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TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v11

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    TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12 (ESD)

    TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12
    TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12
    4.00 out of 5

    TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12 (ESD)


    TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D delivers easy to use 2D drafting and design tools typically found in professional level CAD programs. Created with the simple user interface every Mac user demands, TurboCAD Mac makes it easy to produce anything from simple sketches to production ready drawings.

    TurboCAD MAC Designer 2D v12 Product Highlights:

    • Thirteen Geometric Constraints
    • Dimension Constraints
    • Variable and Equations
    • Constraint Animation
    • Auto Constrain
    • Animate Dimension and Constraints.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • For Mac OSX/ OS only.
    • This supports 1 Mac device only.
    • This is a one-time purchase product and doesn’t need renewal.
    $95.95 Incl GST
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