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Office, Home and Business 2016 Review- The Pros and Cons

Microsoft Home and Business 2016 Review

Office, Home and Business 2016 Review- The Pros and Cons

Will an Office, Home and Business 2016 review help you decide whether to upgrade or not? Appearance wise, Office 2013 and 2016 look relatively the same. Solid colors are still dominant on the latest version of Microsoft Office. But outside of appearances, Microsoft Office’s latest version introduces new productivity, data analysis and collaboration features. Is the Microsoft Office 2016 good enough to upgrade? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Tell Me in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access- Instead of clicking the traditional help box, the Tell Me box present in most applications will assist you in completing important tasks. Simply type what you want to do in the app using your own words or select an object of picture from the document. Tell Me will guide through the process as well as offer additional resources.


  • Smart Lookup in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook-Explore terms in your documents with Bing-powered Smart Lookup. Highlight terms in your document. Or use this feature to bring in search results from the web right into your reading or authoring environment. Insights allow you to search within Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. No need to open a separate browser, this feature is readily accessible right in Office. Microsoft’s Bing search engine will show you your highlighted text definitions, related Wikipedia articles, even images and other relevant information. Insights are also accessible via the Review tab and Tell Me.

Microsoft home and Office 2016 Smart Lookup

  • Built for teamwork- In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, there’s easy sharing right from within the app. You can also see who has access to a given file and who is currently working in it. And you can now IM, screen share, talk or video chat right in your documents with the new Skype in-app integration. You now have the option to start a real-time co-authoring session from any Skype conversation or meeting.


  • Real-time Co-authoring – For Word, its biggest addition is real-time co-authoring. If you’re familiar with the web version or Google Docs then you know that you and a co-author will not be able to edit the same line of a document as it as it locks the other person out. With the new feature, when multiple people are editing a document stored on one of Microsoft’s cloud services real-time typing allows you see others’ edits as they make them.

Microsoft home and Office 2016 Real Time Co-authoring

  • New Chart Types in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – Visualize financial or hierarchical data, and highlight statistical properties of your data with new chart types: Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst. Quickly understand and communicate how each item in your financial statement is impacting your bottom line with a Waterfall chart. Display the distribution of the book prices in inventory with the Histogram chart. See the big picture – simplify large data between similar or competing products with Treemap.
  • Faster, easier ways to get data into Excel- Excel includes a powerful new set of features called Get & Transform, which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities. Get & Transform enables you to connect, combine, and refine data sources to meet your analysis needs. You can search from a single data source, such as a database, or you can search from a combination of multiple files, databases and websites. You can then transform or shape these file in any way you need – you can merge tables, remove a column or modify some of the data.

easier way to get data on excel

  • Modern Attachments in Outlook- Attach a document from your recent items and share them from OneDrive or SharePoint with email recipients. Also configure sharing permissions so that all the recipients have access to the attached file without having to leave the app.


Microsoft Office 2016 Attachment in Outlook


Other Advantages of Getting Office Home and Business 2016

●       It is the most secure Office

Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention is why Microsoft Office 2016 is optimally secure. You can define policies and flag certain data to users – like credit card number. The user is reminded that there may sensitive information contained within the document they are editing and should ensure they act accordingly to protect confidential and sensitive data. With the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) the user may be required to provide multiple forms of “credentials” such as providing a username/password as well as a PIN that is sent to their phone when requesting access to company data. And with Rights Management Capabilities a user sharing a protected document can receive an e-mail anytime someone attempts to access that document.

  • It offers flexible Click-to-Run options – Deferred updates allow you to choose when to update. The Admin Portal that allows admins to manage device activations across users.
  • It has improved Outlook performance – Outlook will no longer use foreground network calls to ensure that Outlook stays responsive on unreliable networks. It also enhances Exchange/Outlook connectivity by using protocol.

On the other side, there are also several disadvantages of Office 2016.


●       No significant changes for the average Joe- no need to upgrade if you only need OneNote, Excel, Powerpoint of Word. If Office is just for students or home, the upgraded features of the latest version is not something you would appreciate or even need.

  • No Free Trial- Office 2016 doesn’t have a free trial. Only Office 365 has which would bum a lot of people who wanted to get Office but are not big fans of 365.
  • Not affordable-The cheapest and good for 1 user is Office Home & Student 2016 ($119.99) which includes-PowerPoint, Onenote, Excel and Word; Home & Business ($229.99) which has all the inclusions found in Home & Student plus Outlook. MAC users can also buy the Office Home & Student 2016 for $119.99.

What is the latest news about Office, Home and Business 2016?

Various updates and fixes have been added since its release more than a year ago. In fact the latest update released just a few days ago include:

  • Addresses lag issues with Word, Powerpoint and Excel when RMS (Rights Management Services) server gets error codes or IRM (Information Rights Management) documents from Explorer are opened.
  • Enabled Macros to run in trusted workbooks even when Block Content Execution From Internet security setting is enabled.
  • Address issue re: Outlook 2016 freeze issues when an email has too many images attached to it.
  • Update allows you to use Windows Defender instead of running Registry Key scanning when Defender has been activated for IOfficeAntivirus scanning.
  • Extends the 255 character SharePoint library property length validation to VSTO or VBA property settings.

The Verdict

The answer to this differs on a case to case basis. If you’re a student or someone who doesn’t use much of the applications available in the Microsoft Office 2016 beyond OneNote, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, then there is no need to shell out $119.99 or $229.99 to upgrade your Office as whatever improved features available are not something you need

But for businesses or teams working together who prefer online collaborations and real time sharing, you should definitely get the Office, Home and Business 2016.

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