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Top 10 Software for Freelance Writers in 2021


Top 10 Software for Freelance Writers in 2021

Freelance writers are one of the thriving remote workers or work-from-home workforce in the new normal economy. You might be interested in turning your passion for writing into a freelance job.

Nonetheless, you should be on the lookout for tools and programs that will save you time. These resources will make your writing experience more enjoyable.

In your role as a freelance writer, you’ll be responsible for much more than just copy editing. You may have stuff like marketing, social media, and other aspects to consider as well.

There is no one-size-fits-all program or method for accomplishing this. However, various solutions are regarded as the finest software for freelance writers by many industry professionals.

You’d need to be well-organized, efficient, prolific, and inventive to succeed. In addition, you will be responsible for creating eye-catching visuals, maintaining social media accounts, and creating invoices.

You’ll also need to keep track of the passage of time and develop contracts and proposals. You must also ensure that you are using the necessary fundamental tools, such as your purchased Windows 10 operating system, which must have valid and legitimate keys to function.

Software to Assist You in Your Freelance Writing Profession

These are some of the most excellent tools for freelance writers that you may use to make your life easier.

1. Grammarly  

Grammarly is one of the best alternatives for most authors, and they have a free version. As a freelance writer, this program is intended to assist you in maintaining your credibility. Credibility maintenance and correctness is the program’s stated purpose.

You don’t want to submit a piece of writing that has grammatical and spelling problems, right? Reviewing what you’ve written is always a good idea. Always take the time to double-check and review as Grammarly may help you identify and correct any faults in your writing while also improving your writing skills. 

Grammarly’s premium edition includes a comprehensive set of tools and features that can assist you in improving your writing abilities. Many other editing principles, such as avoiding passive voice and utilizing more simple phrases, are included in the package.

It also alternates the use of term concepts with the usage of longer, more complex terms. Many of these features are also necessary if you decide to be concise and reduce the number of words you write. 

2. Headline Analyzer 

 If the headline attracts the reader’s attention, the rest of the paragraphs can also receive that interest. The headline is important because it determines whether or not the reader will pay attention to the rest of the paragraphs.

Making use of this platform allows you to spend a tiny amount of time thinking about your headlines. Spending a minute or two each day thinking about your headlines will let you get more work done. 

To get a score of 70 or better, you need to refer to the Headline Analyzer. This software will assist you in achieving that goal.

Using the clever, attention-grabbing titles that I’ve recommended, your articles will attract many targeted visitors.  It will assist you in driving traffic to your articles via the use of intelligent, attention-grabbing headlines. 

By utilizing this program, you may construct strong words that will capture the reader’s attention and compel them to respond.

3. Hemingway App 

Hemingway is an excellent alternative if you want assistance with making your writing suitable for the web. After you’ve copied and pasted your document, click on the Edit button. You’ll receive color-coded tips to assist you in making your work shine.

There are two types of composition styles used by Hemingway: writing and editing. ‘Write’ is a writing layout that is designed to be distraction-free in a simplified writing environment.

Your task, on the other hand, does not have a password or cloud storage. You’ll lose anything you’ve typed in the Hemingway “write” box if your browser crashes or if something else goes wrong with it.

By selecting the ‘Edit’ option, you will be able to see the whole spectrum of Hemingway’s reviews. Hemingway is a straightforward program that is simple to use.

4. Toggl 

Toggl will notify you when you are getting close to your objective, which will assist you in developing project time projections. You may also manually edit and add time to your schedule, which is helpful for freelance work when you are not in front of your computer.

iCalendar is a popular cloud-based time management solution for small and big organizations, providing reasonably rapid and adaptable working time management capabilities across various devices.

Toggl creates visually appealing data and time-user graphs, and it also has the option to export time logs as Excel files, which is quite helpful. Toggl may also provide weekly reports to clients through email, or clients can exchange public reports with Toggl to make them more visible. 

5. Canva 

In terms of first impressions, visuals are pretty important. A visually appealing design or a skillfully constructed advertisement will aid in the firm’s growth and brand.

It would be great if you could make use of visuals to establish a distinctive brand. This also aids in attracting your intended audience. You may go the further mile by offering bespoke photographs or infographics for specific resources, such as writing or website design, to demonstrate your appreciation.

It is possible to save money by performing your graphic design work rather than contracting it out to another freelancer.

Using Canva, you can make stunning images without the need for design expertise. The platform provides tools and templates to help you get started. There are more than 8,000 templates available, a growing number of design ideas for use in the free edition. It is indeed an excellent software tool for freelance writers.

6. Google Drive 

The majority of freelancers want a cloud-based storage architecture that can perform a variety of tasks. Google Drive may be used as a cloud-based computing system, similar to Microsoft Azure.

However, it may also be utilized as a platform for collaborative editing with your coworkers. Sending work to clients and receiving feedback from them in real-time is made possible by Google’s Drive service.

7. ProWriting Aid 

ProWritingAid, another writing tool with proofreading and grammar checking capabilities, is one of the most popular choices among authors. This tool will assist you in improving your writing and honing your self-editing skills. It works in the same way as Grammarly, but it’s handier and less expensive than Grammarly.

Although fiction authors frequently use it due to its inherent support for Scrivener, which is something that other grammar checkers do not give. Even if you are not a frequent writer of fiction, a grammar checker is still a helpful tool as long as it fits into your writing process.

8. IA Writer 

IA Writer is a distraction-free writing program for writing brief blog posts and articles on various subjects. With a feature dubbed Focus Mode, this writing program for iOS and Macintosh helps authors overcome distractions while working.

A full-screen option is also available in the writing program, displaying only the line you are now typing while hiding everything else on the screen.

It contains elements that will assist you in staying focused on the present stage of your project, which is particularly useful in creative writing endeavors. IA Writer is beautiful and straightforward to use. It also allows you to keep your work in sync across all of your computing devices.

9. Ulysses 

Ulysses is a powerful writing tool that offers a variety of options. It includes features such as a Markup-Based Text Editor as well as keyboard shortcuts to assist with writing.

Ulysses also has a library where you can organize your notes and files, establish writing goals, and post straight to WordPress and Medium, among other things. Writing programs for smartphones and tablets are also included in this category.

It is not as distraction-free as IA Authors, but it allows you to manage both minor writing projects (such as a blog post) and large writing jobs (such as a book) (like a book).

10. ConvertKit 

Among the best email systems available, ConvertKit is mainly built for authors and bloggers who want to communicate with their followers and subscribers. Using this application, you may create email courses, send instructional and sales emails, and have them sent to the proper readers at the appropriate time.

In comparison to many other email companies, it is straightforward to use. ConvertKit also simplifies the process of implementing marketing automation.


11. Acronis True Image Premium

Acronis True Image

Every freelance writer must be self-sufficient when it comes to tools, software, and services you avail of to maintain remote work productivity. Before accepting project after project, make sure you have the right protection for your PC with reliable cloud storage solutions.

Acronis True Image Premium easily comes to mind. You can protect your PC’s data should anything unfortunate happen.

If your computer is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can keep all your data protected. You can backup locally or remotely to the cloud and then access your data anytime, and from anywhere you need.

Get the best deals on Acronis True Image Premium from the Softvire Australia online store. Complete with 1 TB cloud storage, full system image backup, top performance, optimized cloud syncing, and even Ransomware Protection.

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These top tools for freelance writers will help you get started in the world of freelance publication. With the plethora of software options available on the market today, the key is figuring out which one will perform the best for you and meet your requirements.

Whether you’re planning extensive narratives for books and plays, focusing on shorter pieces such as blogs and posts, you’ll need to plan ahead of time.

Acquire various applications, ranging from the most basic, such as Windows 10, to more complex software, such as those featured in this list, to assist you in making your freelance writing task more manageable.

In this new normal economy, you need the best online solutions to meet your daily needs for work, business, and family. Finding an online software store in Australia that offers the best software that’s affordable, legit, and comes with after-sales support is easy with Softvire Australia.

So, check the other online software on sale to make your purchase more worthwhile. Follow us on @SoftvireGlobal for the latest updates on our best deals and promos.

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