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McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite

McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite

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As businesses are fighting an uphill battle with complex threats, more businesses turn to advanced, expertly-preserved protection. McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection includes inbound and outbound filtering against the rapidly developing attacks, spam bursting and abuse of Internet resources. Purchase this product in Softvire, Australia’s leading software online market for fast email recovery services to help you feel more secure.

McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite Product Highlights:

  • Automated Monitoring and Security of Internet Threats and Email Protection around the clock
  • Streaming of Media and Blocking peer-to-peer Sites
  • Antivirus and Anti-spyware Scanning
  • Advanced spam filtering, including an anti-spam filter in multiple languages
  • Filtering of Email Content and Attachments
  • Storage and Distribution Authentication and Advanced Quarantine
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes

McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection Suite incorporates superior, optimized protections with ease and control to make you less worried and more efficient for your team. This combination of inbound and outbound filtering and anti-malware blocks spam removes risks, reduces dangerous and unproductive surfing and saves you money.

Security and risk research specialists manage the Web and Email Protection of McAfee SaaS. We will integrate our best security between you and these threats by routing the web and email traffic via our data centers.

  • Threat from the Cloud’s Intelligence

At McAfee LabsTM, more than 400 committed threat researchers are developing advanced analytics and analyzing IP reputations to assess real-time data intent and danger. The network of McAfee Global Threat Intelligence gathers events from 100 million sensors and maps activities through key vectors of threat, including phone, internet, host, and network. Using this information, ransomware, hacks, and dangerous sites are found and blocked, shielding you from the threats to your network.

  • Inspection of Security Information

Our powerful scanning network compares the effective quality and interpretation of each email and web site to our vast credibility repositories of files and URLs. They analyze deliberate and expected actions and proactively guard against unidentified ransomware, viruses, worms, trojans, phishing pages, and targeted attacks.

We check outbound requests as the users access web pages, blocking connections to unsafe and policy-controlled sites. It will prevent keyloggers from calling home with your sensitive information or delete items that are inappropriate or restricted, such as adult content or personal information.

  • Easy Control for Policies and Categories

To make regulation easy, categories can be combined with your unique user identities to set policies against aggressive, undesired, or unproductive use of the internet. The Web filters are unparalleled in versatility, reliability, and safety with 100 categories to choose from. We directly link policies to user groups specified in your LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory, providing additional control rates.

  • Limit Loss and Liability Compliance

In addition, its platform will implement the internet regulation of your company by automatically enforcing access rules to all web traffic governed by policies. Before you can reach your network, the traffic that breaches your rule is blocked. You may block access to video streaming and other frivolous sites that save priority users ‘ network resources.

It will review outbound messages and attachments for inappropriate and company-private information on the basis of your policy. It will help you to keep the business consistent with regulatory and operating standards by maintaining control of sensitive information.

  • 20 Layers of Email Protection

Through full multilayered e-mail protection, they block more than 99% of all spam and reduce 90% of spam-related costs — and guide the industry to reduced false-positive rates Each of over 20 different filter layers has a number of unique powers designed to identify such risks and avoid them. This approach provides one of the industry’s most accurate and total filtering systems.

  • Secure the Email System from Threat

The full solution protects you from attacks, denial of services, directory harvest attacks, email bombs, and channel floods. our solution protects your critical messaging gates and email servers.

  • Continuous Usage of Email Storage

Once the message is filtered, it will hold content for 60 days. Our system keeps your staff, clients, partners, and distributors 24×7 linked, regardless of your network or e-mail server crashes from catastrophe or layout.

  • More safety, Less Money and Trouble

The most cost-effective way to implement and maintain active Internet safety is through public Security-as-a-Service. Switch the internet and email traffic easily to our load-balanced data centers, where we search with the latest technologies. Your web traffic is diverted to our closest data center with the capacity and flexibility to handle all requests instantaneously. Without noticeable latency, users navigate securely.

  • Minimal Management

Our web-based interface helps the service to be easily adapted to your needs, filter rules, quarantine conditions, routing and more. Personal dashboards help each administrator to understand how the organization uses e-mail resources and monitors trends to isolate problems, record improper activities, adhere to regulations and adjust policy filtering settings.

Custom notifiers warn users of policy breaches, web contents blocked and messages quarantined. Clear awareness of important safety incidents is provided by operational warnings. This flexibility helps you to work on tactical tasks for your IT team.

Product Format: Digital License

Product Type: Security Suite Software

Operating System Supported:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional with SP2 or later (32- and 64-bit); Microsoft Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit); Microsoft Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)


  • Processor Intel Pentium or architecture compliant


  • Minimum of 512 MB (recommended from one to two GB)

Hard Disk Space  

  • 80 GB free storage


  • Internet connection: Internet Explorer 5.5 with SP2 or later


3 reviews for McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    I wanted both ends of the traffic of messages to be protected. I am happy with the purchase we got. I got the platinum one and it is affordable.

  2. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    I like that I do not have to worry about which links not to click because I always get warnings from the software if there is anything suspicious. It filters spams, which is very useful.

  3. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    McAfee Server Security Suite is one of the most useful security software to secure our servers’ information. It makes our data handing more comfortable and protected to handle our sensitive information better.

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