browsers. Thus most of the mobile app marketing is focusing on content creation for mobile websites as well as mobile apps.

Future of Mobile Apps Correlated with Mobile Searches!

The Mobile era is changing continuously, and mobile searches are becoming more powerful due to new search functions and methods. People these days are spending more time searching through mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Thus, businesses have to make sure to have their presence on mobile devices by seeking the help of mobile app developers and marketing companies.

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