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Why Software Must Develop Mobile App Versions?

Why Software Must Develop Mobile App Versions?

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For a successful marketing strategy, every software should have mobile app versions. In a time when people are getting used to using tablets, phones, and laptops, it is quite apparent that many of us can’t do our business transactions on a desktop computer alone. It will be good if the software has a dedicated mobile app version.

The mobile versions of software give businesses an excellent option to provide services to their customers, without free trials. Companies are only allowed to provide detailed information about their products and services to their customers. If a company is interested in creating a dedicated version for its software, then it has to prepare for the development of new versions of the software. In addition to this, companies also need to optimize the security features of the software that can make them easier to use.

When Creating a Mobile App Version of a Software

Few things to keep in mind while creating a mobile app version for the software:

  • If a company is about to launch a new version of its product, it is recommended to start the pre-app launch marketing of the product. In this way, a company can create a new product without already a vast audience.
  • If you are asked to give a trial to the software, you can request a discount for that purpose. Some companies ask for less if the trial version is offered to customers who have already purchased the product. If you choose to buy the software at full price, then you may be offered a refund by the company for the trial.
  • The software needs a mobile version or not, depending on the type of software that you are using. For example, if you are using a spreadsheet program, then you will need a mobile app version to access all the files and data in the program.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office applications, then you should get a PC version, and if you are using Lotus Symphony, then you should download a mobile version for your handset. It is important to note that all software creators should have their products available for the users to use, and all its pros and cons should be explained to the users by the developers.
  • To make your mobile app successful, you can also connect with a company that offers you app development services. You can discuss your needs related to the software app with the developer.

Now to understand the things even more clearly, lets us take the example of a few software having applications.

Software Brands with Mobile App Versions

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud has a collection of more than 20 mobile and desktop apps that are used by graphic designers, web developers, and video editors to create compelling mobile applications. In addition, it also offers all its features to the user with a monthly or annual subscription service.

Features of Adobe Creative Cloud

  • With this, you can easily access all your files and can save them. Furthermore, it is easy to browse files and data.
  • You can search and preview your designs and videos design both online and offline.
  • The Creative Cloud offers its users with 2GB data so that you can save enough data in your cloud.
  • Get access to Creative Cloud Libraries, and even save some data useful for you using your camera.
  • You and your friends can share your designs, videos, and other data instantly.
  • You can receive notifications about your work feedback.

AVG Antivirus

It was the first antivirus app available on Google Play that was having 100 million downloads. The app is used to protect your devices from various cyber threats and malware. It is the best antivirus app used today to secure your Windows, Android, and Mac devices across the globe. The app is free to download and runs silently in the background to protect you from the latest viruses, unsafe apps, malware, spyware, and other malicious threats.

Features of AVG Antivirus

  • It offers you with a Wi-Fi scanner
  • It scans applications and browser sites
  • Hides private photos with a secure password
  • Prevents snooping and vishing
  • The best App locker system
  • It has a device storage cleaner
  • Blocks unwanted calls
  • Anti-theft phone tracking

Importance of Mobile App Versions

Without any doubt, mobile app version updates are crucial for maintaining the position of your business in the marketplace. This way, you can also add some interesting features in your app that boosts the user engagement rate.

Listed below are some reasons that help you understand the significance of mobile app versions.

 Keep your customers happy

Releasing a new version of your app takes much time as there is a range of steps involved in this process. Through it will take a lot of time and effort to make a stable version of the app that users like. If you update your app regularly, then users find it more helpful. If your app does well in the marketplace, you’re going to get a valuable response.

Stay away from data breaches

It is the best option to secure your mobile version from cyberattacks.  Using updated mobile versions makes devices resistant to threats. Updating the mobile app makes your app robust and less prone to vulnerabilities that act as the foremost cause of data breaches.

Keep up with technology

For your customers to experience the latest technology in your app, it is vital to update the mobile version of your software. Every time an operating system comes with an update, you will also need to do the same for your mobile app. Updates will solve problems with your app’s features and UI.

Act as a marketing tool

The latest version of the app also acts as a marketing tool because users start focusing on your app for new updatesKeep in mind, your app is competing with a lot of applications, and the right marketing approach is helpful. Updates can help your business app get more users to become interested and stay ahead in the marketing game. This way, you can also send the push notifications related to the new features in the app that make the usage more stable.


With smart software applications always in our pockets, we can continually improve our work and become more efficient. The mobile software applications are becoming more and more incorporated into each day’s business operations due to a large number of benefits! The right software with the right features can considerably improve your knack to get the job done speedily and accurately.

Moreover, if you want to share your experience with us, do let us know in the comment section below!

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