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Top 5 Magento Extensions to Speed Up Your E-commerce Website

Top 5 Magento Extensions to Speed Up Your E-commerce Website

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Magento started its journey nine years ago, and since then, it has gone a long way. It is developed especially for e-commerce websites, and it is one of the most useful open-source systems known today.

It is the perfect choice to start up a new online store on the Magento platform. Magento extensions have a lot of in-built features, and Magento is a futuristic eCommerce software. It helps business people globally, with a rich class of eCommerce solutions, to reach out to new consumers in new regions and increase the sales and growth of a business.

Owning Magento software itself does not guarantee that merchants will achieve instant success in their business. That is because all kinds of businesses own a website today, and it is not a unique thing now. Right from a conglomerate to a start-up, all businesses own a website. As a businessman, we need to ensure that the website is perfect, and there are no shortcomings whatsoever when a searcher visits our website.

Along with that, you must make sure about the eCommerce store’s safety. How? We secure physical stores with smart locks. Similarly to securing your online store, you need to install the best antivirus software like Bitdefender or Acronis.

We must provide different options and flexibility whenever a searcher wishes to buy online from our website and visit the purchase page. Websites can get more flexible when installing various Magento Plugins as per requirements. Magento offers many such extensions to assists sellers, and we will discuss some extensions that help enhance the features.

Magento Extensions to Enhance Your Website

1. Progressive Web Apps Magento 2

As online purchase has increased and most of the purchase is made from the application, it has become evident to have our own application. However, not everyone can download apps due to storage issues or non-compatibility problems.

Hence, having a web app would be a great decision. Professionals develop the Progressive Web Apps for Magento 2, and they have integrated many features so that you can take at par advantage of your eCommerce store.

Here are a few of the key features of this app:

  • It can send web push notification to customers,
  • It enables the ‘Add’ option on the home screen pop-up for installing PWA easily,
  • Customize splash screen background,
  • Provides almost app-like features to the customers.

2. Easy/Ajax Product Listing

Clicking to reach the next page, tires customers, which increases the chances of missing an opportunity to serve them. That’s why you must add a product listing extension that will solve this issue. When looking for a product listing app for your Magento developed eCommerce store, look at the features it provides, check whether it fits with your requirements or not. One best extension you will need to install is Ajax Product Listing

Ajax loads the products on the same page as soon as the customer is at the end of the page. New products will automatically reload without a click. In this way, you will be able to retain the maximum number of consumers.

A few of the best features of this extension are:

  • Increase scroll rate,
  • Better customer experience,
  • It is easy to install and customize for your Magento store,
  • Multi-language and store supported.

3. Magento 2 One-Page Checkout Extension

We all do not like a long or complicated process when purchasing online. As per a study, the rate of shopping cart abandonment is 69.23%. Around 70 people out of 100 abandon purchasing after adding products to the cart. Taking a lesson from the same, many software developers globally have effectively built a one-page checkout extension. Such extensions converge the entire purchasing procedure into a single page.

When we remove the unnecessary or unimportant content on the purchasing page, the conversion rate increased as high as 10%. The extension is loaded with Google Suggest, Ajax, Mobile Responsive layout, and others. It converges three different pages into one page that demands only the necessary information so that the customer executes the purchase and not leaves midway.

4. Magento Payment Related Extensions

In this era of advanced technological solutions, security is paramount. There are cases of money stolen by hackers now and then. A poor payment system can cause harm to our website and user experience. A customer is willing to carry out transactions only on a website that applies the best safety and security features during the transaction process. In short, those businessmen who are willing to use a strong payment plugin for their Magento website have better sales and customer retention.

This extension provides mind-blowing integration between online payment and Magento Plugin. Therefore, with this extension’s help, we can carry out all transactions, whether it’s business or personal.

Apart from that, it enables website owners to pay taxes. All types of payments can be done by customers, except for:

  • Backup withholding
  • Nonadmitted insurance tax (NIT) payments
  • Payments related to resident and non-resident real estate

5. Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension

Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate is the first SEO plugin or Magento 2 that amazingly enhances the SEO tools provided by Magento. It is one of Magento’s best extensions that will assist in enhancing the website’s ranking by allowing us to develop the meta description, meta tags, and meta titles of our website for Google and other search engines. It supports advanced Magento Rich Snippets, offers SEO for layered navigation pages, and permits us to clear up duplicate content matters with no problems.

This extensive and strong SEO extension is what we require to make our Magento eCommerce website powerful.

Some features you might enjoy are as follows:

  • Attending duplicate content issues
  • New Pager Optimization
  • Progressive crawling and indexing settings
  • New Advanced Breadcrumbs
  • Crosslinks for internal linking structure
  • It has 11 SEO templates to optimize metadata.
  • Hreflang tags support
  • Extended Rich Snippets
  • SEO Redirects
  • HTML sitemaps/ enhanced XML sitemaps
  • SEO for Layered Navigation pages

Offering particular content is beneficial to many eCommerce sellers. Magento’s extensions are of great use here. We have checked some extensions that will help offer quality content, images, and back-end capabilities that help increase sales and revenue of our business.

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