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Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020 Full Version Lifetime PC

(8 customer reviews)

Create professional digital documents with Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020. Easily share your documents with colleagues and clients without compromising the quality of what they read. Make signing documents painless with an easy-to-use digital signature system.

NOTE: Shipping for the physical version of this product may take up to 7 Business days.

Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020 Product Highlights:

  • Digitally sign your documents in a professional and secure electronic format.
  • Improved Scan to PDF functionality
  • New “Dark Theme” helps you relax while working on your PDFs
  • This product includes both physical or digital formats.
  • This purchase is for a lifetime subscription.
  • This product supports Windows devices.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Adobe Acrobat Standard is your reading and creation toolkit for professionally made digital documents. With Adobe Acrobat 2020, have all the essential tools to read, create, and manage your PDF documents at home or for school.

Acrobat has been Adobe’s standard PDF viewer and creation tool for more than a decade. So, get the best deals for it to enjoy the new features of Adobe Acrobat. Buy and download your copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020 from the Softvire Australia online store.

All the essential PDF tools you need

With Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020 have the power to convert media into PDF documents, add comments, and digitally sign your documents. The only difference between Adobe Acrobat Pro and Standard are efficiency tools that only businesses would find useful.

Streamlined interface

Reduce clutter when you’re opening multiple PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat’s new tabbed interface. Organize your reading material similar to an online browser tab and never have to worry about too many documents crowding your taskbar.

Improved document scan to PDF

Enjoy a simplified interface for Adobe Acrobat’s scanning tools. The new scanning wizard has improved setting indicators to help you scan physical documents into PDFs with high accuracy.

Easier on the eyes

Read and work on your PDF documents without straining your eyes. The new Dark theme interface theme is now available for Adobe Acrobat Standard. Additionally, the darker theme also makes cross-application work easier than ever.

Recent Files list

The new Acrobat displays your recent files opened for viewing from your computer. In addition, Acrobat gives you quick access to recently opened files from Document Cloud storage. Also, it shows preview of files from third-party storage like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and SharePoint.

Color Customization Capability in the Fill & Sign Tool

You can now choose your desired color to fill the PDF form and sign it using the Fill and Sign tool in the new Acrobat Standard. To change the color, click the Color button in the Fill & Sign toolbar.

View MIP-protected PDFs

Now, you can use Adobe Acrobat Standard Windows and Mac desktop applications to open files protected with MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) solutions. This includes Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Information Protection using Office 365. This program can auto-detect a MIP-protected file and prompts you to download the corresponding plug-in from the plug-in download page. Then, once you download and install the plug-in, the protected files open like any other PDF in Acrobat or Reader.



8 reviews for Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020 Full Version Lifetime PC

  1. Alex Buckley

    An intuitive, best pdf editor. I’ll be honest. Acrobat effectively executes reading documents, making notes on documents, inserting notes on documents, saving files to Adobe Cloud, and printing documents. I’m sure I enjoy reading all the documents sent to me at work with your mobile app all day.

  2. Sarah Michaels

    If your Adobe needs are not as demanding as a corporate admin, this is the best option for you. You can save a little on your monthly subscription fee by going with Adobe Acrobat Standard. I got mine with all the basic features, including the ability to create and export PDFs. I can edit text and images pretty well in the PDFs I import, which is one compelling reason to upgrade from the free version. I can also fill and sign forms, although I can do that with the free version, as well.

  3. Haylee Myers

    Nice and simple looking PDF reader everyone can use it easily, and it has the best features for commenting and highlight the PDF files. It has digital signature features for sign PDF documents electronically to be a great feature.

  4. Georgio Themen

    We’ve used Adobe Acrobat DC both in my current business and in my previous business. Acrobat was critical in creating, editing, and sending .pdfs. We didn’t rely on it so much to track changes because most of the changes were visual. We also used it to add our letterhead to invoices routinely.

  5. Douglas Garcia

    It does what we used to do with Acrobat. We can import and convert online or via software. This is the right price point. There is nothing negative to say. It functions as everything should.

  6. Ryton Higgins

    I’ve had a very positive experience as I’m able to modify and organize documents in a clear way User friendly and allows me to modify Pdf documents. There is a decent selection of tools to choose from as well.

  7. Katharine Johnson

    Adobe Acrobat helps me in my work. It allows you to find and change the text within the document, and it quickly edits PDFs, fill in text, view, and sign PDF documents on Microsoft Windows.

  8. Hasan Owen

    I have tried a lot for my PDF tasks, but I can say Adobe Acrobat is by far the best of them. From security, performance, stability, and features, I couldn’t convince myself to go for other alternatives even at a much lower price.

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