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windows 10 update

Windows 10 19002.1002 Release – Did it Fix The Issues?

The complaints against the previous Windows 10 version are piling up. However, Microsoft still pushed for its new minor update last week. The release was for Insiders testing the Windows 10 20H1. But the company’s clientele was hoping it could fix the yet unresolved startup issues on their PCs. A few changes and fixes were reportedly added to the OS. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been long since the 19002.1002 launches, and we’re again hearing about new problems coming to the [...]

this blog will discuss some of the first information we caught from microsoft about its new windows 10x

Windows 10x: Here’s Everything to Know About New Windows OS

Microsoft is currently in hot water following the issues that Windows 10 OS has been facing since September. However, this didn’t stop the tech giant from holding its Surface Event 2019. While Microsoft shocked the world by unveiling an actual Surface Duo and the new Surface Neo, tech geeks were also quick to catch the announcement on the new Windows 10X. The new Surface Neo is a dual-screen, foldable device under the Surface product line and what captured the attention [...]

best places to buy windows 10 home os

Best Places to Buy Cheap But Legit Windows 10 Home

Buying Windows OS can get very expensive.  As people look into moving up from Windows 7 or 8 to the latest version, Windows 10, some would rather stick to their old OS and go unsupported because of the price. But there’s good news for everyone. There are ways to buy cheap but legit Windows 10 Home OS online! And the best place to buy Windows 10 Home is at Softvire. Of the Windows 10 options, Windows 10 Home can the [...]