AutoCAD LT 2020 Commercial Single-User ELD Annual Subscription Switched from Maintenance

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Are you looking for precision 2D CAD software for design, drafting, and documentation? With AutoCAD LT 2020 for Windows, genuine DWG file format technology, you can build drawing files that are compatible with other AutoCAD applications. Purchase your AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite in Softvire Australia now.

AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2020 Product Highlights:

  • New Blocks Palette
  • Enhancement to the User Interface
  • Workflows across Desktop, Web, and Mobile
  • New dark theme
  • Enhanced DWG compare
  • Cloud storage connectivity
  • High-resolution monitor support

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Create your 2D designs with Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2020 linked design tools for Windows Design software. Using powerful documentation software to create detailed technical drawings that you can edit, repurpose and share with confidence in an efficient way.

Help ensure accurate measurements and technical details that express the design’s information consistently. Using sharing solutions with project partners and colleagues for seamless workflow integration. AutoCAD LT 2020 for Windows is optimized for efficient project documentation with an emphasis on efficiency drafting.

  • User Interaction

Easily access your favorite devices when you need them with the AutoCAD ribbon. Run commands and address prompts easily, right at the command line with easy keystrokes. Simple reshaping, shifting or grip editing geometry.

  • Extended workflow and Main Features

Creating, editing and viewing CAD drawings from any device via the internet and mobile phones. Save drawings to view and edit on AutoCAD web and mobile apps from your phone, like Xrefs. Plus, you can publish your drawing layout views in a web browser to view and comment on.

  • 2D Layout, Annotation, and Illustration

Enables simultaneous updates by providing a direct link to a table in your drawing between a Microsoft Excel table. The width of your drawing sheet can also be defined, the title block added and several views on your template displayed. Automatically generate dimensions. Transfer the cursor to pick items before generating a preview.

  • Collaboration and Productivity

Share and recreate PDF and DGN information through the import, export, or attachment as the context. Multiple sketches can be displayed, accessed, handled and drawn as sheets. You can also insert data about geographic location into a drawing and show a map from an online map service in the drawing.

  • Installation and Customization

Migrate your previous release custom settings and files. Customize the accessibility user interface and reduce the number of steps for regular activities. Track current system variables against the desired list of values. Notification balloons alert you to any irregularities.



4 reviews for AutoCAD LT 2020 Commercial Single-User ELD Annual Subscription Switched from Maintenance

  1. Emerson Clarke

    This is my number one program, I’m in the world of architecture, and for about all, I used this program. Banner creation, laser cutting files, shop sketches, 3D modeling, and more.

  2. Aubree Lugo

    I don’t think I could say anything bad about having AutoCAD for my IOS device. While it is easy to select multiple lines that makeup something drawn, I really wish I could block parts in my drawing.

  3. Donna Bystersky

    I love LT. Very useful for simple drafting. I use this to plan the last changes for our house and design small parts and jigs to improve it.

  4. Adele Campos

    I like the way this software creates precise 2D drawings with easy-to-use drafting tools. It has significantly reduced costs hence a useful resource manager.

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