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How to Become a Freelance Web Designer with No Experience

How to Become a Freelance Web Designer with No Experience

Freelance Web designer

There is no doubt about the fact that web designing is a highly lucrative business. We must know that all tasks linked to development, programming, and designing are incredibly profitable, especially in the current times. Most importantly, when it comes to freelancing, people these days can expect a plethora of benefits.

Freelancing is a modern way of working that allows you to work flexibly at your own pace and time. You can choose to engage in projects that genuinely interest you. If you are thinking of becoming a freelance web designer, then there is a lot of scope for you. You can even come across an eCommerce Development Company that allows employees to work on a freelance basis.

Steps To Follow in Becoming a Web Design Freelancer:

  • Discovering Your Niche

First & foremost, if you think about freelance web design, you need to think of doing something that the rest of the crowd does not do. To update your skills, enrolling in a sound web development course is paramount. The next step is discovering a niche you are passionate about & emphasizing your expertise. You might want to become a programmer with knowledge about everything, but you can increase your value if you become an expert just in a few things. You can promote your skills much more quickly on your quest to learn how to freelance web design if you focus only on a particular area. You need to know what is trending in the current market.

The three hottest programming languages that you can learn are:

  1. Swift – It’s Apple’s programming language for Cocoa Touch & Cocoa, mainly designed for iOS development. It comes with concise syntax and has very rapid application operations.
  2. js – those who want to work in eCommerce web development company need to know this important programming language. This platform is developed on the JavaScript runtime of Chrome for developing scalable & fast network applications.
  3. Ruby on Rails – This web application framework is an open-source one that runs through Ruby programming language. If you are thinking of building a startup, learning this language can benefit you in innumerable ways.
  • Initiate building Everything & Anything

Now that you know what your niche is and have also researched about freelance web designer rates, you already know how lucrative freelance web designers are. The next thing that you need to do is start building.

Begin with crafting the portfolio website. It’s an essential part as this is the website that you will amend, update & develop continuously for your whole career. It is the very first reference that you can present to your potential clients. You must remember that your objective is to be easily discovered, easy to keep in mind, and impressive to know.

After publishing your CV, focus on building your ideas. Now is the opportunity for you to improve your very own personal brand by:

  1. Displaying the technical chops
  2. Practicing the niche skill

You must see your portfolio as your shop window. The collection and the contents in it must symbolize your finest work.

  • Develop a Personal Brand

Want to bag the best freelance web design contract in the next season? If yes, then you need to know how to “hustle.” That is the only way you can enjoy the freelance lifestyle. As a sound freelance web designer, you can get numerous hands-on opportunities for making a name, and there is no requirement of spending money as well. You can connect with more people in these ways:

  1. By displaying all your valuable work
  2. Blogging & teaching like a professional
  3. Building a robust network

One pro tip that must always be kept in mind – Interact with people; offline as well as online

The Internet is the most valuable resource you will find in today’s world. If you want to become a well-known freelance web designer Chicago, you better not miss out on learning about a few great websites. These are:

  1. YouTube – you can craft online tutorials & later upload them. The tutorials must contain How to titles that are personal & also watchable.
  2. Twitter – you can create your Twitter following as you tweet about all trending news that lies under your niche. It’s fantastic for networking purposes.
  3. Quora – you will know about the people who are showing interest in your niche and also offer answers to various questions posed by those users.

Lastly, for brand development, you need to get familiar with teaching. A wide array of opportunities are available these days all over the web for writing, mentoring, and building in your specific niche.

  • Becoming well-thought-out and pre-arranged – If you thought of becoming a freelance web designer, then it is not enough to just be familiar with coding. You must be able to operate like a project manager, the chief of customer care as well as a salesperson. Most probably, you will find yourself with no experience in all these areas, but the fact that these are vital for the success of your career can also never be denied. It also means that getting organized is the new cool.

Make proper use of project management tools:

  1. Asana – When your business requires you to operate with others & also need to allocate tasks or work in partnership, this is the tool you need to employ.
  2. BillingsPro – This is best for invoicing & project management.
  3. Hubstaff – This is an Asana integration & you can easily track your productivity & time with this tool. You can even bill customers accordingly.
  4. Quoteroller – Fabricating & sending expert proposals to customers in just a few minutes never got easier before. But with Quoteroller, it not only saves your time but is an efficient tool as well. You can engage in charting the performance of your proposal & you can also track the time when the client opened it.
  5. Google – you will find countless management applications and a wide array of calendars.


Wrapping up

Becoming an excellent and sought-after freelance web designer takes precision and hard work. However, the rewards that you will attain from the freelance lifestyle will overshadow all the hard work you have to make. It is crucial to building your reputation as a dependable, honest, and hard-working web developer. Treat each client the same way, whether the project is big or small. Say no to shortcuts and never rush any project. Be focused and do one thing at a time, and lastly, keep on developing your skills, because the enemy of progress is complacency.

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