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Nero Platinum

Nero Platinum
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    Nero Platinum

    4.33 out of 5

    Nero Platinum

    The ultimate multimedia software offers 6 software that is more intuitive and complete! Nero Platinum ensures efficiency and productivity on its finest. It helps you to be creative, productive and organized at home, office or wherever you go.

    NERO Platinum Product Highlights:

    • Produce, edit, and import your multimedia files.
    • Protects your sensitive and valuable media files.
    • Organize, stream, and play your favorite movies and TV series easily and quickly.
    • Copy and burn your videos or multimedia files.
    • Find duplicated images and clean up storage
    • This product supports Windows.
    $134.96$143.95 Incl GST
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  • 4.67 out of 5

    Nero Platinum Suite

    Manage your digital life at home or on the go with Nero Platinum. Have access to all the ways you can organize, edit, play, and share your digital files with Nero Platinum’s powerful software. From photos to videos, you’ll always have the right tool to execute what you need to do.

    Nero Platinum Suite Product Highlights:

    • Organize and view your media files.
    • Convert images and videos to your desired format.
    • Transfer your media to and from DVD formats.
    • Make physical and digital backups of your data.
    • Supports Windows devices.
    $169.95$181.95 Incl GST
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