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Employee Monitoring Software: How to Introduce it to Employees

Employee Monitoring Software_How to Introduce it to Employees, Softvire Australia

Employee Monitoring Software: How to Introduce it to Employees

Employee monitoring software may be necessary, especially these days that distributed work dynamics are in place. However, even before you get one and implement it, you should inform your employees about it.

Employees may not expect monitoring and stringent surveillance in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is something that you usually encounter in big companies or businesses. However, even SMEs need employee monitoring to ensure utmost company-standard efficiency.

Leveraging software to boost business is a great strategy for SMEs to compete and operate at global standards.

Why Get an Employee Monitoring Software?

It may seem distrustful to implement employee monitoring software, especially if your employees have worked without one. But with proper communication, you can assure your employees you are not coming from a place of mistrust but in pursuit of excellence and the team’s best possible efficiency.

Employee monitoring software also protects your employees, especially those working in teams. It ensures that everyone in the team is carrying their weight, and if there is any inefficiency, to reassign employees where they can be most effective.

Employers’ biggest assurance is to identify employees not doing their jobs and implementing the next courses of action, like retraining, reshuffling, or possible termination.

It is better to weed out your pool of employees than have people in your team that does not value your business and the values you have. In this new normal economy, where every effort must count to keep businesses thriving, bad employee performance has no place.

How to Introduce and Implement Monitoring Software

Even before getting an employee monitoring app, introduce it to your team members. Set a policy, create the rules, and tell them what that app can do.

Setting a policy and defining the rules can make it easier for everyone. Also, some people are much concerned about their privacy. When you tell them the specific parameters of what you will monitor, it may certainly relax their minds.

For instance, you can indicate you monitor for timekeeping purposes or accountability on their use of devices. You can get monitoring software for those with company access to physical servers and cloud storage that contain the companies most sensitive data.

For example, Acronis Cloud Storage security features include intrusion detection for different cyberattacks and data breach attempts. It also has an audit log system to log all events, network traffic, user actions, and any modifications to ensure strict security compliance requirements.

From storage to software to security, cloud services are surpassing most of technology. Many businesses relying more and more on comprehensive cloud services with their IT infrastructure

Whatever you are monitoring, make sure it is crystal clear to your employees, written in black and white, and does not violate privacy laws.

Proper Introduction

Informing the employees before applying an android monitoring app must be a standard. Your intentions will be transparent and minimize issues among employees. It avoids possible disputes, tensions, and even a break in the workflow.

Some employers try to be transparent and clear with their intentions before utilizing apps like TheOneSpy or other solutions. But some employees may not understand their intentions if communication is unclear.

It is normal for some employees to probably feel the employer is trying to peek inside their private life. Again, if parameters are clear, it will ease the minds of employees.

A Common Reason to Disagree with the Monitoring

As a business owner or manager, you probably went through stringent vetting procedures in hiring your staff. And while it is true that most employees work wholeheartedly and try to make their employers successful, there are still some that do not share this value.

Some employees are inconsistent, underperforming, or worse, being dishonest in the workplace. Some work as per their “mood.” If they do not feel like working, they may not work. This is what happens in almost every other business.

When an employer informs about monitoring, employees that usually underperform are the ones that will normally resist the most. The employer certainly has to pay the employees for the work they do. No one will be willing to pay for sitting idle or wasting the work time.

Some may make attempts not to monitor their performance, revealing what they do in the entire day.

Then what should be the tactics to overcome that situation?

Ensure Transparency

There is an effective way to be transparent about the employee monitoring software that you got. Curate your strategy this way:

  • Create a policy in which you should explain the rights and obligations of the employees
  • Explain the office computer and other device usage policy
  • Thoroughly define the usage of office property during recess.
  • Highlight the productivity expectation

Before moving to explain the monitoring system, wait for the employees’ inquiries.

There might be a few or more who may have a question or issue. Once you clear the ambiguities, move on the explaining the monitoring. Here is what you can add to your strategy:

  • Introduce the features of the employee monitoring app
  • Define the parameters to be monitored and those to be left untouched.
  • Explain the legalities
  • Put a light on the aftermath of defying the office policies, rules and getting caught red-handed during monitoring.

Give it another day or two to give way for any other questions, clarifications, or adverse reactions. Make sure to clear their confusion, rather than leaving them thinking.

Further, do not hesitate, as monitoring is a legal activity. An employer can monitor the performance of his employees and help them improve.

For those that resist employee monitoring, you need to release them from your company, as they are unwilling to comply with new company policies. Just make sure you give time for discussions, aiming to resolve the issues, maintain peace, and keep the employee before proceeding with legal steps to terminate an employee’s services with your company.

TheOneSpy! The Employee Monitoring App

You must be aware of TheOneSpy if you are a business owner, a company manager, or even a parent. This software is one of the trusted employee monitoring apps. It is a comprehensive app that enables you to observe the performance, monitor the digital space, and keep a tab on the devices you have given to your employees.

It is indeed a complete solution that the businesses need to manage their team, monitor them, and align the workflow.

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Conclusion: Improve Your Team

What’s left of SMEs and even big businesses in this post-pandemic economy are all trying to adapt to the new ways of doing business. For one, automated retail is a standard, as well as software to streamline integral operations.

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Buying software online is indeed integral in this digital economy. Do not shy away from upgrading your business tools today to continue thriving as a business or company.

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