how mobile technoogy benefits businesses today

How Mobile Technology Benefits Businesses Today

Mobile technology has been advancing at a very fast pace. Smartphones have become mainstream and many consumers use mobile phones to view product reviews, make price comparisons, and find information about products while they are shopping in-store. With consumers increasingly using technology on the go, a company’s Digital Marketing Strategy must be designed to take full advantage of this consumer trend.

In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits your business can enjoy from employing mobile technology-based marketing strategies.

  1. Mobile Optimization Increases Your Business Reach

With an increasing percentage of consumers using the Internet on the go, having a mobile version of a website helps a business reach out to consumers across all devices connected to the Internet. To ensure that customers and potential customers instantly land on the mobile version of the site when they are using their mobile devices, businesses must ensure their sites are mobile friendly.

Having a mobile website also helps in the search engine optimization (SEO) of sites; as multiple pages index to the main website, the main website’s organic ranking increases. In order to obtain this level of optimization on mobile sites, the team must understand the features and constraints of smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices, and design and develop their sites accordingly.

  1. Mobile device Applications (Apps)

In the age of mobile phones, Apps have become a convenient way to connect with online services and brands. Hence, despite being slightly expensive than mobile phone specific websites, mobile applications present the business with an opportunity to build and maintain a long relationship with their consumers as the App remains in the consumer’s phone.

In addition, Mobile phone applications offer a platform that enables the business to share information that may have failed to display in websites. Therefore, the advancement in the use of mobile applications as shifted the trends of the digital market with most businesses capitalizing on building user-friendly applications for their target audience to create better business-consumer relations.

Of importance, is that the impact of mobile phones on digital marketing stems from the fact that mobile applications serve as a tool that offers more to the consumer than mere website, thus creating a longer brand engagement. Finally, when created properly, Apps can create referral traffic for a business website, thus marketing the business to the target population.

  1. Mobile Ecommerce Boosts User Experience

In the last few years, mobile devices were not associated with eCommerce since the device’s limitations prevented online shopping to take place. However, with digital advancement, Smartphones accommodate mobile technologies that make it possible for users to their devices when shopping.

Hence, with a large number of mobile users globally, digital marketing has shifted to mobile-related marketing campaigns since unlike before, mobile phones offer a large number of consumers to use their devices to research products and then make transactions. In summation, most businesses have adopted mobile phone-based marketing by incorporating apps save users and offer purchasing services as a strategy to optimize mobile phone eCommerce.

  1. Mobile phones have changed Email-based marketing

Email marketing has always been a revolutionary digital marketing procedure that promoted services and products to consumers. Email marketing allows business owners to have a customized connection with their leads and existing customers by sending them free ebooks that carry relevant topics and irresistible offers. Different marketing research has proven this strategy effective that’s why more and more sellers are even investing in the best pdf editors for 2021 to craft the best-looking ebook for their buyers.

Apparently, the power of email marketing arises from the fact that emails make it possible for individuals to send instant messages and track the response from consumers.

Before, the extensive use of mobile devices in business environments most business relayed on computers as a strategy to send emails. However, mobile phones have changed this reality by offering advanced technologies such as push email that notifies one when a new message pops in. In addition, mobile phones offer HTML email support thus redefining email marketing and promoting digital marketing.

  1. Mobile Phone advancement Increased Social Networking

Over the years, the number of people in social networks such as Facebook has increased gradually. Hence, social network operators created new ways through which businesses can communicate with their consumers. The age of digital expansion has made it possible for consumers to follow their favorite companies on social and offer their feedbacks on various products.

The introduction of mobile phones has increased social networking since in these devices many social platforms are in the device which makes them easily accessible to the consumer. Although social networking has its advantages and disadvantages, it helps promote a business progress and growth in the sense that it allows consumers to give their comment on products offered by the business.

Both negative and positive comments become important in the sense that they help the company realize what it is doing right and what it is doing wrong. Overall, mobile phones have made it possible for people to become more involved in their favorite brand’s development through social networks. Similarly, mobile phones have made it possible for the business to fast-track consumer comments on the certain product making it possible for the company to make the necessary changes.

  1. Mobile Phones are Easier and More Convenient to Use for Both Sellers and Buyers

Millions of people know how to use a phone enough to place an ad or just to catch someone’s attention. Even keeping the ad basic and simple can help it convert across various mobile platforms, including tablets and laptops. Most ads can be made by a few clicks of a button to reach thousands of customers.

Also, today, mobile phones have become one of the most convenient tools in modern-day shopping. Everything can go on it now from the credit cards you forgot in the car to the coupons left on the counter. Forgot where a product was sold at? The Internet on your phone can let you know. With so much information on it, it’s becoming more convenient for a potential customer to find and buy your product there.

And those are not all the benefits you get from using mobile tech in your business. Here are some more advantages you may want to know about.

Other Minor But Noteworthy Benefits

  1. Tracking User Response

Mobile marketing can also track user responses easily. You can instantly look up product reviews or see how many people have seen your new ad to debate whether it was effective or not. You can even track how many people went to a certain website page and how long they stayed on that page.

  1. Huge Viral Potential

When a post goes viral, it’s like a chain reaction. If a person shares the post with even just ten people, those ten people may also share it with another ten people until thousands know about it. With mobile marketing, it’s easy to share content that has the potential to go viral.

  1. Mass Communication Made Easy

Since so many people use phones, mobile marketing benefits sellers by providing several ways to reach their leads and existing customers They can communicate through social media, texting, notifications, and more. This lets a more diverse audience know about the product you’re selling or advertising.


In conclusion, mobile phones have created a more profound opportunity for companies to expose their brands to the consumer despite their location. The new and improved mobile-based marketing approaches have created lucrative opportunities for businesses to gain profit through increased sales thus promoting digital marketing.

With the introduction of mobile phones, digital marketing is no longer about emails and website optimization. Mobile phones create a new and improved way for the business to meet consumers online and gather enough information to facilitate personalized products that serve the needs of the consumer. In summation, mobile phones promote digital marketing in a manner that capitalizes on consumers and their interaction with mobile devices.

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