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Bitdefender Family Pack

(14 customer reviews)

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Bitdefender Family Pack is the complete family security package for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. Buy and bank online safely while having the ability to monitor your children’s online safety. Give yourself peace of mind whenever you and your family are online.

Bitdefender Family Pack Product Highlights:

  • Advanced parental control features helps you keep your family safe
  • Rescue Mode protects you from any threat no matter how malicious.
  • Keeps you safe in your browsing and social media activities.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Supports 15 devices.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

The Bitdefender Family Pack promises the ultimate protection package for your family. Choose Bitdefender Family Pack to protect you and your family’s online browsing and social media activities. Have peace of mind alongside the full Bitdefender experience at an amazing family pack discount.
Powerful threat defenses
Bitdefender Family Pack protects you and your family from all threats to your devices. Advanced ransomware protection prevents malicious software from taking control of your important files. For particularly tough threats, painlessly removes them using the Rescue Mode feature.
Comprehensive online security
Bitdefender 2018 actively protects your online browsing activities and private information from hackers. It warns you about unsafe websites and blocks links that contain harmful content. Also, Bitdefender protects you from harmful threats on social media.
Designed for the family
It wouldn’t be a family pack without parental controls. With Bitdefender’s Parental Advisor, check your children’s activities online. Using parental control, filter inappropriate content and control your children’s computer activities remotely
Interruption-free experience
Bitdefender Autopilot will perform security adjustments in the background without interrupting you with annoying pop-ups. Likewise, Bitdefender Photon will prevent any slowdown in performance while you work.
Mobile-enabled protection guaranteed
Have all the benefits of Bitdefender protection in your mobile device. Gain access to powerful application lock, anti-theft, and device scanning features that keep your private information secure no matter where you go.
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14 reviews for Bitdefender Family Pack

  1. Delton Blake

    This stuff is fantastic. Not only does it manage to detect all viruses, but it also detects ransomware, it does fast and full system tests. It involves cleaning up the machine to make it quicker. Check the emails. I’ve never had a problem with this product with malware, emails, or something else. It alerts me that the virus has been blocked and any other thing that might damage my computer.

  2. Billy Jackson

    Nice software. Great program. Simple to work with no memory. Both emails and attachments are scanned. The firewall blocks inputs as well as outputs.

  3. Caiden Mejia

    It was a great program. Easy to run and does not take up a lot of memory. It checks all email and attachments. The firewall blocks both incoming and outgoing traffic.

  4. Jodie Bright

    For all of my smartphones, laptop & desktop, I use Bitdefender Family Pack. Very happy. Very pleased. Even my parent’s mobile have I put this in. Scans computers automatically. Useful anti-theft characteristic, place locate

  5. Mitch Ciaran

    Bitdefender Family Pack gives me satisfaction in protecting all our devices at home. It gives full security features to every device.

  6. Max Brown

    I’m so thrilled to get a great deal allowing me to protect all the devices in my home.

  7. Nreus Neal

    I’m so pleased to be able to secure all the computers in my house.

  8. Maggi Sigh

    I love this version! Worth the cost! It can protect all our devices at home. It protects my laptop, android, my wife’s PC, tablet, and my son’s iPhone and iPad in one single purchase. Powerful software indeed for me.

  9. apple dirk

    This is amazing. It not only detects malware but also ransomware and performs speedy and thorough system scans. It involves cleaning the machine to speed it up. Check your emails. I’ve never had a problem with this software, including viruses or emails. It alerts me when a virus or other computer threat is blocked.

  10. Skylar Hunsa

    Amazing. It identifies malware and ransomware and performs quick and thorough system scans. Cleaning the machine speeds it up. Check email. I’ve never had a virus or email issue with this software. A virus or other computer threat is stopped.

  11. D Portelli

    My initial impression is that it is quite costly. However, when I consider the fact that the package can cover all of the devices that we use at home, it becomes a more financially sound investment for our household. As a result of the pandemic, my children are continuing their education through the internet. Because to Bitdefender’s sophisticated parental controls, I can rest certain that my children’s online learning will take place in a secure atmosphere.

  12. S taylor

    I have three requirements that I must satisfy before making a decision on whether or not to purchase security software. It must be capable of protecting my device while I am working online, protecting my children from bad intent while they are online, and protecting numerous devices. It was included in the Bitdefender family pack, which I purchased. It provides the tools and features I need to safeguard my work and communication online, as well as an easy parental control system to protect my children from harmful websites and applications. It also includes an unlimited device license, which is great for me.

  13. Irene Butler

    We use this for our home and office online security. All my siblings use this for their laptops and personal computers.

  14. Irene Butler

    Superb online protection. We used this in all devices including personal computers.

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