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7 Ways Mobile Apps are Better for Your Business than Websites

Mobile apps can outperform websites in many ways, and businesses are discovering how they embark further into the global market. Website design is evolving as a response to the growing demands for better user interfaces and greater consumer satisfaction

Although websites remain predominantly essential to establish an online presence, there are different ways mobile apps are far more beneficial for users. Mobile phones make up 67% of website traffic worldwide, as of 2017. This year, worldwide smartphone users are above 3 billion, and several hundred million will continue to increase in the next few years.

How Mobile Apps Outperform Websites

1.  Mobile apps work faster than websites.

Apps keep most data inside the mobile device, and this gives the advantage of using the device’s core processor speed, not relying much on the internet. Mobile websites run on JavaScript, and mobile apps run faster than JavaScript code.

This data saving feature also helps to keep the customer’s preferences intact and recalls the user’s choices each time they open the mobile app.

2.  Mobile apps have offline access and functionality that websites do not have.

Mobile apps have offline access and functionality that websites do not have.

An internet connection is integral to websites. Websites operate in an HTML environment that requires an internet connection. While all device types keep a cache of elements necessary to load more quickly by a website, this does not amount to full offline access.

Most mobile apps, on the other hand, can function even when offline. You can still access the content and functionality even without the internet. Uploads of changes and updates happen automatically once you are back online.

3. Apps provide a new user experience.

Mobile websites are growing as they provide better user experiences. However, using gestures, mobile apps offer a better user experience by letting users perform better in app-related tasks.

Mobile apps can also load content so much faster than mobile websites and are more navigable. Client retention is also easier with the installation of a company’s mobile app. It becomes a way to Better communicate new offers and services with your consumers.

4. Mobile phone features are more user-friendly.

Mobile phone features are more user-friendly.Websites are beginning to look and feel more and more like a mobile app. It is in response to the growing number of mobile phone users, currently numbering 5.19 billion people worldwide.

But mobile apps are not just mobile-responsive. They can integrate with mobile phone features fully. While you are filling out a form on a mobile app, you can take a snapshot through its camera function, even add your fingerprint via its biometric functions, without having to leave the form you are completing via mobile app.

Websites try to integrate as well, but mobile apps operate faster even when integrating multiple functionalities and applications.

5. Apps can be customized even more than websites.

Websites have achieved a greater level of customization, but mobile apps bring customization to a whole new level. Users can put their preferences into the app as they build or update their accounts. Users can apply their flavor and express their identity even more as they customize the app.

6. Mobile search is going to take mobile apps further.

6. Mobile search is going to take mobile apps further.

Mobile search will redefine mobile apps and their future. Around 179 billion mobile apps are downloaded yearly. Most of the business and tech giants are leveraging mobile apps for better branding.

Others leverage mobile apps for better customer engagement and better revenue. Companies will continue to ride the mobile trend to stay on top of their respective industries, and mobile search is one of these ever-growing trends.

It is easier to search now through mobile devices and their apps, that is why mobile searches are growing. You can also use voice search, visual searches, and Google-powered natural language queries. It is why mobile apps are overtaking mobile web browsing and will continue to in the years to come.

7. Apps provide more effective monetization.

Why do you think free apps proliferate? Even if they are free, they are earning big because of monetization strategies within mobile apps. You can earn from mobile apps thru the following:

  • In-app ads, video ads, and purchases
  • Interstitial ads
  • Banners or display ads
  • Native ads
  • Incentivized ads or rewards
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscriptions
  • Freemium upsell
  • Physical purchases and merchandise
  • Collecting and selling data
  • Affiliate Income and Referral Marketing
  • Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is a standalone app store that has its mobile app. App developers cannot put any ads or in-app purchases within the apps. Users can buy and an unlimited number of the developer’s IAP’s “for free.” The developers get payment from Amazon 2 cents per minute of use, and per single user. They also get a free Revenue Forecasting Calculator to check their possible income from the app. Some apps have reported that they earned as much as 30% more on Amazon Underground than the Google Play app.

More and more eCommerce websites and mobile apps are opening their Amazon stores as well, turning into Amazon sellers because of the potential increase in revenues.

Referral marketing is also on the rise and is becoming the most valuable form of marketing. It can strengthen consumer trust, improve a brand’s social proof, and increase a customer’s lifetime value.

It is easy to create and implement. WebSite X5 PRO, for instance, helps web designers with little to no design or coding experience to make mobile-first or mobile responsive websites like a pro.

Other web design tools also help beginners and professionals alike to create stunning websites and mobile apps.

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements is a great introductory multimedia suite. It’s suited for all kinds of designers, from beginners to professionals. It is a more user-friendly version of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere that teaches video and image editing basics.

Another web design tool is QuarkXpress. It is a smart design alternative software for professional creatives that combines the best design features you need for a fraction of the cost.


In the end, it should not be one against the other—mobile devices versus desktop. Website makers (business owners, designers, etc.) must understand the importance of using both technologies together to serve consumers better. Web design has a significant role in businesses. On the one hand, mobile apps need to have websites to establish trust and a more significant online presence. On the other hand, websites need mobile apps to reach their users better. Honestly, no brand that is serious about growing online will do without the other.

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