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Nurturing Customer Relationships through Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your company and maintain positive customer relationships. Despite technical advancements in digital marketing, such as social media, video marketing, augmented reality development, influencer marketing, and other methods, email marketing can still provide beneficial effects in some cases. In addition, it can even provide the best percentage of return on investment (ROI) of any of the various digital marketing methods available to you today.

A whopping 4400% return on investment can still be achieved with every dollar spent on email marketing. There are also over 3.9 billion email subscribers globally, providing a significant opportunity to advertise your business. However, with all of the digital era developments and a plethora of new ways to communicate with your audience, how can you guarantee that your email marketing strategy remains relevant? 

Always use short URLs, with Analytics feature, in your email. So, you can keep track of all the clicks/engagements generated from a particular email campaign. Make these short URLs personalised and catchy. You can use any URL Shortener tool (like T2M URL Shortener) to generate your short URLs and get analytics of clicks.


Ways To Connect With Your Audience Using Email Marketing 

Email Marketing

Nurturing customer relationships is such a crucial element of your marketing plan. Moreover, personalizing your strategy to your intended audience may appear to be the greatest way to connect, but it may also be challenging. How will you appropriately tailor a message to your intended audience? How will you get the correct message to the right person at the right time?

Here are some things you can add to your email marketing techniques to ensure that you catch your recipients’ attention and keep them with your campaigns.

  •  Personalizing Your Email Communications

One of the ways you can nurture customer relationships is personalization via email marketing. It’s vital to note that email customization entails much more than just changing the subject line of an email.

While personalized email subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened, if you want to establish and cultivate a connection with each of your email subscribers, you must spend the time getting to know them and sending them only the most relevant content available.

Additionally, offering an email preference center to your subscribers is a fantastic method to do this. It gives your consumers a chance to tell you more about themselves, who they are, and what they anticipate from you.

Once you’ve acquired enough information on your subscribers, you should take the time to create a number of comprehensive, segmented lists.

The process of splitting your email subscribers into smaller lists based on a set of specified criteria is known as email list segmentation. When it comes to constructing segmented lists, there are few constraints. Many marketing departments divide their mailing lists into the following categories:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Geographical location
    • Interests
    • Purchase history
    • Customer Status (regular/VIP) and more
  • Use Catchy And Powerful Subject Line 

Subject lines will determine whether or not your email marketing is successful. These are the first few words that your recipients will see after receiving your email. These will be the foundation of your audience, determining whether or not they will open your message.

Every day, email inboxes are bombarded with various sorts of emails. It might comprise personal, work-related, or commercial emails that individuals get daily. With the flow of emails they receive daily, your audience will only spend a few minutes scanning their inbox and pick which ones to view first, while the rest may wait until later or never. 

Furthermore, your email addresses should capture your recipient’s attention to stand out amid the competing lines screaming to be opened. It should be solid but appealing. Your subject line should be brief, descriptive, and enticing to your target audience. Make your readers feel as if your subject line is personally speaking to them, making it difficult for them to refuse and go on.

  • Have A Dynamic and Compelling Content 

When creating email campaigns, your content should provide distinct value to your subscribers. While still speaking about your brand message, your content should offer information that will be of tremendous use to your audience. 

Avoid sending out communications that are overly salesy or aggressive to your customers. It is not advisable if you want to maintain positive customer relationships. Instead, it should be jam-packed with the knowledge that your consumers can adapt, learn from, and apply in the future. Your tales can contain success stories, how-tos, DIYs, or life hacks to use in their daily lives.

  • Offer A Time-Bound Discount 

Everyone enjoys a good deal, and no one can say no to one. Giving your email subscribers an unexpected offer is a beautiful approach to pique their attention. It may be a great technique to get your readers to open your email straight away.

Make it a limited-time offer to increase its effectiveness. When your audience connects with your brand, this technique will create a sense of urgency in them. You may offer them a discount if they buy a specific item, or you can offer them free delivery if their purchases total a certain amount.

Offering a limited-time offer is an excellent approach to pique your audience’s interest. It is a fantastic method to help your business develop and improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

  • Reward Your Customers With Exclusive Coupons 

Rewards are a vital part of maintaining and improving customer relationships. Even if you have thousands of email users on your list who haven’t done anything with you, this doesn’t mean they’ve stopped seeing your emails. In other words, they didn’t do any of the things listed above.

Reward them with special coupons to re-capture their interest and ensure that they’d like to remain connected with you. Give them fantastic bargains that will entice them to interact with and purchase from your company.

Have they signed up for a year ago? Give them a discount voucher on your anniversary to persuade them to visit your website and make purchases. Are they also following you on social media? Make them follow your social media accounts by offering them a unique pass to a particular sales night on your social media account. 

Make them feel as if you recognize them and because they are valuable to you by providing them with discounts and goodies that are generally not available.


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  • Implore A Countdown Campaign 

Are you introducing a new brand or hosting a sales event? Whatever your forthcoming event is, a countdown campaign as part of your email marketing strategy may help you make it a success. This approach will pique the interest of your recipients and entice them to participate in your future activity.

If they must register, using a countdown creates a feeling of urgency for your consumers. They can move quickly and will want to communicate for you before time runs out.

  • Offer A New Experience 

If you include discounts, freebies, and other special enticements in your email marketing efforts, your rival may be doing the same. It would be preferable to have more than one strategy for dealing with competition, particularly in your recipient’s inbox. To do this, you may provide your consumers with a novel experience that will set your business apart from the competitors.

Provide a virtual tour of your workplace so people can see what goes on behind the scenes, or provide unique member-only video material with promo codes. You may also give a QR code that customers can scan with their phones to access discounted items. Level up your campaign using augmented reality (AR) experiences if you have adequate cash and resources.

This plan will provide them with the experience they require while also assisting your business in retaining its target audience.


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Customer relationships need to be considered when investing in digital marketing strategies to promote your brand. Your customer relationships can determine your longevity and influence in your target market. Connecting with your consumers is critical to ensuring that your brand can compete. It might be challenging to pique the interest of your target clients.

Use email marketing well to help you stand out among your rivals if you use email marketing. It is a reliable method of connecting with your target audience regularly. Email marketing, while not new to the industry, allows you to develop a strong relationship with your audience that may last for a long time.

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