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What Is A Social Wall & Why Your Event Needs It

What Is A Social Wall & Why Your Event Needs It

Events are still one of the most powerful and influential marketing and communication channels out there, even in this digital media-driven ecosystem.

It is expected that there will be more than 3.2 million corporate events by 2020 so you can estimate how many total events will take place around all industries. Although the event industries are growing, it also poses an ever-increasing challenge for marketers.

Event managers and marketers are continually facing challenges to engage the audience and make their event successful. There have been various tools and technologies that marketers leverage, but among all of them, Social Walls have emerged as the best one.

What Is A Social Wall?

A social wall is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from different social media platforms using hashtags, handles, tags, profiles, pages, and mentions, into a single feed that plays on digital screens across events & venues.

The social wall is also known as the social media wall, or UGC wall, or social media feed wall. You can curate content from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and many more social platforms.

You can even create a live social wall for your live events where you can fetch content from the social media in real-time instantly and automatically. Along with that, you can also integrate your branded custom posts or sponsored posts to this social wall at your events.

Social walls are engaging content displayed creatively through screens at an event to engage, educate, and entertain your audience. Here are some of the benefits of using social walls at your event.

Why Your Event Needs Social Wall?

  1. Exciting Technology & Social Media IntegrationSocial media platforms are the go-to platforms for billions of users when they want to engage and access the content. Social walls give you new technology integration and social media platform integration. Event technology is a rising trend that most event marketers are looking for aggressively to make their event more exciting and user-friendly. A social wall is such an event technology that can boost the audiences’ event experience and make it successful.The integration of social media platforms in such a way through this technology helps in diverting the benefits of these platforms into the offline event environment.


  1. Build Trust & Credibility With UGCUGC or user-generated content is the most valuable, trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content about any brand or business as the users share it based on their real experiences with the brand. Social media platforms are a hub of user-generated content as billions of users share such content daily, especially around the hashtag campaigns. So you can leverage this content in your live event to drive trust & credibility for the event.It is the best way to promote your brand through positive word of mouth and brand advocacy by the users for the business. This strategy enhances brand images, authority, and credibility, leading to attracting the audience to engage more with the event.


  1. Drive Real-Time Interactions & EngagementEngagement is the most crucial and success-defining factor for any event as the more the audience engages with the event, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and objectives. Using the social walls, you can use it drive engagement by displaying the best and most captivating social content to your audience. You can use it to display stunning images and videos or display the informative textual content to drive engagement.Beyond that, you can even drive real-time interactions in your live event by encouraging the audience to participate in the Q&A sessions, Panel discussions, keynote presentations, polls and quizzes. This point is where the users can share their ideas and opinions in real-time to the social wall and take part in these interactive event sessions.


  1. Gain Sponsorship RevenueSponsors are an essential component of the events, especially when we talk about professional activities. But the challenge is that sponsors want to have a visible, attractive space in an event where they see the opportunity to gain returns on their investments. Social walls emerge as the perfect solution where you can interact and attractively display the sponsored posts or banners. You have opportunities for various customisation to make it static or dynamic, deciding how many times you want to view these sponsored posts.This strategy will help you generate sponsorship revenues with a lot of opportunities, and the social walls will help you attract a higher number of sponsors than usual, leading to higher profits.


  1. Deliver Exciting & Gamified Event ExperiencesEvent experience is an integral component of the event marketing, and success ecosystem and event marketers and managers put considerable effort into delivering superlative audience experiences. Gamification strategies are the best way to create an exciting audience experience. You can create live polls, quizzes, contests, challenges, most active users, photo contests, video contests, or any other entertainment contests using the social walls.These will help in attracting and engaging the audience to the event, delight them, and keep them asking for more. You can enhance the experience by integrating rewards and offers to the audience as well.


  1. Social Media Buzz CreationThe added advantage of social walls for the events is that you can even create a social media buzz about your brand and event simultaneously, without any extra investments or efforts. When the audience engages with the event in real-time, shares their posts and content on social media during the event, it can be displayed on social walls. So, this content will automatically help in generating reach, awareness, and exposure for the brand and event.Social media buzz creation and event social walls will collectively lead to offline and online promotion and awareness building leading to more profitable opportunities.



These were some of the best reasons why you need to have a social wall for your next event. The social walls are an exciting technology that will help you increase your event impact and experience.

So, get started now to see how the event social walls can help you build trust, drive engagement, and generate fruitful returns. You can leverage the best social wall for your events to achieve these objectives.

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