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Top 10 Photoshop Tools to Make your Web Design Easier

Top 10 Photoshop Tools to Make your Web Design Easier

When designing websites, web designers depend on different software. This includes the mention-worthy and much-needed software Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop comes with different tools that make web designing work easier than ever. All these tools are created to serve different purposes. It allows web designers to showcase their creativity while creating websites in different phases.

These photoshop tools are helpful enough to save time, speed up the work, and increase productivity.

Here, we are going to mention ten photoshop tools to make your web design experience more comfortable. So let’s dive in.


  1. Layer Vault

Layer vault adds easiness while using photoshop. By using this tool, web designers can collaborate without much complication.

This particular tool offers so many features like visual history. So with this tool, you can track all the previous edits, and you will also be able to share your work.


  1. Web Font

While working in Adobe Photoshop quite a few times, you will face difficulties regarding font designs. This is where web font plugin can be a savior while designing a website.

Web font is a fantastic font plugin that can reduce your struggle when choosing fonts. 

By using this web font plugin, you will be able to use the same font a site will use once it goes live. From here, you have the option of picking numerous fonts, including the Google Web Fonts.

It’s a pretty amazing photoshop tool for making your web design project a bit easier.


  1. Photoshop Move Tool

Working with Adobe Photoshop requires moving objects from one place to another. This task can be a bit troublesome sometimes.

But, with Photoshop Move Tool, it becomes much easier when you design a website. So, you can choose to use Photoshop Move Tool for moving objects and making your web design convenient. It is indeed a beneficial tool for web designers.

Picture: Moving selection from one place to another using photoshop move tool

There can be multiple objects in a single layer, and all you need to do is select those objects using the Marquee tool. After that, you can move the grouped objects using Photoshop Move Tool. That would require you to switch the tool command key.


  1. History Palette

When doing website design, you have to edit multiple images many times.

While doing so, you might need to see all of the earlier stages in the process of editing your images. So, for that, you might need to save the edits every time you bring a change. It could be tiring and troublesome sometimes. A web designer may also find it frustrating to do the same process over and over again.

Well, History Palette, another Photoshop tool, can come to rescue in such cases. It will help you end difficulties regarding photo edits. This History Palette of photoshop is an excellent tool that automatically keeps a record of every change that you made while editing.

You can undo and redo any changes when you are editing an image based on your need. It shows the most recent action implemented on a particular image, and you get to see the previous ones with just a few clicks.

You can get to change multiple numbers of steps that are saved while editing an image. There are other functions of this tool, which are very convenient to make web designing easier for you.


  1. Measure Tool

While working on any design works or editing images, it is very crucial to maintain a perfect measurement.

When designing a website or blog, taking measurement helps you to create a positive transformation and make an accurate drawing. 

Undoubtedly, this is a handy tool of photoshop for web designers. With this tool, you can measure the angle, length, and width of a particular image that you need for your web designing project.

So by using this tool, you will get the perfect size of an image or design. If you found an improper angle in your design work or images, then this tool is the one that will save your day. This measuring tool will help you to find out the accurate measurement.

It will also correct the rotation of an image or design work with the assistance of Rotate Canvas.

When measuring an object or picture, you can select the Measure Tool from the toolbox. After selecting it,  you can draw a line then you can examine the Info Palette. In the Info Palette, you will get to see the angle, width, and length of a line.


  1. GuideGuide

Adobe Photoshop is a very versatile tool. When you are creating PSD files for mock-ups, websites, packaging, and so on, then the built-in guide of photoshop is useful. The only drawback is that you need to set up the guides manually all the time you start creating a new project or document, which is time-consuming. 

So, naturally, all the designers will look for a way to reduce such a hassle. For this reason, this Guideguide tool can be handy. By using this particular tool, you can create the guides pretty easily. You can do this within a very few seconds.

There are different template guides you can choose from. GuideGuide is a pretty handy photoshop tool for making your web design easier than before.


  1. BlendMe

This is another photoshop plugin that comes with so many vector assets to make your work a bit easier and save tons of time. 

When using this photoshop tool, BlendMe, you don’t have to leave photoshop. You can easily drag the required vector assets or icons. That is all you need to complete your project with all these available vector assets.

This particular tool is compatible with Adobe Illustrator as well.


  1. 1140 Grid

This tool is developed for Adobe Photoshop, and the man behind it is Andy Taylor. This tool is a pretty interesting one. It makes it possible to follow the fluid grid. So, it is suitable for a bigger screen. It makes your work much more accessible than ever when it comes to web designing.


  1. CSS3Ps

CSS3Ps is a free cloud-based photoshop plugin. It helps to convert all your layers to CSS3. Furthermore, it saves a significant amount of effort and time in the process of web designing.


  1. Sprite Generator

This photoshop tool helps to reduce a page’s loading time. Sprite Generator ensures the best user experience for your website.

It creates automatic sprites. Thus, it lessens the loading time without much involvement required. So, you get to save a significant amount of time.


Wrapping Up

Apart from all these ten photoshop tools, there are other tools available that would significantly lessen the hassles of your web designing works. You can pick any tool according to what you need for your project.

So, which tool do you want to use for your next web designing project?

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