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The Key Features For Building On-Demand Taxi Booking App in Indonesia


The first and foremost step to launch a successful On-Demand Taxi Booking Software is to find a Well-established White-Labelling Company with over 7-8 years of experience in launching Uber-like Apps daily. And there is one more criterion to shortlist the perfect White-Labelling firm for you, and the firm should offer you Demo Apps for Free. It is vital because only such a company can provide you with a feature-rich App and has a butter-smooth User-Interface.

To easily understand what a Clone App is, let’s break the concept into three sections:

  1. What is Uber Clone Taxi Booking App?
  2. Why should business owners choose to build more Uber Taxi Booking App?
  3. Features of a Taxi App

Uber-like Taxi Booking App – What Is It?

It is a Ride-Hailing App. It is a Ready-To-Use Taxi App that has completely changed how conventional Taxi businesses operated. With the growing new technology and an exponential rise of smartphone users, you can change your Domestic Taxi Business with a new-age Uber-like App Solution. With an Authentic Taxi App, you can put forth services like:

  • Taxi Ride
  • Moto Ride
  • Car Rental
  • Moto Rental
  • Carpooling

Are you contemplating why I should invest in an Uber-like Taxi Booking App in Indonesia? If you already own a local Taxi business, then here’s why investing in a Digital Solution will be a boon.


How can a Customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App Transform Your Ride-Hailing Business?

  1. It will give you better visibility in the market. 

Along with boosting your business with top-notch visibility results, you will build an intriguing Customer Engagement Level. As Smartphones are now standard, any User would like to rely on a digital interface to go to a new place, especially if they are Tourists. Hence, no one will notice a Local Taxi Business, and you will eventually lose a vast customer base if you don’t go digital.

  1. Better Profit earning opportunities 

Your Taxi Drivers can register themselves under more than one Service category, that is, the driver in one’s spare time could deliver Food, Courier or Groceries and earn more. It implies that the App Owner can earn Commission from the Rides and the driver’s deliveries. Hence, the Owner can make twofold the Profit. There is yet another business model – A subscription Plan wherein the Taxi Driver has to buy a Subscription Plan curated by the App Owner and make a one-time payment. The Taxi Driver can kiss goodbye to paying Commission per Ride.

  1. Auto-Billing and Live Tracking Details

Auto-billing, payment via In-App Wallet, sending live-tracking details to the Rider’s family members and closest friends are some of the Automation facets that have tremendously helped the On-Demand Taxi Booking Industry.

Let’s bring ‘Automation’ into the limelight. Automating almost all operations is the most significant advantage of building a successful On-Demand Taxi Booking App in Indonesia.


Critical Features of Uber Clone App

Read through the three most happening features you can find in a Fully Customizable Uber Clone Application.

  1. Add your Destination after the Ride Starts 

Customers usually switch their minds about the destination they want to go to, and hence this feature comes in handy. This ‘Add Destination Later’ feature allows them to add the drop location later. In this way, your drivers won’t have to get into a heated debate with the Rider.

  1. Earn more with Ride Sharing feature

This empowering feature lets the Riders share their trip with others on the same route and save money. Turning the Benefit of this feature the other way round, the App Owner earns extra via the Commission that drivers pay. Why so? Because with such flexibility, the driver can pick up and drop multiple people in just one ride.

  1. Go international anytime you want to 

Local Taxi Business Owners can now launch their business Internationally using this single App.

  • Define the Car Types in each country
  • Add different fare rates for each car
  • Set the base fare, distance unit in miles, or money for each minute depending on which country or city you are operating in.



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