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How Managed WordPress Website Hosting Can Take Your Business to the Next Level?


Do you know, half of your website problems could be coming from your website hosting provider?

Not only the problems but the success of the website also relies on the hosting provider. That means, if there is any successful WordPress website you are seeing, it is because of its excellent hosting.

All you need is a managed WordPress hosting provider if you want your website to have solid security, blazing speed, and no fuss.

With such hosting, you are inclined to enjoy a hassle-free website solution that’s already managed for you (no effort from your end needed). There are ample reasons why you must go for it for your WordPress Website.

Let’s dive in to learn more!

What is Managed WordPress Website Hosting?

Dream about an environment where your servers do not bother you. Think of a place where you can unwind from the nuisances of web hosting. Dedicate your time to the things you want to do, like developing custom WordPress themes, designing sites for clients, growing your agency.

Well, only managed hosting for a WordPress website can make this dream come true.

A web hosting solution optimized particularly for WordPress sites and is tailor-made known as Managed WordPress Hosting. The hosting option assures your business website runs as smoothly as possible. It acts like having a personal tech team by the side, eliminating the necessity to maintain your business website in-house. It’s also a preferred alternative to do-it-yourself and budget-minded shared hosting options that need considerable technical expertise.

Here’s how a provider offering the same is beneficial for businesses.

Decreases Need for Technical Expertise

When you use this hosting, you can ignore the stress of requiring extensive technical training.

It’s not a “basic task” to manage the website or even hire dedicated engineers for the same.

The hosting provider does that for you!

Ensure your website is stable and fast. Get a small team of hosting experts along with comprehensive hosting solutions. Focus on more significant things like developing and creating your website content.

Optimized for High-Performance

The hosting providers tune their environments well. If you go for the DIY route or with a shared host, you will need to learn to install the software or optimize it to achieve the highest speeds that a managed WordPress host can offer. Yet, in most cases, when you choose a shared host, there won’t be anything you can do to achieve the speeds you desire. Of course, most people choose a managed WordPress host for the “performance/uptime.”

Improved WordPress Website Security

If unfortunately, your website encounters any malware issues or falls victim to a cyber-attack, no Shared hosting package offers help.

Secure hosting is the most pre-eminent reason for choosing managed hosting. Regular software updates and a specialized hosting environment with a managed WordPress host make your website better guarded against bots, hackers, and other security concerns. And you can look forward to frequent security checks and malware removal.

Moreover, some managed WordPress hosts will offer you premium versions of plugins that offer more additional malware scans, security, and easy restorations in case of possible issues.

Wrap Up Thoughts

If you are still in a dilemma whether you must opt for managed WordPress hosting or not, ask yourself a question – How much is your mental peace and data integrity worth to you?

All in all, it is no less than an investment to choose this option as your hosting. But still, it is recommended to research the provider. Pay attention to disk space limitations, banned plugins, overage charges, the number of sites allowed, etc.

Also, keep in mind that the benefits, as mentioned earlier, are not all but the best ones, and there are many more benefits of choosing managed WordPress hosting over shared hosting or a DIY VPS.

Treat it as an Investment in your Business and Enjoy the Benefits!



Stephanie Eliena Nanas

The author knows how to converse and write in Japanese. On her free time she likes to paint and create digital art. She is a full time Content Writer at Softvire Australia. 

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