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Top 8 Free Photo Editors To Use On Windows 10 PC

Choose from Adobe Photoshop Express, Pixlr, Fhotolemur, Ashampoo, Photoscape, Photoscape, Paint.NET and Fhotoroom for the best free Winows 10 photo editors.

Top 8 Free Photo Editors To Use On Windows 10 PC

The latest versions of Windows and Mac OS have made photo editing a little easier and lots of fun. However, these tech giants still lock a software inclusion intended for use to improve images. Thanks to standalone photo editors, you can do this task in no time.

If you think photo editing software should be expensive, then you probably haven’t seen what the free photo editors can do.

Free photo editors might be basic but they give you the power to manipulate your pictures in a way you want to. The features are more than just cropping, resizing, adding texts, and putting filters. The free versions now give you some extra tools so you can remove red eyes, sharpen images, adjust contrast, and so much more,

The best part of using them?

You don’t need to pay premium rates to get a Photoshop-grade image.

Last time, we already talked about the affordable photo editing software you can use on your Mac. So in this new blog, we’ll look into the free online and offline photo editors you can score for you Windows 10.

  1. Aurora HDR (Comes with 7-day free trial only)

aurora hdr is a paid photo editor but it has a 7-day free trialAurora HDR is one of the most innovative photo editors you can find. A few clicks can transform ordinary photos to impressive keepsakes.

The software isn’t free but it lets you try all the features for 7 days without paying the premium yet. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

The software has over 20 key tools you can use for almost every photo editing requirement. The HDR Smart Structure is AI-powered. It adds more depth and details to your photos to make them look livelier.

There’s also the exclusive tool called HDR Denoise which detects noise automatically and then removes it automatically too. RAW support, layers, and masking are also available for professional photographers’ use.

  1. Photolemur(Free)

photolemur is a free photo editor you can use to enhance photo brightness, contrast, etcPhotolemur can be used on Windows and Mac PCs for free, but you have to take note that the output image, once you download it, will have a watermark on it.

The best thing about Photolemur is automation brought about by AI. This makes it easier for you to improve your photo exposure or color. Some features also let you use your personal touch to your photos. You can also take advantage of the Face Finish technology which can detect points for improvement on a portrait. You just have to upload your image and watch Photolemur do the magic.

  1. Paint.NET(Free) is an upgraded version of the paint software that windows devices haveI bet you still remember the popular Pain application on Windows. This Paint.NET software was initially created to replace this accessory but it has now grown to become one of the top photo editing software you can use as a backup for Photoshop.

You’ll love the simple user interface and wide selection of editing options, tools, and effects.

Watch your photos turn into sketches or you can play around with blur effects. The layering tools are the most impressive in this software, though. All of these tools can combine a couple of images into a single image or add new background.

All things considered, Paint.NET is a practical Photoshop alternative for Windows users. It boasts a good variety of tools and effects and if there’s something missing, you can try its wide selection of plug-ins.

  1. Fhotoroom(Free)

fhotoroom free photo editor gives you access to 90 editing toolsIf what you need is a photo-editing software that’s compatible with Windows 8 or 10, then Fhotoroom is another good option you should look into.

One the features this app boasts is its camera mode. There are options like Portrait, Night, Scenic and Action for filter effects. There are editing options too such as cropping, shadows and contrast.

But that’s not all. There are over 90 editing tools in this app and a great selection of options for sharing your photos on social media. There’s no wonder it’s one of the preferred software out there by newbie and hobby photographers.

  1. Pixlr (Free)

Originally an online photo editor, Pixlr now has an app you can install on your PCWe know Pixlr as a free online photo editor. But apart from the online version, there’s now an app for desktop too and it’s free!

Knowing that it was created by Autodesk, you’d be sure that this photo editor is not just like any other average apps. Pixlr basically takes elements from its online version. It lets you use editing features to recreate photo with just a few clicks.

However, when you need advanced features like masking, you may need to upgrade to the Pro version which is already a paid subscription.

  1. PhotoScape (Free)

photoscape is the one of the best photo editors you can use for editing batch of photosPhotoScape blends a lot of usable features with a minimalistic user interface so that you won’t have to mess up with a lot of toolbars and all. This app functions as a viewer, slideshow creator, and editor. There’s just a lot of things you can do inside the PhotoScape work field.

The interface is simple with links to all its various roles. Apart from the functions I mentioned earlier, you also get the Batch Editor, Animated GIF creator or RAW Converter features.

  1. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 (Free)

Ashampoo is one of the best photo editors in this listNeed to edit a batch of photos immediately? Check Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019!

Ashampoo has a simple and uncluttered interface, making it faster for you to work on multiple photos. Importing pictures is a breeze. You can also rotate or mirror several photos at the same time. Of course, you can edit individual photos too.

You can do more detailed photo editing too like color and exposure corrections. It’s indeed a brilliant free photo editor you can use on your PC.

  1. Adobe Online Photo Editor/Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

photoshop has a free online version too which you can use for basic photo editingTAdobe Photoshop Express editor is an online editor you can use on your PC and even on your mobile.

Photoshop Express was formerly Adobe’s free Photoshop online service. It is a full-fledged photo editing software. It is well-designed and optimized and you can produce high quality images like its paid software version.

Everything is immediately available in this online Photoshop editor so even beginners won’t have a hard time figuring out where to find the tools.

Try removing red eyes, adjust colors and clarity, or sharpen images through this free online Photoshop editor. Harness the power of cloud to make advanced picture adjustments too. Retouch, deblur, fix perspective, or remove content for the perfect photo. Take your workflow from the desktop to the cloud and create wherever inspiration strikes.

But if you want to get the indispensable tools for photography, you should get the paid software. Adobe Photoshop is most affordable on Softvire. Start retouching photos today by getting your own Photoshop today.

So, here’s the list of the best free photo editors for Windows OS. Now, you can modify your photos and give a new breath of life to the stills you have in your collection.

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