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How to Know if Your Windows 10 Pro Key Purchase is Legit

We have 3 ways you can check whether your windows 10 key is legit or not.

How to Know if Your Windows 10 Pro Key Purchase is Legit

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Why make the switch to Windows 10 Pro Now?

Microsoft’s limit for supporting PC’s running Windows 8.1 and 7 is nearing. People who have lots of work to do on their computers are urgently shifting to the new OS. One of the more in-demand versions is Windows 10 Pro.

The switch doesn’t end with installing the software, though. It ends with a Windows 10 Pro Key purchase to make it work.

Where to purchase a legit Window 10 License

Technically, Windows OS can only be considered genuine if it has been activated using a valid key. 

You can purchase these Windows Keys from the Microsoft store, retailers, or dealers. But there’s another way to secure a key and that is by buying an OEM version of Windows 10 operating system. They are legit and 100 percent working.

Avoiding Scams

When buying, though, you need to be careful if you decide to make your purchase of your Windows 10 license key from third-party websites. Some people will scam you. So research on certified dealers of Windows software. Of course, you can trust us that our Windows 10 is genuine here at Softvire.

But how do you really know whether your Windows 10 Pro key purchase is legit or not?

there are several ways to check if your windows 10 product key is legit or not

The major problem with most consumers is that they settle for the cheapest license they can find online. They don’t even bother checking whether the seller is reliable or a scam. Later, they find out that their key purchase is invalid or they may be volume keys.

So in this blog, I will help you distinguish whether your Windows 10 Pro key purchase is legit or not.

How to Check if Windows 10 is Genuine

  1. Activate it. The most basic process to know whether your Windows copy is genuine or not is through activation.
  2. See if updates are available. The biggest advantage of getting a genuine version is the continuous availability of product updates and support for your Microsoft account.
  3. Does Windows regularly ask you to activate your copy?  On the other hand, if your Windows OS isn’t genuine, you still can use the applications but there’s not much else. Also, you are regularly asked to activate your copy of Windows, by providing a genuine product key.
  4. Windows Regularly Checks and Reminds. Windows make regular activation checks. It runs the check for the first time as soon as you install the software. Another prompt will be sent to you when you attempt to download optional updates from Microsoft. If there are significant hardware changes in your computer, you will also get automatic activation checks.So basically, Windows will keep on checking and reminding you until you get the genuine copy.

What are pirated versions like?

Pirated versions may be installed and work initially without issues but after a few weeks or a month, you will start experiencing issues. Microsoft detects this and will then remind you to use a valid key to activate your Windows OS. This is the reason behind my statement that a genuine Windows OS is the one activated with a valid key.

However, even if your Windows is activated, you cannot be 100% sure that it is also genuine unless you get it from a trusted source of Microsoft products like Softvire.

To educate users and make sure that they are not scammed into purchasing non-genuine hardware and software, Microsoft has created a portal with information on this topic. Check it out and learn how to verify Windows 10 product key there.

No Testing of Keys

Unfortunately, you can only check the product key when you already have it — that means you already bought it and you already entered it on the activation field. There’s no testing of keys. Once you use it to activate a device, it can no longer be resold to others.

Get Your Copy from Seller with Money-Back Guarantees

It is very important to purchase your Windows 10 Pro key from sellers who offer money back guarantee.

When checking your Windows 10 Pro key purchase, there are two scenarios:

  1. You have the key and you want to check before actually using it.
  2. The product key is already in use but you want to recheck.

More Ways to Check the Validity of Your License When You Buy a Windows 10 Key

1. Use PID checker tools

There are tools available online that are intended to check whether you product key is genuine or not. It can also check whether you Windows is properly activated or not. The Ultimate PID Checker is one of those that you can download for free.

2. Check with Software Licensing User Interface

The “dli” parameter will display current license information with activation status.

By typing slmgr /dli on the command prompt (simply hit the command key to get there), the Windows Script Host will show you the details about your Windows 10 OS.

The results include the type of key you have – whether you have the Retail, OEM, MAK (multiple activation key), or KMS (key management server) key version.

If the License status says “Licensed,” then you do not have a problem. However, if you see it typed as MAK or KMS but you are a general consumer, you need to connect with the person from whom you bought the key, and get a Retail key.

  1. Check Settings and Activation Status

When it comes to checking the key that you already used, there are few quick ways to do so: The first thing you should do is to open the Windows Settings, and see if there is any warning about activation. 

If not there, go to Update & Security > Activation and check the status. 

If there is an error and it doesn’t say that Windows is activated, you have a problem. In short the Windows 10 keys is not legit or legal.

How to find your Windows 10 Home and Pro Product Key

softvire has retail and oem versions of windows 10 product keys

Once you activate your Windows OS with a genuine license, everything should be activated and working smoothly. Some keys can be used to activate multiple devices. If so, write it down somewhere safe so you can reuse it when you need to in the future.

Like I mentioned, always make sure to buy Windows 10 from legit sources. Authorized dealers can give you both discounts and genuine copy. It is best to scour the internet to find them.

Ecommerce sites are other sources but sometimes, no matter how credible the shopping platform is, some scammers are still able to post their ads. So always read reviews if you plan to buy a software digital license from big ecommerce sites.

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