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How To Boost Your Website Ranking

How To Boost Your Website Ranking

In this modern era, the internet is a platform where everyone can search for everything. There is an unlimited number of websites that provide useful information. The best among all these websites is one that has the best quality content. Here the question arises, how can you boost your website ranking?


The answer is that search engines will rank those websites which have good quality plus plagiarism-free content. Good content will gain traffic and would rate the site on the top of SERPs.


Possible factors that affect the position of a website ranking


There are billions of Google searches per day. If you want to get traffic on your website, you should follow some ways to boost the website’s ranking to reach the maximum audience. Following are the ways to improve the ranking of your website:


  • Create quality content


Writing unique and quality content is the best choice everyone should make. Content is the soul of a website. The search engine supports unique content. Original, unique, and relevant content will help to attract people. Content that is copied from other sources is at a high risk of being penalized by Google. Search engines give great exposure to those content that is unique and of good quality and structure.


  • Use of primary keywords


The use of main or primary keywords helps to rank the website. Quality content with useful and relevant keywords is the best combination. Potential traffic uses keywords to search for their queries. The best keyword choice depends on their search volume and competition. Specificity, long-tail phrases are the essential elements of content.


You can efficiently utilize the online keyword suggestion/finder tools and get keywords for use in the content. Title, anchor text, subheadings, and meta-data are the right place to use primary keywords.


  • Add images for better understanding.


People like to do work without effort. Adding images in the content is amazingly effective in communicating with everyone. People will see the image and understand ‘the purpose of content”. Written text is not only the way to share the message. Graphics, diagrams, images, and more, explain the difficult concept with a visual aid. As it is effortless, people are more interested in them.


Some users understand the concept through reading, while on the other hand, others will get a better understanding with the help of images, so you should add a combination of both of them. Photos should not be copied from any other site. Many copyright checkers can detect duplicate photos. To get royalty-free photos, you can search by image or create yourself using design tools like CorelDraw Graphics Suite.


  • Check Plagiarism


Plagiarism is a massive turn-off for many search engines. Content having plagiarism never ranks on the search engines. To rank your site on the top and make your content better, you have to utilize a plagiarism checker to purify your content before publishing it. Human beings cannot test their content by themselves because they will take it hard to check plagiarism around billions of websites.


Many copyright checker tools can rewrite the plagiarized content automatically. A similarity checker by Plagiarismdetector is one of the best online website tools, which is helpful and free to use. It would help if you tried it to screen out all sorts of plagiarism. The website will be marked as blacklisted by the search engine if it provides copied material regularly. To prevent these problems, one should check plagiarism with any plagiarism checker software.

There are four steps to check plagiarism with the help of PlagiarismDetector:


  • Open this free Plagiarism Checker by navigating to
  • Upload the file or copy-paste the URL.
  • Press the “check plagiarism” button.
  • After a few seconds of process, one can get the report for plagiarism.


  • Add backlinks


Backlink provides a significant role in ranking a website as it can bring traffic from different sites ranked on the search engines. A backlink is a connection of one website with another website. If your site is linked to well-structured, better, and has unique content checked with a plagiarism detector, you can quickly boost the SERPs’ ranking position. You can get assistance from the modern backlink checker tools for getting high authority links.


  • Update content regularly


Updating content is also the best way to rank a website. Producing engaging content is very useful, but it is not an easy task for every writer. Updating the old content is more comfortable and less time-consuming than creating a new one. Content should be SEO-friendly, and you can easily update the old and optimize it as per user requirements. You can use online rephrase tools for this purpose.


  • Improve your webpage loading speed


Your webpage loading time is crucial for the following few reasons:

  • Google will identify the low-speed website and harm their rankings.
  • The audience also feels terrible when they have to wait to view the loaded results.
  • These negative interactions can hurt your website’s rank on search engine result pages.


The visitors leave reading those webpages and web design that take more than 3 seconds to load. It can kill the traffic to your website. But the people will like to read your content and visit your site regularly if it loads quickly. You can also analyze the speed of your domain with the assistance of online speed analyzer tools.


  • Break up your text with header tags

Headings will work differently to optimize the user experience on your webpage.  These can break up the content and make it feasible to read it with ease. Header tags make your site more appealing, which will be more useful for high rank. The people will not be attracted to your platform if it is just a wall of text.


  • Make sure your content is readable.


Keep your targeted audience in your mind while writing up content for them. You must speak in terms the readers may understand without any hassle. The viewers will view your site repeatedly and spend more time with you if you write. You may employ such tools that can suggest alternative but easy words to make your content readable.


  • Optimize your website for mobile devices


Now the people have left using a desktop computer and are encouraged to consult with websites using their handy devices. Over 60% of users search for any information from Google using their tablets or Android. Then the search engines check the websites thoroughly and rank them accordingly. Unfortunately, your search engine optimization ranking will suffer if your site is not mobile-friendly.


  • Properly format your page


The format of your web page must be neat, organized, and straightforward. Font size and typography are the main elements that can ping the readers to read your content. You can give an eye-catching look to your text if you use a bold font, colored text, and italic sparingly. The visitors will quickly scan through your text if you have used bullet points and checklists. Too many images, colors, advertisements, and text blocks may make the readers bored, so format your web page carefully.


  • Write click-worthy titles and descriptions


Keep in mind that the title must have 65 characters if you write to get a high rank from search engines. Try to keep the headline short because Google will save the essential part and cut off the rest.




If you follow the simple tricks that we have listed above, you can easily create better-ranking content. We would suggest you take help from third-party website tools like plagiarism checkers so that you can quickly speed up the optimization process.



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