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Quick Guide to Customize Windows 10

Quick Guide to Customize Windows 10

Are you getting bored with the user interface of your Windows 10 system? 

Are you looking for the options to make your Windows 10 desktop looks stylish and attractive?

Are you hesitating in customising your Windows 10 UI in fear of losing data if you go wrong?

Are you someone who likes to tweak with your devices but don’t have much technical knowledge to do so?

Well, this guide is just for you. In this guide, we will discuss how can we customise the boring Windows 10 system into a unique style of our choice and give the system a more personal touch.

Why Should You Customise Your Desktop?

If you are an IT professional or an IT college student, you spend your maximum time working on your computer system.

At a time, it becomes boring working on the same system daily. You need some twist to get motivated for the work. Also, why settle with a dull desktop when you can easily make it vibrant in a few simple steps. 

Moreover, after applying these customizations, you can create an impression of being a tech-savvy among your friends and colleagues.

Customise Themes

Customizing the theme in Windows is quite simple irrespective of the version you are using. In Windows 10, there are specific ways to install a new theme, both-official and unofficial.

Microsoft has some official Windows 10 themes in the Microsoft store which are available to download for free.  

To get those, just open the Microsoft Store from the Start menu and search for the themes. Click on “Get your Theme” option, and you will get the official theme for Windows 10.

You have other unofficial sites too for getting the Windows 10 theme, like DevianArtBut one thing you always have to keep in mind is that before installing any custom theme you should set a Windows restore point so that if things go wrong you can get back to the stable version.

Another thing is, for installing custom themes, you need the theme installers. 

Two programs are needed to be installed. The first one is OldNewExplorerwhich will deactivate the ribbon section of the file explorer. The second one is UltraUXThemePatcherwhich will allow third-party Windows 10 theme to get installed in the system.

Ensure that you are using the correct version of both the programs. 

Once you’ve installed these programs, download and install the theme of your preference. Then, extract the theme’s ZIP file and move the contents of the folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

Make sure that you change the ‘C’ in the repository address to the applicable driver letter where your Windows is installed. So, you just need to know the theme and wallpaper storage location and place a new theme in the place.

Now you are ready to apply this theme to your system. Follow these steps:

(1) Right-click on empty space of your desktop and select Personalise option.

(2) Background Settings of the Windows will be open. Here you will look for the Themes. Click on it.

(3) Your newly installed theme should be visible, ready to apply.


When it comes to the customisation of Windows desktop, Rainmeter is the best gadget you can get. It is an open-source desktop customisation tool, specifically designed for the Windows. It allows the user to create and display user-generated widgets and skins.

Do you want to create your own 3D Wallpaper? You can do it with Rainmeter. Although it is simple to use, Rainmeter takes some time in getting used to. Just download and install it from the official Rainmeter website and kick start your creativity.

Customising VLC Media Player

Most of you might be unaware of the fact that you can change the skin of the very popular VLC Media Player. VLC officially allows its user to install the custom skin for its player. You can get the VLC from its official site

Steps to change VLC Media Player Skin:

    (1) Download the skin and keep it in a folder that you can remember. The file should be in the VLT format.

    (2) Head towards Tools > Preferences.

    (3) In this window, choose the Use Custom Skin radio button and select the location of your VLT file. 

    (4) Finally, click on Save and exit VLC. Reopen it to see your VLC player in the new skin. 


RocketDock is a docking application that launches applications directly from the dock. It is quite similar to the Mac OS dock. The best thing is, right from the size of the icon to the size of the dock, everything is customizable in the RocketDock. It is also effortless to access and customise. Just download and install it from its official website and start tweaking it as you like. 


Staring on the computer screen at night can be very unhealthy. The blue light from the screen acts as the sunlight, so it becomes difficult to get sleep. F.Lux solves this problem by making the display of your computer screen adaptive to the time of day, i.e., like sunlight during the day and warm during the night. It hugely helps in reducing the strain on your eyes.



These are some quick and easy ways to make your Windows 10 desktop lively and more interactive. You can follow them all or start with one to get familiar with the customisation. Again, I want to mention the important point, before performing any amendments, create a system restore point, in case of any accidental failure.

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